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Lane HG-2000

Lane Limited's HG-2000 is the blend that started the Burley and black genre of aromatics, and though it’s been copied time and again, it’s still the best. This blend packs easily and isn’t overly moist, so it stays lit easily. The smooth flavor and pleasant aroma make the Lane Limited HG-2000 a terrific choice.

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Overall Rating4.24 out of 5 Based on 21 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Lane HG-2000”

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4 out of 5
Nice mellow smoke and a earthy, woodsie, aroma. Great every day smoke. Would recommend.
4 out of 5
A soft relaxing smoke
Picked this up at my local brick and mortar on a whim, and at first wasn’t all impressed. With consecutive bowls though I began picking out the subtle notes in the blend and now find it quite enjoyable. It’s very mild, earthy, with no bite (so far), and honestly if you don’t slow down and just relax the flavor will pass you by. I find it best enjoyed early in the morning with a nice hot cup of coffee.
5 out of 5
I thought it good
I thought it good
5 out of 5
love this tobacco
5 out of 5
Good aromatic
I'll order more of this. My wife approves of it, the batch I got was neither too wet or too dry, not too sweet nor too stanky. Good stuff at a good price.
5 out of 5
Have been mixing this with
Have been mixing this with lane light virginia. Makes for a smoother smoke.
2 out of 5
5 out of 5
I generally smoke English blends, but when I want an aromatic for a change, HG-2000 is the one that hits the spot. Smooth, easy burning, well-behaved, with a pleasant room note. Lightly flavored with vanilla and maybe a hint of cocoa. Similar to Old Shenandoah Barrel 76 to my palate.
4 out of 5
Lane HG 2000 Bulk
BLEND Aromatic CONTENTS Cavendish, Burley FLAVORING Misc/Vanilla CUT Ribbon A burley base with toasted cavendish added. Provides the best of earthy taste with mildness and aroma. No bite & smokes cool as long as never puff. The vanilla is in background complimenting the burley. CB Copper is a higher grade of HG 2000 but much more expensive. CB Copper in my Top 5 rotation but keep HG 2000 for just a more tobacco taste instead of flavor. Recommend it for a try. No bite, mild, mellow, tobacco taste with vanilla & great earthy flavor.
4 out of 5
Brown County
While on vacation, I went into a local shop to see bulk blends they have. They had a special one they called Brown County. I asked for an an ounce and was told they only sell it in 2 ounce increments. The clerk then quickly did a 180 and explained that actually their supplier has been experimenting with 1 ounce pre packages. It was this. A very delightful, smooth, cool, and sweet smoke. not something I would smoke all the time but it works well by itself and as my after cigar bowl. For me it's a dessert smoke.
3 out of 5
Won't buy again
I ordered in place of out of stock BCA. Does not burn as smoothly nor pack as well. Seemed harsh on the throat as well.
3 out of 5
This is probably not a fair assessment, I was smoking a new pipe MT bent egg. It had a nice aroma and nice taste, but a little tongue bit. I will probably give it another try. I just started smoking a pipe again after a 30 plus year break, glad I restarted, really enjoy it now. I cannot believe the selection P&C has,I'm hooked.
5 out of 5
We should call it Brad's blend
I am new back to the pipe after 35 yrs of the occasional cigar (mostly Padrons), got a lovely Savinelli 320 from my wife for Christmas. I ordered an ounce of several different Lane tobaccos, they all had their niceties but the HG2000 had that certain something... it takes a couple char/tamp relights with a full bowl but it gives a great 1/2 bowl smoke with one lovely personality, give it re-tamp and ash dump, relight and you have a wonderful but slightly different personality. The room note acceptable, retrohale is very nice and taste is substantial... Like a good dark roast coffee, it's not overloaded with vitamin N like HGL and that makes it able to be smoked more... which is exactly what I want to do...
5 out of 5
Lane HG-2000
By far, my favorite tobacco. I've tried many others but I keep coming back to HG-2000. The only other blends that I've really liked were MacB 7 Seas Royal and Newminster 31 but, as I said, I keep coming back to HG-2000
3 out of 5
I like Lane's blends
I'm not sure this one will achieve pouch status but I like it once in a while.
4 out of 5
HG-2000 Bulk
HG-2000 forms part of my Lane repertoire which includes 1Q, MV-1000, and BCA. Of the four, I can't say that any one is my favorite. They are all good in their own way. My taste in tobacco changes day to day, so I rotate around a lot. All are easy on the tongue. I supplement these with various English and a few highly aromatics.
5 out of 5
Doesn't Even Know How to Bite
Very mild. Doesn't know how to bite. Pleasant aroma without coming off like an spilled basket of overripe fruit. I would give it six stars if they were available.
4 out of 5
Pretty Good Stuff
Good solid smoke. Burns well. Plenty of flavor. I would purchase again.
5 out of 5
Lane HG-2000
My first experience with HG-2000 was in a sampler, and I immediately decided it was a keeper. The burley and black Cavendish are nicely balanced. While classed as an 'aromatic', there are certain flavors and aromas that do not come through for me - typical problems with advancing age. I tend to go for the milder tobaccos. HG-2000 fits well with my other routine Lane's of 1-Q, BCA, and MV-1000. I will continue to order all four.
4 out of 5
Beautifully balanced
I'm a newbie to pipes and have been diving deep into tasting a variety of mostly aros. I'm sitting here enjoying a bowl of the lane HG 2000 and was impressed enough to want to review it. It burns cool, stays lit, and hasn't bit me yet. It's like a nice ol hound dog, sweet and mellow but still up to a good hunt and excitement. A slightly sweet smoke with a bit of vanilla but you can still taste the nuttiness and tang of the tobacco. Nice billowy buttery smoke and its giving me a nice head buzz. I like the room note of other blends (like the 1Q) a bit better but it's not bad either. It's got layers to it, a great balanced blend of tobacco and mild casings. No gurgle or goop either!
5 out of 5
Uneducated musings...
I'm fairly new to pipe smoking, so I haven't a lot of experience with tobaccos yet. I have tried 15-20 mostly aeros and mild english... Anywho, while I cannot expertly describe my experience with Lane HG-200, I can say that I find it quite agreeable to smoke and have no complaints about it. The room note has not garnered any complaints from passers by either, including my wife, so that's another feather in the cap for this blend.
Customer Testimonials
HG2000 is one of my favorite aromatics even though I primarily smoke English blends at this point. HG2000 smells absolutely delicious in the bag with an absolutely intoxicating vanilla scent. I'm half tempted to just use it as air freshener! Packs easy, stays lit, and you can really taste the vanilla without it being a goopy milkshake. Similar to Lane's 1Q but with a bit more pleasant flavoring. No bite whatsoever for me, and one of the VERY few blends that got the wife's approval!
TF of Lake Elsinore, CA
Now one of my favorites to smoke, mild, smooth with no bite a great tobacco.
CS of West Plains, MO
The Lane HG-2000 and the Lane LL-7 have become two of my favorite blends. The HG-2000, as in the LL-7 is very smooth and mild blend with no bite. A nice flavor and great aroma.
WT of Marble, NC
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