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Lane Limited MV-1000

Lane Limited's MV-1000 is a modern classic blend made of superb matured golden Virginia tobaccos with an easy to pack fine ribbon cut. Subtly enhanced with a silky, creamy vanilla note, it has a smooth, lightly sweet flavor and a crowd-pleasing aroma. MV-1000 stays lit easily and the naturally sweet flavor of the leaf comes through because the top note is subtle. It's great on its own and can be used to tone down a blend that's too heavily flavored.

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16 Ounce BagBackordered Notify$64.00
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Lane Limited MV-1000 Shipping Constraints
8 Ounce BagBackordered Notify$32.00
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Lane Limited MV-1000 Shipping Constraints
4 Ounce BagBackordered Notify$16.00
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Lane Limited MV-1000 Shipping Constraints
2 Ounce BagBackordered Notify$8.00
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1 Ounce BagBackordered Notify$4.00
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Overall Rating4.75 out of 5 Based on 24 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Lane Limited MV-1000”

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5 out of 5
One of my favorites from Lane
Excellent burn, wonderful room note, and amazing flavor. Burns cool and no tongue bite at all and a veey mellow enjoyable smoke. Great as a blender tabacco too. Lane never disappoints
4 out of 5
Close to my all-time favorite
Close to my all-time favorite Captain Black Gold.
5 out of 5
Good aroma, easy smoker, light
Good aroma, easy smoker, light but pleasing flavor.
5 out of 5
Nice fine cut suitable for
Nice fine cut suitable for hand rolling. Nice easy smoke that is good for smoking all day.
5 out of 5
Very nice tobacco
Very nice tobacco
5 out of 5
Very similar to L1-Q and now a favorite
I bought this because my L1-Q was not available and I found I like MV-1000 just as well. Very mild, enjoyable to smoke, and my wife likes the smell as well as L1-Q. This is another favorite for me.
5 out of 5
the best smoke there is
the best smoke there is
4 out of 5
My husband smokes this in
My husband smokes this in his pipe and to me it smells like vanilla which I like.
5 out of 5
It is my go to
It is my go to tobacco. I can smoke it all day and enjoy each bowl full.
3 out of 5
Decent tobacco
It received pretty high reviews so figured I give it a try It's pretty good, but for me it wasn't knock your socks off good. Ya gotta try em to learn.
5 out of 5
Well balanced
Smooth smoke with great aroma and taste. Would recommend for every day smoke or occasional change of regular tobacco. The blend is a good mixture of various ingredients. I will order again. Consider this a well balanced daily smoke.
5 out of 5
It has a pleasant aroma,
It has a pleasant aroma, a mild sweetness and pleasant smoke. It is an uncomplicated blend of Cavendish and vanilla. It was the basic ingredient in a blend that my tobacconist made for me years ago. When he retired, the recipe for the blend went missing. Therefore, and the MV-1000 will suffice.
5 out of 5
Everything was great delivery was
Everything was great delivery was on time. The aroma everybody likes it. The sweetness and the blend mixed together is fantastic and that’s why I rate it five stars. Tim from Ohio
5 out of 5
Smooth, tasty & everyone loves
Smooth, tasty & everyone loves the aroma.
5 out of 5
This has been my preferred
This has been my preferred blend since Captain Black Gold became difficult to find and then expensive. Buying in bulk from P&C has been a great way to purchase. The smooth consistent aroma is often commented by people who appreciate the smell of a good pipe.
5 out of 5
very smooth and relaxing smoke.
very smooth and relaxing smoke.
5 out of 5
They offer a fair price
They offer a fair price and easy checkout.
5 out of 5
Excellent vanilla virgins tobacco
Very good flavor. Nice and mild.
4 out of 5
Good all-rounder
Mv-1000 is an old favorite of mine. A Mild Virginia, a good smoke on its own, and a good blender with Perique, Latakia, Turkish tobaccos, or with a decent Red Virginia or cube-cut white Burley for added flavor. Lightly cased with Vanilla but not overpoweringly so.
5 out of 5
Silky Smooth and Non-Smokers Like the Aroma
I've smoked a pipe off and on since 1970... until 2008, when I gave up cigarettes completely. For decades, I smoked mostly Flying Dutchman, but in 2008 I discovered Lane MV-1000. In my youth, I could smoke very aromatic, heavily flavored blends but now only the mildest, no-bite blends DO NOT turn my tongue to asbestos - that is MV-1000 for me. I plan vacations with thoughts of my Lane supply in a foreign location and it is virtually all I have smoked for (12) years and even non-smokers tell me they appreciate the aroma (but not my spouse). You cannot go wrong with this gentle blend and it would probably be an excellent blending tobacco with more robust varieties.
5 out of 5
Found an Old Favorite
I have to admit some bias. Years ago I visited an acquaintance at his tobacco shop in Baton Rouge to get some advice on pipe tobaccos. His recommendation was a blend the store labeled as Beignet Blend as a starting point. It's been a regular in my pipes for the last 20 years, but sadly his widow closed the shop and moved. After trying MV-1000 I'm pretty sure that Beignet was the store's label for MV-1000. I love the combination of the aroma and the great mellow sweetness of the virginia. It's not complex, just satisfying. The room note has never received anything but compliments.
5 out of 5
A tobacco that is simile
A tobacco that is simile you can enjoy it all day, day after day!
5 out of 5
Good blend
The price is excellent and it is a smooth smoke
4 out of 5
Lane MV-1000 mixture
Tried it because I like the BCA, but didn't like it as much. Burnt a little fast but was not bad. Mixed in about 40% BCA and now only smoke that mix. The RPL-6, 1Q and the BCA are having to stand in line.
Customer Testimonials
Ordered this to try. To my surprise I find it to be a very mild tobacco with a slight sweet taste. Has a nice room note. I would recommend to my friends .
KF of Clarendon, NC
I;ve been smoking a pipe for about a year now and have tried about 10 different tobaccos. I enjoy the mild and the non-fruit flavors since I tend to stick with classic tastes. I have found this blend to be my favorite mix with a perfect balance in every way. I recommend it to anyone out there. I am sure it can be mixed in with other cuts to give it an edge if you preferred but it is just fine the way it is too. Best regards, Rob L. ( Park Ridge, IL )
RL of Park Ridge, IL
Rich Aromatic Vanilla flavor and mild to the taste. Moist and flavor throughout the time to get the next delivery. Favorite, through and through.
JK of Bethany, OK
Good all day mild smoke. Need to watch to smoke it slow or it will start to burn your pipe.
SM of Edgecliff Village, TX
This is my go-to tobacco. I would love to have some tins of it but buy it in bulk because I smoke it frequently enough for it to never get stale. I don't like high nicotine tobacco and this is quite light in that department. But don't think for a second that it lacks for flavor; that is consistently great!
SB of Great Falls, VA
I must frontload an admission of terrible bias. I LOVE this tobacco. I fell in love with it years ago; it was my first proper tobacconist's purchase, under a different name, and time and memory have endeared it further. The old name is now branded on a different tobacco, but when I first found this, I took my brand new Lorenzo and packed a bowl, and love at first taste. The Virginias in this are something amazing to me...I taste a soft peat-y taste, a few wispy notes that are hard to pin down for some (I liken it to a campfire...mossy/peat flame roasting marshmallows) and the flavor dances softly throughout, little wavering between gasps of one taste then the next...Time and experience tempered this well, as I thought it was heavy and dynamic when I first found it....dynamic it remains, but I now know it is not a terribly potent tobacco by any is a wonderful all day smoke, easy to manage (I put the charring light to it, and usually never have to relight), won't bite unless you try, and most importantly, a flavorful aromatic that is easy to love.
EG of West Newton, PA
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Lane Limited started in Dresden, Germany in 1890 and relocated to New York City in 1938. The number one maker of bulk pipe tobacco is the US and the manufacturer of Captain Black, Lane's logo is familiar to most pipe smokers, and now you can get a white ceramic jar with their logo emblazoned on it. This bail-closure jar will help keep your tobacco in fine condition for daily use.

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