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Mac Baren 7 Seas Gold Pipe Tobacco
  • Mac Baren 7 Seas Gold Pipe Tobacco
  • Mac Baren 7 Seas Gold Pipe Tobacco
  • Mac Baren 7 Seas Gold Pipe Tobacco
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Mac Baren 7 Seas Gold

Mac Baren 7 Seas Gold is a mellow but fragrant tobacco made exclusively with golden ripe Virginias and a soft but complex vanilla based flavor. It’s smooth enough to smoke all day, and the aroma will get compliments for everyone. Add Mac Baren 7 Seas Gold to your lineup, you will not be disappointed. 

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Overall Rating4.43 out of 5 Based on 28 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Mac Baren 7 Seas Gold”

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5 out of 5
Excellent Tin of Tobacco
A cool, smooth smoking pipe tobacco that will have you grabbing another pipe for a follow-up smoke.
5 out of 5
Mac Baren 7 Seas Gold
I have smoked pipes in the past, and after several years started smoking them again. I have learned a lot about pipe smoking, cleaning, and packing thru this web site as well as u-tube. I have tried many types of Pipe Tobacco over the years and I have now found my go to Tobacco, " Mac Baren 7 Seas Gold ". I purchased this the last month or so, and have smoked several Bowls of it. It is the 1st tobacco that I have found that does not bite my tongue. Mild, Burns Good, Stays Lit, and has a pleasant aroma. I will try other Tobaccos, but for now I have found the one for me. I highly recommend anyone looking for a great smoke to try this.
4 out of 5
Best balance I’ve seen in a while
Macbaren Seven Seas Gold has made my Latakia withdrawal almost painless. Good balance of taste and strength, comfortable any time of day, and the price for the quality.
5 out of 5
Wonderful tobacco
I purchased Mac Baren 7 Seas Gold for my husband as part of a Mac Baren sampler. He loved them all but the 7 Seas Gold was a new favorite!
5 out of 5
Seven Seas Gold
My new favourite! This is the best ever. Mellow yet flavourful.
1 out of 5
stays fresh
doesn't want to light or stay lit. cotton candy caramel candy corn fudge style sweetness. maybe rub and looser packing would help. i mixed it in layers with a non-aromatic and aged it anerobic for a few weeks and tried it today happily
4 out of 5
Like but don’t love it.
Was hoping for a fuller more creamy smoke.
4 out of 5
MacBaren 7 Seas
Smooth from beginning to end. A very enjoyable smoke
5 out of 5
Mild with gentle room notes
I prefer milder tobaccos. This has a nice flavor and has a pleasant aroma.
3 out of 5
Good, but not great.
I liked the 7 Seas Original white tin tobacco so much, that I figured I'd try a few others so I bought a tin of this one as well as a tin of the 7 Seas Royal. The Gold is definitely better than the Royal, but still not nearly as good as the Original (white). Don't get me wrong, 7 Seas Gold isn't a bad tobacco. But it doesn't stand out as anything remarkable either. I like it, and will finish the tin, but I probably wouldn't buy it a second time. It's pleasant, but I suppose you could say it's a little bland for lack of a better term.
4 out of 5
7 Seas Gold
A little to harsh for me but overall a good smoke. Burns well and has a nice aroma.
5 out of 5
Cool. Smooth and mellow.
Outstanding! Smokes cool and easy. Only 1 relight on first bowl. I'm a beginner but must say great smoke. Cool smooth and mellow. If u like this also try captain black gold. The captain black gold has more bite to it. After a friend gave a few pointers I was able to smoke it with no relighting.
5 out of 5
Standard to Judge other Tobaccos
I'm fairly new to pipes and am still trying a variety of pipe tobaccos. After smoking a full bowl of each of the MacBaren 7 Seas (minus Red because I don't like cherry), I tossed out the other tobaccos I had. The bar has been raised!
5 out of 5
A Smooth All Day Smoke
I usually don't smoke "Golden Blends"...I'm more into Black Cavendish...but this one surprised me. It's a nice soft smoke for the daytime puff (and you can save the dark heavy blends for the evening.)
5 out of 5
Better Than Expected.
I had read some reviews so decided to give it a try. This is a mellow smoke with just enough flavor. Doesn't bite or burn hot.
5 out of 5
Are used to smoke a pipe many years ago and gave it up just recently started back up trying all the different blends again to see how my pallet has changed. As far as purchasing products from P&C every transaction has gone off without a hitch.
5 out of 5
7 Seas Gold
good smoke
3 out of 5
God but a little bit of a bite.
Actually I just bought 7 Seas Gold and Red. Both are very similar but the sauces and casings that are added for specific flavors may add a bite in the smoke, something 7 Seas Royal Blend, Molto Dolce or Lane Dark Red have not done.
5 out of 5
Very happy
Excellent surface. Excellent smoke. I will be back
4 out of 5
nice tin
To me this is a mild smoke, not memorable but pleasant. I get a slight anise odor in the tin that is barely noticed in the nose. The cut is very fine and needs to be packed lightly to get a good draw.
4 out of 5
An enjoyable lightly aromatic smoke
Lightly aromatic tobacco with no bite that is a smooth all day smoke. I prefer Mac Barens 7 Seas Red but enjoyed this also.
5 out of 5
It's not CBG or MV-1000
This is a Virginia based Cavendish alright. The casing is different from CBG or MV-1000. If you like those you may not like this. It isn't as heavily flavored as either of them. If you want more pure tobacco flavor however it may be perfect. It lights with little effort and burns well. No tongue bite if smoked slow. Has good aroma and taste on the palate. Paced easily as its a fine ribbon cut. Not a thing wrong with it at all. Is just a different Virginia Cavendish than what most expect. Give it a try if you like Virginia aromatics you won't be disappointed. I like all of Mc Barnes 7 Seas series. Good, well blended tobaccos at good prices and are available in bulk.
5 out of 5
I think I may have finally found my "all day" smoke!
I think I may have finally found my "all day" smoke! I recently purchased a couple of ounces of Mac Baren's 7 Seas Royal and really enjoyed it. But, I thought I might try the other aromatics in the 7 Seas series so I purchased an ounce of Regular and Gold. While the scent in the bag of Regular reminds me of chocolate or cocoa, it's taste was rather bland. However, the scent of Gold in the bag was mildly sweet vanilla caramel smell--not over powering, just kind of present. But, the taste! Wow! There's such a slight sweetness to this smoke. It doesn't matter what pipe I use, that hint of caramel sweetness is there. It's fantastic! I HIGHLY recommend it.
5 out of 5
Like a loyal friend
This 7 Seas Gold is the same great tobacco I have always smoked and blended. If you are a fan of good quality Virginia then you need to try Mac Baren's 7 Seas Gold. It is incredible smoked alone or blended with your favorites. I may stray away and experiment with other tobaccos, but I always keep coming home to my 7 Seas Gold !
5 out of 5
Mac Baren 7 Ses Gold
Great aroma, no tongue bite. A definite winner!
4 out of 5
mac baren 7 seas gold
Pretty good smoke I prefer Mac Baren original to it.
5 out of 5
Nicely Done
Nicely done tobacco with a sweet hue that provides an enjoyable smoke experience. Nicely done.
4 out of 5
One of the best vanilla aromatics I've had!
I really enjoy this tobacco. I originally purchased this in a 7 Seas Sampler; but I liked it so well that I ordered more. I haven't tried the other 7 Seas types yet, but Gold has set the bar really high in my opinion. I should say that I definitely prefer aromatic blends and that I tend to lean towards the vanilla flavored tobacco. I will say that it tends to gurgle in my briar pipes (I've tried it in several different briars). Probably all it takes is letting in air out for a while; but I haven't taken the time to do that yet! 4 stars in my opinion.
Customer Testimonials
Slighly less aromatic than 7 Seas Red, but good quality, easy smoking, definitely an all-day blend.
I've been smoking this as a go-to blend lately, and it gets a lot of compliments everywhere I go. The room note is pleasing to some of the harshest critics, and its quite nice to taste. The vanilla flavor is actually nicely layered, almost like 3 or 4 different vanillas. Definitely best smoked slow to appreciate the depth of flavor, and a very nice walking around/every day smoke. It'll be in my regular rotation for the foreseeable future.
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