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Luigi Viprati Handmade Pipes
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Luigi Viprati Handmade Pipes

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Luigi Viprati has been a well-respected Italian pipe maker for many years, showing a distinctive flair in his designs and craftsmanship. He's also a longtime friend of P&C and Russ Ouellette, so much so that Russ created Hearth & Home Marquee Viprati in his honor. These pipes are each one of a kind and feature his singular approach to stem types and colors, finishes, and trim. Despite their gorgeous looks and unique appearances, Luigi somehow finds a way to keep his prices incredibly reasonable. If you're looking for a pipe that's as distinctive as you are, add one of these beauties to your collection.

Sandblast 001 is a tomato with a golden sandblasted finish and deep brown accents. The shank is smooth and flared with a bone-colored acrylic stem and metal tenon

Sandblast 002 is an outsized Zulu with a reddish-brown stain and a bowl flared a bit more than most other Zulus. It also features a half-saddle bit that's rounded on top but flatter on the bottom.

Rustic is a tall sitter with a canted bowl and a diamond crosscut bark-like rustication and a severely curved stem, like one would expect to see on a cavalier.

1Q is a long-shanked large Dublin with a golden stain and lots of flame grain. It has a tri-toned acrylic shank extension and a nice pearl acrylic half-saddle bit.

2Q is utterly unique. It's a blend of a bullcap and a ukulele. Its bowl is taller than a ukulele but it has a gentle 1/8th bend and an oval shank with a half-saddle in black. It also has some nice straight grain highlighted by the chestnut smooth finish.

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