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Mac Baren 7 Seas Red

7 Seas Red is a smooth smoking blend made from superb and sweet flue-cured tobacco, nutty Burley and a bit of toasted Cavendish. It’s finished with a specially formulated cherry dressing that comes through mellow and tasty with an outstanding aroma. The perfect pipe tobacco anytime of the day. Make sure you add Mac Baren's 7 Seas Red to your lineup. 

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Overall Rating4.26 out of 5 Based on 39 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Mac Baren 7 Seas Red”

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4 out of 5
Not bad cherry
More of the cavendish flavor comes through than the cherry, but its not a bad aromatic. Id rather smoke cult blood red moon or even captain black cherry.
5 out of 5
Mac Baren Red
I can definitely taste a hint of cinnamon in this tabacco. Also in the aroma which I find very pleasant.
4 out of 5
New pipe smoker, but seems to be an enjoyable blend. Cherry is nice at first, disappears toward end of bowl. Easy to light and stays lit. Smooth taste, mild, pleasant room note
4 out of 5
Good but not buy it again
Is a rich tobacco, but I feel that need more body and cherry flavor
5 out of 5
Very nice has a fruity
Very nice has a fruity end and smooth
5 out of 5
Wonderful tobacco
I recently purchased the Mac Baren sampler. It is a great tobacco and the sampler was a bargain. We will definitely be ordering more.
5 out of 5
I’ve really enjoyed this tobacco.
I’ve really enjoyed this tobacco. The room note is great, and the cherry notes are very noticeable also for the one that is smoking it.
5 out of 5
Mac Brien
Smooth all day smoking tobacco.
5 out of 5
It's in the can
7 Seas Red is one of my top 3 tobaccos. It's mild, nice flavor, the topping is not overdone and it doesn't have that chemical taste I've experienced from some blends (ugh!). One subject I feel must be mentioned. My experience has been that the tins are actually quite better than buying this in bulk. The bulk didn't taste like the tin. I will buy this in tin only from now on. From the tin, to me, it's great. Everyone has their own tastes in pipe tobacco, so if you like mild aromatics, give it a try. For some, I'm sure, it will end up being in their top 3 as well.
5 out of 5
My favorite
My favorite
2 out of 5
stays fresh
confectioners glaze smarty like sweetness resembles a perfecto cigar would probably be good with some apple cider
5 out of 5
Really good evening smoke!!
Really good evening smoke!!
2 out of 5
Just not very flavorful, in
Just not very flavorful, in my opinion
4 out of 5
Pretty smooth
Pretty smooth
5 out of 5
Great flavor, mellow smoke
One of my favorite cherry flavors
4 out of 5
Mac Baren 5 pack sampler
Too soon, I haven't smoked it yet. Purchased a 5 tin sampler of this brand. Have only tried 2 of them thus far. Didn't get all 5, the Royal blend was substituted for a Dunhill tin. I know Dunhill is a reputable brand but it wasn't what I ordered.
3 out of 5
Expected more cherry
From a newbie that's an occasional cigar smoker (flavored & not) I wanted to try some aromatic pipe blends. Bought this one based upon the reviews but, I have a hard time picking up on the cherry flavor. I suppose I like a stronger flavor than those who give the strong cherry blends a poor rating. Probably try a different cherry flavor next time.
3 out of 5
I'm still pretty new to the game, but...
I'm still fairly new to pipe smoking, so I can't fully say that this is valid in the world of experienced smokers, but it is honest. I bought this in the 7 Seas sampler to try a little variety. Smelled decent in the tin but was a bit soggy. I tried to dry it out a bit, but it still was smoking hot, and if I didn't keep my quick cadence it would go out on me frequently.I did mix it with some Captain Black original i had around, and it seemed to round it out a bit. I may still be in my amateur hour, but that's my two cents.
4 out of 5
Good pipe tobacco
Good tobacco, fair flavor. Too dry and burns too fast. For the price I can't complain.
5 out of 5
7 seas red
I liked the red very much some bite just enough aroma excellent we’ll buy more
5 out of 5
An excellent addition to my rotation
I am a huge Cherry fan. So much so that I need a break from my usual Cherry Ambrosia. When I read the description I read that this new MacBaren Line was made for the American palate I was a bit offended. I was also intrigued enough to give it a try. I love it. Very balanced blend on the tongue, not overtly top dressed it seemingly has no tongue bite regardless of how hard I puff. Burns at a medium rate, smoke note is slightly sweet and light. Score .
3 out of 5
Only fruity tobacco I like
I've tried a number of fruity tobaccos and haven't liked a single one. I was hesitant to try this, but after enjoying all the other 7 Seas blends (all 5 stars), I decided to give this a try. It is surprisingly enjoyable, but not to the same extent as the other 7 Seas.
3 out of 5
11th Cav Blackhorse
Bought this in my last order. No tongue bite, is a light smoke with suttle cherry, or rather to my taste buds very subtle cherry. Wife and son says it smells ok, they don't look overwelmed with excitment as with some of the other tobaccos i've smoked around them. Of all the tobaccos I bought from last order this is by far the hottest burning tobacco. Have gurgling in pipe, sipping on it and not puffing away. Just replaced my filter before this bowl, and it has to be changed already due to too much moister. Down to a quarter of a bowl now and finally tasting the cherry. I won't say I don't reccommend it, but it's not for me. I will continue my search on this flavor and not place this one into my rotation after I finish what I have already bought. Scouts Out
5 out of 5
Good cherry baccy...
Good cherry baccy. One of my occasional cherry adventures. Burns good, tastes good
5 out of 5
Mac Baren 7 Seas Red 7 Seas Red
Good tin note, acts like most aromatics, it will get hot and give you some tongue bite if you keep puffing like an old train from back in the gold rush. Relax, slow down and enjoy the actual art of the pipe and your tobacco. Good addition to any rotation for the price.
5 out of 5
New Favorites
First time purchase for this tobacco. Everything as described, and more!
3 out of 5
An OK Cherry-flavored pipe tobacco
Not terrible but not to my liking. Natural cherry taste unlike the goopy, chemical taste of so many OTC brands. The cherry topping overwhelms the taste of the tobacco but it burns well once lit and yields a lot of smoke. Strictly one-dimensional with no complexity whatever. Lane 1-Q and Scotty's Butternut Burley is a much more satisfying smoke for me when I have a sweet tooth.
3 out of 5
Good alternative
Mild smoke but leaves an aftertaste that is ???
5 out of 5
I wanted a sweet tasting smoke
This is it great flavor not harsh at all. Happy with this buy.
4 out of 5
Mac Baren 7 Seas Red
I thought there was not much of a cherry taste, just a hint of it. It was a very mild Virginia and burned a bit hot. Not any tongue bite just hot in the bowl.
5 out of 5
Mac Baren 7 Seas Red - A Tasty Smoke
Open the pouch and enjoy the heady smell of rich ripe dark cherries. A smooth, cool all day smoke with a pleasant room note and no bite. If you like aromatics give this one a try.
5 out of 5
Look no further!
This is the only cherry blend I've ever tried, but I think there is no need to look further. I really like the way it smokes, especially in my cherry wood pipe. The cherry topping is the perfect amount. Al the natural characteristics of the tobacco's come through beautifully, and that tangy cherry note dances on the palate gently, without overpowering!
5 out of 5
Mac Baren 7 Seas Rec
I find the blend to be very pleasing and mellow in flavor. Little to no tounge bite if enjoyed slowly. Get it too hot and it will bite
4 out of 5
Not a sour Cherry
I wanted to try a Cherry Aro and decided to start with 7 seas Red. I would consider this an OK cherry blend. I don't have much experience with Cherry blends but from what I have read this one is better than most. I didn't really experience tongue bite at all unless I really heated up the bowl. The Cherry flavor was there while faint it doesn't over power and is not goopy. The room note isn't very Cherry at all, at least that is what I was told. Not bad I would recommend but I am also going to try others.
5 out of 5
7 Seas Red
Delightful taste with just the right hint of cherry for you cherry lovers out there. Burns moderately and leaves very little residual. One of the best.
5 out of 5
The best cherry I have tried.
This is the only cherry tobacco I have tried that didn't have a nasty chemical after taste. I actually loved the stuff. I will be buying more for sure.
4 out of 5
REDdy for more
This one has a huge amazing smell of fresh wild cherries when you open it, which I did several times. However, it did not taste nearly as strong of cherries. It smoked smooth with the taste of a really good tobacco with a hint of cherry on the lips and no bite on the tongue. Definitely a smoke worth coming back to.
5 out of 5
7 seas rad
very good smoke, thank you.
3 out of 5
Well behaved blend to scratch the cherry itch with. Palatable drug store cherry with staying power.
Customer Testimonials
Not bad, but a little bit of a different twist on cherry. More of a "still on the tree" flavor! But burns well and decent flavor.
This is one of my favorite cherry tobacco. Also like McClelland M27 Three Cherries.
Yes they were right as advertised and the price is right too. I love cherry flavor and this one has it, right down to the bottom.The difference between 7 seas and cult is different type cherry flavor. I love them both.Don't care if it's a briar or cob they both deliver flavor.I smoke these two and switch over to Hazelnut by lane for a change. Haven't smoked a cigarette in 6 months,feel better no cough.Wish I started enjoying a good pipe tabacco and pipe years ago. If your a cherry lover like me all I can say is 7 seas and cult, try it you will LOVE IT!
Have to thank MS for his review or I'd never have given this one a try. I hadn't smoked a "cherry" tobacco in at least 35 years because they all seemed the same: hot burning, too sweet and sticky. This tobacco is just like MS says; it is a great burning tobacco that has a wild cherry taste but also doesn't loose the tobacco flavor either. I could easily see this becoming someone's favorite and will definitely be added to my regular rotation. Thanks again MS!
Love this blend. The sweetness along with the room note make it a very pleasant smoke with little to no tongue bite to speak of. Sure to be my go to smoke for a while to come.
7 Seas Red is becoming my favorite all day smoke. Wonderful subtle aroma, both in the tin, and when lighted up, great burning quality, pleasant every time!
Excellent cherry aroma. Does not burn the tongue. Medium strength.
Fantastic smoke. This is a blend that you can smoke like a freight train without getting bite or too hot, or you can enjoy it by sipping it throughout an hour or two. Haven't had a bowl that didn't burn all the way to the bottom without relight. If you enjoy cherry taste without having a sticky cavendish get this! Not so much a sweet cherry, but more of a wild or straight cherry. Wonderful blend that you can smoke all day long.
Bought this a few weeks ago and was very eager to try it out. Most cherry aromatics are too sweet and sticky for me, but this is one of the best cherry blends that I've ever had. It is more of a wild cherry, so it smells a bit sharp and tart. The taste is very subtle at first, but gets stronger towards the end of the bowl. By the time I finished the bowl I was ready to light another up. Great aftertaste, burns well, stays lit. Will definitely be keeping this in my usual rotation.
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