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Lane Crown Achievement Pipe Tobacco
  • Lane Crown Achievement Pipe Tobacco
  • Lane Crown Achievement Pipe Tobacco
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Lane Crown Achievement

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At one time, the most expensive pipe tobacco available was Lane Limited's Crown Achievement. It was a very rich, yet smooth Latakia-based blend with a bright and smoky flavor. Over the years, the blend changed, and with those changes, the popularity waned, until, ultimately, the decision was made to discontinue it.

Fast forward to 2012 when Leonard Wortzel listened to the requests from a throng of people to bring this legendary tobacco back. As he started to work on the project, he was informed by some long-time employees that the  last-used version of the recipe wasn't the original. Luckily, they had preserved the classic formula in a notebook, and Leonard decided that people would prefer the early version.

Lane also had to find the tinning equipment to bring the blend back in its most popular form, which they did. In fact, they were able to find their own machine from years before.

The result is a blend that is faithful to its roots, down to the leather-like label. The tobacco is fragrant, utilizing very rare Orientals to support and enliven the Latakia, and choice Virginias are used to give it balance. Finally, some premium Perique is added for depth, spice and a bit of sweetness.

If you had the pleasure of enjoying Lane Limited's Crown Achievement in its original form, you'll be transported back in time with the wonderful flavor and aroma. If you never had the opportunity, you have a treat in store.

Overall Rating4.5 out of 5 Based on 14 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Lane Crown Achievement”

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5 out of 5
Gone forever??
Too bad. A really great smoke. Not too strong and easy to light and had a steady burn for the entire bowl. One of the best tobaccos that I ever used.
4 out of 5
Crown Achievement!
A wonderfully delicious smoke! So full, so interesting from top to bottom. This first tin is just a little too dry -- which is much better than too wet really -- and it will be gone soon anyway. You may find it pairs well with a smaller bowl. It may not develop as much but it will be satisfying in even a shorter smoke.
5 out of 5
My Go To!
My go to.. Love it!! So Relaxing, great aroma, smooth, full of flavor!
4 out of 5
Crown Achievement - lane
Nice blend, complex and pleasant with a nice latakia addition.
5 out of 5
Worthy of its name in all respects
No holds barred...full flavor, full aroma, full strength...once I got the moisture content to a “comfortable for me” place. I was searching about for a Latakia Blend that was not as one dimensional as some that are out there...this one is good and is a real showcase for each of its components...I will fault it only for lacking more Virginia sweetness, but even that just required the patience of waiting through most of a bowl. The combo of Latakia, Turkish and perique is a real whammy...not a casual smoke but one that requires a slow hand and sipping, otherwise its strength is almost unbearable. Room note got my wife’s attention but her opinion was neutral. Smoked to the bottom of the bowl in a favorite big old London billiard...almost a two hour my opinion, you must take your time with this one to truly appreciate the blend...masterful comes to mind as I was able to identify each element as I progressed from lighting to emptying. All together, it’s a marching band of strength and flavor. I liked it but wouldn’t consider it an all day smoke, more like a studious mid afternoon mixture.
4 out of 5
Good quality...not pleasing to my buds.
The sweet Virginia is there, the smoky Latakia much less so, the Perique lends a peppery bite that doesn’t persist, the orientals I suppose round out the overall flavor but are undetectable individually. Tasty blend of identifiable high quality tobaccos but not something I would choose for a relaxing evening. Stays lit well, works well in a smaller bowl. Sort of likable as a first date but not begging for a second. I purchased many Lane tinned examples to try out. This is good but not a favorite...I’m still working on the others.
4 out of 5
Jury’s still out...
Late evening, this came in yesterday’s mail, opened the well sealed tin and wham...Latakia...there’s another aroma there as well, not overpowered by the Latakia but something I don’t recognize...complex aroma but with a dominant feature. This is last bowl of the day so off we went. Black and brown and yellow chunks and ribbons...moisture seems about right and a pinch at a time, it packs well...right to the top in a favorite nameless 6 X 2 X 3/4 English Billiard. Charring light was good and after a light tamp, an easy light. Sharp, smoky and a bit strong at first with a hint of a soapy taste that went away quickly. Consuming Latakia aroma with a bit of a bite that fades quickly. Sort of a hot fast burner but not uncomfortable. Stays lit well. An interesting flavor...unique comes to mind but the dominant features for me is the sharp edged flavor and sudden fading bite. Wife commented favorably on the room note. 3/4 of the way down and it’s got a noticeable nicotine hit and improving flavor. I’ll finish the bowl as I write. It’s a nice dry smoke, not as soft and sweet as I think a last of the day smoke should be but who knows, it might be better in a different pipe. I’ll try it again tomorrow and see...maybe a meerschaum would be better or a larger diameter bowl. Into the last quarter of the bowl and the flavor is still improving, still sharp and smoky but a little less strength...Latakia is still there but mellowing. Finished to the bottom with no moisture and a small amount of ash...sort of ambivalent about it...pretty good but deserves another chance, quite a departure from the mild Virginia blends that I usually smoke.
5 out of 5
Not my everyday smoke. But
Not my everyday smoke. But its great on cold nights. Reminds me of camping and bonfires
2 out of 5
Not garbage, but unimpressive. Will not buy again.
I don't particularly care for Crown Achievement. I would say it might be the perique mixed with latakia that I don't like, but Nightcap does the same and is quite good. Crown Achievement is definitely smokeable -- I wouldn't throw it away -- but in my opinion it fails in comparison to so many other medium-bodied latakia blends that I would just never buy it again.
5 out of 5
made for me
I have been trying a lot of Latakia and Perique blends. I really enjoy crown achievement. To me it is just the right balance, not to heavy on anything. Most of the blends I have tried start with a strong latakis taste and end with the perique overwellming the tastebuds. crown achievement stays balanced from top to bottom. One of my favorite English blends.
5 out of 5
crown achievement
the name certainly fits the product its the most enjoyable smoke that I have tried
5 out of 5
Medal of Honor
This was my first time trying this blend. I found it very satisfying. This bend I will be purchasing in the future. It's a great great blend at a great price. Don't over look it . Get some and try it. You will be very satisfied.
5 out of 5
Surprised delight
On initial lite, this smoke reminded me of Copenhagen snuff. Similar aroma with a powerful flavor. I began to worry I had made a poor choice. But as I continued to smoke, the flavor remained smooth with very little bite. No ashy pulls or dusty drags, only smooth consistent flavor with a note of a top cigar. I am very impressed. Thanks to the masterful blender!
5 out of 5
a newbie loves it
I've smoked cigars for years and now I'm venturing into the pipe world and just love it. Crown Achievement was the first tobacco I bought after running through my Captain Black starter kit. I really didn't know what I was getting into but I was intrigued by the description and the mix of expensive tobaccos. I was scared at first when I opened the tin and got a whiff of the aroma. Being a non-aromatic tobacco I was surprised but quickly began to embrace it. I guess my tastes are a little more sophisticated than your average rookie (thanks to cigars). Anyway, I love the smoky Latakia blend and now I don't think I can enjoy aromatic blends again. I also bought the Dunhill Durbar which is even a little stronger but just as enjoyable.
Customer Testimonials
I have smoked 4 to 5 bowls of this English blend and found it to have a unique aroma unlike aromatics that I'm accustomed to smoking. It is a dry pleasant smoke though can give tongue bite if you get carried away with it. The room note is fragrant (?) but not overpowering even after returning to my car after 8 hours later. I prefer the aromatics, but this, I find to be quite enjoyable and will certainly add it to my list of favorites!
GW of McMinnville, OR
Hands down , the best English I've ever had..Larry's blend is awesome and will buy again. This is great. Add to your round up. Be ready for a heavy smoke...mmmmmmmm.
RM of Roxbury, NY
My attention was first grabbed by the interesting history and the handsome tin. Little did I know how much I would enjoy this tobacco. Rich, natural flavors that actually had me thinking of a good cigar. This Crown Achievement will definitely be a constant staple on my shelf.
EB of Philippi, WV
I agree. The version I used to buy from a jar at a local shop was a very different tobacco and inferior. This version can be savored in the mouth and rolled around like a fine whiskey.
MB of Santa Barbara, CA
Subtle but easily discernible Scotch! A definite desert blend that gives one satisfaction that way.
DG of Trenton, NJ
Wish I could get the 1 pound bulk deal that came with a Crown Achievement pipe. But I don't mind buying those pieces separately. By far, the best smoking effect that I have had ever.
DG of Trenton, NJ
I smoked this blend somewhat sparingly for many years (approx. 30). Then, when it returned, after quite a hiatus, I tried it once more. I was disappointed; I didn't enjoy it as I once did: certainly, this could be due to changes in my tasting ability over the passage of more years than I'm willing to divulge. Younger smokers who knew the previous Crown Achievement would be a better review source for those who are looking for something new. For the record, then: if the blend hasn't changed from what it was before, as claimed, it would certainly be worth giving it a try -- except for those poor smokers who reject "English" tobaccos.
By far the best tobacco that I have ever smoked--Lane hit it out of the park with this blend--Can't wait until it comes out in a 8oz tin, or bulk
RL of Mesa, AZ
Dry smoke. Pleasant. This blend also in my book takes backseat to the McClelland FMC.
SW of Tallahassee, FL
So I used to smoke a very famous English blend for years which shall remain unidentified here since you carry it. It was the benchmark by which all other English blends were rated and then it went off the market for some years. It came back and is now produced by another Scandinavian company and it is not the same . . acrid and hot. This Crown Achievement will be my mainstay. Full and satisfying without being overbearing. Thank you Lane Ltd! I'm reordering!
SR of Oakland Gardens, NY
I am relatively inexperienced in the realm of pipes, but this tobacco is absolutely wonderful in my meerschaum. I have not tried it in a briar yet, but I am in love. Crown Achievement is an incredible smoke; it is very cool, dry, flavorful, and balanced.
LD of Monument, CO
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