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Lane Bright Virginia Pipe Tobacco
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Lane Bright Virginia

Lane Bright Virginia is the same sweet flue-cured tobacco they use to make their world famous blends. It has a grassy, hay-like quality with hints of citrus. There's a little tang that works well when blending with Perique or Latakia.. It can be a fine, mellow tobacco to be enjoyed on its own, Lane Bright Virginia truly shines as a blending component to lighten or sweeten a mixture.

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Overall Rating4.63 out of 5 Based on 16 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Lane Bright Virginia”

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5 out of 5
True to form
Virginia tobacco is a staple of American tobacco. This is a true exact form of just that.
5 out of 5
Lane Bright Virginia
Excellent. Buying more. Plenty of citrus, subtle grass, even burn. Stands up on its own. Smoke it straight.
4 out of 5
Lane Bright Virginia
I added this to a big mix of leftovers that were good, but a tad "heavy"...these brights lightened up the mix nicely.
5 out of 5
Good mixer
Have been using it to mix with other tobacco to cut some of the bite and so far has been working very welk.
4 out of 5
For the Price!
I smoke good quality Virginia flakes but, so save a little money I will alternate to this brand and barely tell the difference. The only time I can tell the difference from the more expensive flakes I enjoy is if I am smoking 1 or 3 in a row. for a one off smoke or first smoke of the day, its perfect
5 out of 5
lane limited bright virginia
I really enjoy the lane limited bright Virginia. It helps to keep my pipes clean after smoking aromatics. It is a mellow good flavor and burns great. It can be smoked anytime of the day. I really enjoy this tobacco and will always have it on hand.
4 out of 5
it the beast
i like this flavor is beast
5 out of 5
Pretty decent
Decent for blending or for straight Virginia sweet taste
5 out of 5
Good Stuff
Always had good results with P&C services and products. This was no different. Good quality and good service and always dependable .
5 out of 5
If you like natural tobacco taste
You get some nose burn on the initial light or if smoked fast, otherwise it smooths out to a mild & smooth smoke for those who like pure tobacco taste. I bought this for blending and as I expected from my experience from all pure burley's and virginia's, I get a haylike taste as well. Non the less it's a good tobacco.
5 out of 5
I'm enjoying it. I'm primarily
I'm enjoying it. I'm primarily a burley smoker, but wanted to try some straight bright Virginia. I've tried aged Virginias and reds. so I'm still searching.
4 out of 5
Better to Blend than On Its Own
Tried an oz of this for MRYO. Has a sweet vanilla flavor that I didn't like on its own. Much nicer when blended, esp'ly with Romboche AP. Darker, smoky flavors of the AP were a nice compliment to the BrightVA. I'd buy again to blend.
5 out of 5
Great Stuff, But--
I have managed, using the finest bright Virginia available to create the absolute lousiest Half & Half blend known to mankind... Nothing wrong at all withe the Lane's tobaccos I used, just burns hot as hell (cremated a nice old Ropp Cherrywood), tastes like smoking dried (choose a species) dung, and eats the inside of the bowl. The Plan 9 From Outer Space of Pipe Tobacco Blends. Half & Half OTC will do when I need a change from my usual Balkans. My blend sucks! ;P
4 out of 5
Robust Virginia
I like this one when blended with about 10-15% Perique, or maybe some Turkish and/or Latakia. A straight Virginia, it has a bit of a bite on its own, and while it might be appreciated by the occasional smoker, as an all day smoke it may not be ideal for most.
5 out of 5
A Work In Progress.
Got a couple ounces to home-brew my own Half & Half; the OTC stuff doesn't seem to be the same as in days of yore, but has potential as an change from the usual English blends I enjoy. I also scarfed 2 ounces of LL's White Burley, and also reviewed it after a bowl or two. The White Burley is to Bright VA as Pepsi Throwback is to Pepsi Zero, so says my palate (uncultured, but experienced). Ps & Cs bulks tobaccos usually arrive pretty dried out; the Burley did OK, but the Bright suffered. The Virginia-only bowls I smoked to get an idea of its character before blending, gave the grassy tobacco hints all right, but it smoked quickly, hot and harsh. Compared to the Burley, it's a much lighter, milder smoke, and where Burley had an alkaline finish, the Virginia has an acidic (citrus, I suppose) note, which is probably one reason the two tobaccos are so often blended together. I'm sure if I sliced an apple up and let it sit in a bag with this stuff a few days, it would be more palatable. I came away feeling I could smoke Burley by itself if nothing else was available, but I'm not of a mind to do that with the Virginia. No fan of Perique, I can't see how VaPer aficions manage. Each to their own... Next step: blend the Burley and Virginia in a jar, let sit with a few apple slices to regain some moisture and marry the ingredients, then see what we have. Stay tuned!
4 out of 5
Pretty good
What I expected. I thought it was dry at first but it burned fine and wasn't hot. I smoke it through out the day and keep going back. Heavier that RYO tobacco which I like.
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