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Tabac Manil "Semois" - La Brumeuse Pipe Tobacco
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Tabac Manil "Semois" - La Brumeuse

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Vincent Manil’s La Brumeuse Semois is produced only by Vincent in his small workshop in the Ardenne Valley. Vincent is a very passionate man and that passion shows in the care he takes for the tobacco he has spent his life producing. Over one hundred years ago local farmers began by planting Burley in their fields, and because of the unique climate and its effect on the tobacco, a new strain developed into what is now known as Semois. Semois was very popular among the local residents and stayed that way for a long time. Slowly, pipe smokers began to discover La Brumeuse Semois and word got out about a very unique tobacco being produced by one man in his tiny workshop. Due to the overwhelming demand, Vincent has decided to export Semois to the US.   

Overall Rating4.69 out of 5 Based on 16 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Tabac Manil "Semois" - La Brumeuse”

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4 out of 5
lovely unique tobacco
As you may have heard it comes very dry on purpose and you are instructed to pack tightly. I recommend very tightly. not tight enough? and it will burn too quickly and hot. This is a burly but i do not detect any sort of burly I've smoked in the past... I occasionally enjoy a burley but generally prefer sweet straight VA and VA per flakes and rich english blends. This is pure and lovely smoke with enough going on to keep me interested... the flavors remind me of roasted green tea and grass. I'm only a dozen bowls into this and I enjoy it quite a bit. I actually find myself pairing this with warm green tea and the flavors marry nicely on my palate. Sip it slowly and it will burn to the finest ash. As long as you keep slow it wont bite at all. I have dedicated an old Savinelli Punto Oro Corallo di Mare to this blend and may enlist a couple of old Charatans to help work my way through this block.
5 out of 5
I have bought this tobacco before and love it. Maybe its a niche tobacco, but it sure works for me!
5 out of 5
New love.
I've been reading about Semois for awhile and finally decided to try it. So glad I did. Rich, strong, great flavor, no bite...this stuff hits all my sweet spots at once. Just beginning to blend with it, this morning it was 30% perique. Absolutely wonderful. I'll be keeping this on hand for sure.
4 out of 5
Only one bowl
I have only had one bowl. But the smell was very pleasant and cigar like. Very dry comparatively but evidently it is supposed to be. Smokes fast. Pungent earthy flavor. I smoke cigars so naturally that is what the flavor profile reminds me of
5 out of 5
What is this stuff?!
Tastes like cigar leaf, tastes like oriental leaf, packaged dry, but I need this stuff to counter my Balkan blends. Highly recommended.
5 out of 5
Love at first puff
There's nothing like this tobacco. It's dry and bold and tingles my tongue. People either love it or hate it, but it's worth trying.
5 out of 5
One of the greats.
Curious? You should be! This tobacco is not for those uninterested in exploring flavors and senses which at times may surprise even the most experienced pallet. Within this somewhat dry in touch and appearance single ingredient tobacco lies a myriad of depth and mystery. Flavors and hints of misty, fog laden serine fields and pastoral olfactory vistas slowly envelope the connoisseur in complex unfolding rapture. At once simply a single ingredient tobacco and an expansive landscape of textures for the senses. Truly an experience which must not be missed.
5 out of 5
"Umami" is perhaps the best way to describe the taste.
For what it is... I give it 5 stars... It is indeed, a very different tobacco. It makes your mouth water a little... and it is does have a rich, earthy flavor too it... I have been smoking a pipe for just over 5 years and this is truly nothing like anything else I have smoked... I am told by my lady that the room note is not pleasant... so I smoke it in the yard. It's described as earthy... and it truly is. "Umami" is perhaps the best way to describe the taste. It's savory... like mushroom sauces, red wines and black coffee sans the sugar. You won't feel pretentious smoking this. You're grandfather would enjoy it to...
4 out of 5
Cigar in a Pipe?
I agree with TS of Tulsa. I would like to add that this reminds me of smoking a cigar at least initially. The flavor does change after 1/3 of the bowl as TS mentioned and hits its sweet spot at about 1/2. I thought it noticeably changed and just got better, basically. This is one I will smoke every once in awhile when the mood strikes me to smoke something unique. It's pretty complex for a singular tobacco (not a blend).
5 out of 5
Exotic Tobacco at and fantastic Price!
This is by far the most unique tobacco I have ever smoked. I Smoke it alone and mix it with my favorite Virginias and am always pleased at the results. If you have never smoked tis singular burley isolate..then you are NOT doing yourself a favor!
5 out of 5
World Class Unlike Any Other!
Unlike any other ultra-fine tobacco I have ever enjoyed, La Brumeuse Semois provides immense satisfaction. This one is STRONG in pure tobacco flavors, spice, and nicotine punch ...but ultra smooth! Mouth feel is buttery and peppery all at once - makes my mouth water, not dry - sublime! Burns beautifully from first light to bowl sunset, where all that's left is weightless, gritless white/grey ash. Must be puffed judiciously, respectfully, and with gentle finesse to be supremely rewarded in turn. Very dry right out of the overflowing package, and needs no added moisture to perform as intended, packed moderately tight. Can also be the consummate mixer with favorites to add punch in all dimensions!!!
5 out of 5
Natural, earthy flavor, a very rich experience
This has become one of my favorite tobaccos. From the first hit of the flame, the the dying ember of the bowl, Semois offers an unsurpassed flavor that conjures in my mind, wide open fields and rolling woodlands. It transports you all the way to the tiny valley where the leaf is grown. There is some truly substantial flavor to be had for a pipe smoker's palate!
5 out of 5
great stuff
4 out of 5
Nasty and Nice
This is a very strong pipe tobacco. It does not need to be stored in a humidor and that is most convenient. Plain and flavorful, this tobacco will find a permanent home in my smoking rotation.
5 out of 5
La Brumeuse = Good Stuff
I really like this blend, but it DOES require a slow touch ... fast puffing quickly heats it beyond the point of enjoyment ... and, interestingly enough, of all my pipes I've used to smoke it, I like it best in a Missouri Meershaum ... As a bonus, the Mrs commented favorably on the room note ... which is something she seldom does ...
4 out of 5
Belgian Mystery
Can't categorise this tobacco! Vegetable, cigar, cigarette, fragrant. Must be experienced. I smoke primarily English blends
Customer Testimonials
Very interesting smoke. Very earthy, with hints of an herbal note (Much like some oriental leafs). This is not a standard burley, this is a very intense full smoke. The tobacco is very dry and course, which from my understanding is intentional. Did not over-heat on me at all and produced little to no bite. Fairly intense - will cause a catch in the back of your throat much like dark fired. This mellows out about 1/3 in to the bowl. At the 1/2 way point it gets really smooth, with a slight sweetness appearing and the herbal notes coming in and out. After-taste and room note is very similar to a mild(ish) cigar. It's a very interesting and enjoyable smoke. Nice nicotine hit, without being over-whelming. Though this wouldn't be an everyday smoke for me, I will definitely keep it around. A special smoke, glad I took the chance and bought a brick. I smoked this with a stout cup of coffee, and I was very satisfied when both bowl and cup was finished.
TS of Tulsa, OK
No question this is a very unique tobacco, not like any burley you have ever tried. Stout with a floral note, smoking gently works best for me.
CD of Bristol, CT
Good stuff. Like a really mild cigar and perfect for the hot summer weather. Burns fast and I've found it smokes best in a narrow billiard or stack. No bite but a little spice and bitterness if pushed.
CH of Pensacola, FL
Interesting tobacco. It's kind of nice to see a varietal. Most tobaccos out there are a showcase of the blender's art. This one displays what a grower can do. Definitely has a floral smell to it, although not in a Lakeland way. Medium to full probably characterizes it right. It has a nice round flavor and soothing with plenty of smoke. I like it rather a lot. Definitely worth a try.
DC of Gambrills, MD
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