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Lane Ready Rubbed (Edgeworth) Pipe Tobacco
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Lane Ready Rubbed (Edgeworth)

Edgeworth Ready Rubbed is back!
Lane Limited is now stewarding a number of classic older blends like Half and Half, Sir Walter Raleigh, Velvet, among others. One that they had made for a number of years was Edgeworth Ready-Rubbed. They no longer had the rights to the name, but they still had the blend, so when people began pleading for their old favorite, Lane responded by introducing Lane Limited Ready-Rubbed. The blend is exactly the same - only the name has changed. Rich mahogany Burley has been treated the the original casing and top-note to deliver a smooth, bite-free experience with notes of cocoa and molasses that's perfect for the all-day puffer. It's as good as you remember, so grab some Lane Limited Ready-Rubbed and kick back.

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Overall Rating4.49 out of 5 Based on 51 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Lane Ready Rubbed (Edgeworth)”

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5 out of 5
Very good. Just like the
Very good. Just like the old Edgewerth
4 out of 5
Very good burley. Falls a
Very good burley. Falls a little short of the original Edgeworth. As I recall the original Edgeworth had a little more topping (molasses perhaps) that added to the distinctive flavor. I also recall that the cut of the Edgeworth had a little more cube texture. I prefer this over my formerly usual SWR that had too much alcohol. P&C service remains the best.
5 out of 5
Really good, nice relaxing smoke
Really good, nice relaxing smoke
5 out of 5
A great tobacco. I've been enjoying it for many days and will order again.
5 out of 5
Good stuff
After five decades of mostly smoking VaPers and Latakia blends this has become my daily, go to tobacco. Burns nicely, tastes like tobacco, and I am told the room note is quite pleasant. (I don't know as I lost my sense of smell five years ago,) My only complaint is that it no longer is available in bulk quantities other than in a can.
4 out of 5
So glad it's again available
Probably one of the finest pipe tobaccos Iv'e ever smoked. I used to smoke it all the time during my college days. I'm so glad it's back.
4 out of 5
Old Edgeworth Smoker
Started Edgeworth Fall '51. Kept going back after English tobaccos and cigars. Lane is GOOD!
5 out of 5
Lane Limited
Originally called Edgeworth, It's the smoothest tobacco I ever smoked.
5 out of 5
Pipe tobbaco
Excellent my husband really impressed with it
4 out of 5
Good smoke
A little sharp but a good smoke. My wife does not to the aroma.
5 out of 5
Great codger blend
Very smooth and great room note which brings me back 40 years when I smoked this
5 out of 5
Why is this always so good? I don't know, but it is. It never fails me. The mini-cube cut seems to be the trick that makes it smoke so well for me. The taste is just right, and i have what i would suspect most would call a poor pallet.
5 out of 5
Burley Lover
Excellent blend. Very close to the original that I smoked back in the 70's. Highly recommend.
5 out of 5
Good old burley!
Very close to the original. Been a long time ah.
5 out of 5
Pipe tobacco
Just like edgeworth
4 out of 5
Lane limited Ready Rubbed
I normally avoid Burleys but this is a great smoke. Good quality Burley, light top note and easy to smoke. The cut is close to the original. Some drying time is recommended as it is a bit moist as there is PG in it. Good all day smoke!
5 out of 5
Lane is Great!
Great pipe tobacco, very smooth.
5 out of 5
Lane Limited Ready Rubbed
The old standby, for an enjoyable smoke all day long. The workers friend.
5 out of 5
Glad to have it
Close enough to Edgeworth. Why not the sliced also? Thanks
5 out of 5
Lane Limited Readyrubbed
Very good match to Edgeworth
5 out of 5
Very Nice Smoke
There is little for me to say that hasn't already been said here and on other review boards about Lane Limited Ready Rubbed. Unfortunately, I never tried Edgeworth before its demise, so I have to go with LLRR on its own merits. Therefore, I don't know how LLRR compares to Edgeworth, but this "new" Ready Rubbed is really very good. I agree with YouTube's Matches860 that there is rum, chocolate/cocoa, and molasses added as a very light topping, and that the molasses seems to enhance and "push" the taste of the burley. A well-done blend that is very nutty and smooth. Not a complicated "conneseur" blend, but very tasty. Well worth trying and highly recommended!
5 out of 5
Old School
Bought this to keep handy in my camping trailer. Very mild smoking tobacco with good tobacco taste and decent room note. Compares well with the old Edgeworth same flavor. Doesn't bite not hard to keep lit. A pleasant smoke for anytime.
5 out of 5
Glad Edgeworth is back
First smoke of the day
5 out of 5
The real thing
Years ago, Edgeworth Ready-Rubbed was my everyday smoke. This is the real thing - just as I remember the original.
4 out of 5
Ready Rubbed by Lane is a quality tobacco.
I must say that I have never tried the original Edgeworth Ready Rubbed. Lane RR is a quality tobacco. In its own right it is an enjoyable smoke. The moisture content out of the tin seemed just right. The tin note is one of slightly sour tobacco with not much top note presenting itself. Tobacco is clearly the player with such a subtle hint of chocolate that it's hardly noticeable. The room note I'd describe as a pleasant tobacco aroma. There is virtually no bite. Comparing it to Match Edgeworth I would say that the Match is sweeter with a more noticeable top note of chocolate and maybe molasses. Match is a cube cut whereas the RR is more of a roll-pressed sliced-cut, if that makes sense. I find I like to rub out the Lane RR to make it easier to pack and light. RR takes to a light easily and burns well, although a few relights seem necessary in the beginning. You don't want to puff this hard to keep it lit or you may get some bite. The ash is dark gray with white speckles mixed in. This is a good all day smoke. Nothing remarkable screams out above the taste of Burley. If you like a good OTC type of smoke, then this is one you should look into.
5 out of 5
The Label Says It All
"America's Finest Pipe Tobacco"
5 out of 5
Lane Limited ready rub
Very good tobacco love this Stuff wonderful room note excellent flavor.will definitely buy this again ☺☺
4 out of 5
Lane Limited Ready Rubbed
At nice pleasant smoke but not the Edgeworth I remember smoking.
4 out of 5
Not quite Edgeworth, but still a great smoke
Sublimity in a can? Not exactly. Lane Limited Ready Rubbed is a very good representation of the classic Edgeworth Ready Rubbed, which, in its final days on the market, was also blended by Lane. But Edgeworth was a cube cut, whereas this is more of a crimp-cut ribbon. Edgeoworth was also a bit darker, a bit fuller, a bit moister, a bit more fruity and deeply sweet on the nose, a bit...well, it was just a bit *more* than this new version. I can't quite put my finger on why. It's possible my perspective on the matter is biased. It isn't biased by nostalgia, since I never really smoked a pipe in Edgeworth's heyday. Rather, it's biased by the lone sample of Edgeworth I've ever smoked: a 14oz tub, procured almost by accident off of the dusty shelf of a small local shop, which had held up remarkably well for being at least 4 years old. Those years in the tub had done wonders for the Edgeworth. Perhaps they'll do wonders for Lane Limited Ready Rubbed, as well. Only time will tell. Regardless, I found this blend, smoked fresh, was a very solid and old-school burley. It will definitely satisfy your jones for something resembling Edgeworth, if that's what you are seeking. But it won't be entirely the same. I'm not sure anything currently on the market is.
4 out of 5
More Molasses
If Lane wants to get their rating up to 5 stars,they only have to get the molasses back into the blend so that its presence is more notable than it is now.
5 out of 5
An Old American Standard
I'm pleased with the Lane Limited Ready Rubbed iteration of the better know Edgeworth pipe tobacco. It's close enough to call them the same thing. It took several pipe fulls to get the subtle flavors, but once that was done I got the old flavors and a cool dry smoke that I used to get in the 1970's. I's a very good all day tobacco if you like simplicity. No bite, no fuss at a very good price.
5 out of 5
Awesome Burly experience. Has become my everyday smoke. If you're a burly lover, you owe it to yourself to get a tub.
5 out of 5
Back to the Good Old Days
My years as a pipe smoker were based on my first encounter with Edgeworth Tobacco. I remember the blue tin (it was a tin in those days) and sitting down at the end of a day to a pipe. I worked overseas for many years and when I would come home I would stock up on the tobacco. I would hold on to the cans and open them on special occassions. When I came back I found it and enjoyed it all over again. Then it disappeared and there came a search for something to replace it. NOw its back and I am very thenkful.
4 out of 5
Lane limited ready rubbed
Allways wanted to try ERR,and never got the chance.Until now,good quality burly tobacco i am very satisfied with.Good tast,aroma,with no tb.And about medium stength.I will definetly be buying this again.
3 out of 5
Tobacco into dust ??
On my 2nd or 3rd can, and the tobacco in my daily pouch is breaking down into almost dust. Not good. Might be getting too dry, but is moist in can. Will play with it some more, but probably won 't buy another can. Might try 2 oz of their bulk & see if same problem. Smokes OK, but don't like dust. George
5 out of 5
Close enough for govt. work.
May not be exact,but it sure is a great smoke. Seems similar to SWR, but with a different top note. Got it as a gift from my Christmas leish list and really glad I got it. It has been moved to my birthday wish list and will no doubt show up on another list. Thanks PC.
5 out of 5
Prompt Deliverey on items purchased
Your team does an outstanding job on product choice and your delivery system. Keep up the good work.... Chuck S......
3 out of 5
I'd like the tobacco to
I'd like the tobacco to be a little more coarsely cut. It smokes ok but turns to very small flakes in a pouch.
2 out of 5
Ready Rubbed
A great disappointment. This should not be advertized as Edgeworth. I first smoked Edgeworth (by Larus, I believe) in the late 1950s while at college. It came in a small flipup blue tin. It was about the only American made tobacco popular in the UK at that time. On and off I smoked it fairly regularly until around 2005 when Lane (Altria) dropped it.. It was always a favorite and the transition to Lane's did not impact quality or flavor. This is not Edgeworth as I remember it. It has neither the earthy brazil-nut background that was so unique and appealing, nor the mellow molasses flavor that rounded off a Burley to something special. Much closer, for those that never tried the real thing, is MATCH Edgeworth which does manage to get a lot closer (but not close enough, for this smoker). Standing on its own merits Ready Rubbed is a fair smoke but lacks Edgeworth qualities. I find the bottom third of the pipe just as rough as any average Burley. The 14oz tin I bought 2 months ago is still half full - and likely to remain so.
5 out of 5
lane ready rubbed
Very good product
5 out of 5
Ready rubbed yes, Edgeworth no.
This blend is advertised as a re-release of the original. Actually the P&C match is closer than the Lane version. The original Edgeworth had a nutty taste missing here and a cool burn from a small (maybe 2mm) cube cut; this version has neither. Despite this, it is a smooth, mild, flavorful smoke.
5 out of 5
Lane Limited Ready Rubbed.
Have been ordering a lot of this blend. Pleasant flavor and aroma. Consistent cut and moisture content in all tins. No need to air dry before it becomes usable. You can smoke this day in, day out without tongue bite. Highly recommended for building solid cake in new pipes also. Five stars approved.
4 out of 5
A Welcome Return
Received the canister of LLRR with some anticipation, having good memories of the original. The tin note was that nutty burley, cocoa, Molasses that brought me back. The tobacco came a bit moist and required some drying time before stuffing and lighting. When properly dried, it lit and smoked well. But fresh from the tin it required a few relights. This is very close to the original; a burley lover’s dream. Smokes cool, mild, nutty, with a hint of Virginia sweetness. The toppings are noticeable but do not detract from the tobacco flavor. Maybe there is slightly more cocoa here than in the original, but let’s not split hairs. This is a very good neo-OTC blend, and a welcome return of an old classic. I Like it!
4 out of 5
Great Burley!
The flavor is great...once you get it lit. I had and still have trouble keeping it lit. It's not as "cube" cut as Edgeworth was. If it was cut a little different maybe it would stay lit longer. So, it's a bit fussy to keep lit, but while it's lit it's really good. If Lane worked on the cut I suppose that could help.
5 out of 5
Lane Limited Ready Rubbed (Edgeworth)
Delivery was as promised and shipment was well packed and in good shape. The price was the lowest I could find on the internet. What more could I ask?
5 out of 5
A Good Copy
I have smoked Edgeworth off and on since the early 1970's and exclusively from 1993 to about 2005. So, I have probably smoked the original Laurus Brothers blend as well as the Lane versions. The original Lane version seemed like the original, cubed cut and same flavor. Then sometime in the early 2000's, Lane lost the cube cut. This new version reminds me of what it was before they discontinued it. The cube cut version was an easy smoke with a great tobacco flavor. This new version is good but not what I remember.
2 out of 5
Lane Ready Rubbed
Its rather pricy for what it is. A simple burley tobacco. It is rather bland tasting. Probably won't buy again.
4 out of 5
Lane Limited Ready Rubbed
Edgeworth Ready Rubbed was the best tobacco I have ever tasted. Lane Limited is a close match and I have switched to this brand from Sir Walter Raleigh.
5 out of 5
It's baaaaack!!!
Edgeworth Ready Rub, that is!! This is an excellent duplicate of an old friend, and is most appreciated by this old Edgeworth fan.
3 out of 5
lane Td. Ready Rubbed
many would refer to Lane Ready Rubbed as a codger burley and that is what it is. Nothing spectacular here but an all day smoke that requires little attention. There is a sweetness from the burley that is molasses-like, low nic value and perfect in a cob. it's been too many years since I've smoked the "original" but I'd say that it's close enough for fans of the blend. If you're looking for a straight ahead uncomplicated smoke then you'll enjoy Ready Rubbed.
4 out of 5
Very Good
I can't compare it to the original since I have not tried it but I can say this is a good burley.
Customer Testimonials
A great tobacco! I never tried the original but love this tobacco. Has a wonderful tin aroma and smokes great. No bite even after a couple of bowls. This may become a new favorite.
JK of San Bernardino, CA
It's back. It's the original, authentic, legendary stuff! I compared this against a decade old tin of ERR I had cellared and while the old stash seemed darker, both in color and aroma, I figured that has more to do with age than a change in recipe. When I cracked open Lane Limited Ready Rubbed, the aroma of nutty burly, sweetened by chocolate and molasses wafted into my grateful, smiling face and took me back to the Tinderbox 10 years ago when the guy at the counter recommended Edgeworth to me. He told me that it was superior to Prince Albert and Carter Hall, both of which I love. He was right. Soon after that ERR was no more! I was devastated. Now our prayers have been answered and the greatest burley blend of all time has returned. No if only they'd bring back Flying Dutchman. One can always hope.
DB of laguna niguel, CA
Smoked Edgeworth Ready Rubbed in the 1970's, 80's and 90's, and was pleased to hear of the re-release of this blend. Unfortunately, this product is an approximation or "Match," if you will... it is certainly not bad at all, but there is something seriously missing in the taste of this blend. Rightly so they do not call it Edgeworth. Lane Ltd/Scandinavian Tobacco Group informed me that this is not the same blend they were producing before the discontinuation. Again, this is a very smokeable blend, but it is not Edgeworth Ready Rubbed as we knew it.
GW of Adrian, MI
Bought 2 tins, glad I did. Welcome back old pard!!!!!!
JG of Summersville, KY
Yes! It's the real, actual, good old stuff! Nothing compares to it, (though there are some very fine H&H blends that have gotten me through the Edgeworth-less years). I am so happy to have this back! It's not subtle, it's not complex, but it's so good! This is like meeting up with an old friend you thought you'd never see again.
DP of Hyde Park, NY
What a relief to have this back! I have been carefully hoarding my last remaining tin of Edgeworth when this went out of circulation years ago, but now I can rest easy. This has been my go to smoke for years. Light on the tongue, pleasant, tasty, an all day smoker!
JB of New York, NY
Smoked this for two straight days using five different pipes. Does not irritate the tissues of mouth or nose. No need to let it sit for an hour before enjoying. Not sticky or gooey at all. As a pipe smoker of more than forty five years I recommend this blend highly. In addition the order was processed and delivered on time. Thanks P&C. Will buy more.
EK of Madison, WI
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