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Mac Baren Cube Gold Pipe Tobacco
  • Mac Baren Cube Gold Pipe Tobacco
  • Mac Baren Cube Gold Pipe Tobacco
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Mac Baren Cube Gold

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The Cube series of pipe tobaccos is best known for their all-day, cool-smoking properties. Cube Gold has that same character and features a bright and clean flavor highlighted by sweet fruit notes.

Overall Rating3.83 out of 5 Based on 6 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Mac Baren Cube Gold”

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3 out of 5
Objectively, it's a 3 maybe even a 4 star. Subjectively, I give it two. Opening the package there was a whiff of fruit. I stuck my nose in and the coconut smell came through very unexpectedly. My experience of Mac Baren is either interesting, more typical mixtures or incredibly strong flavors. I was surprised that this fell into the second sort. I was expecting a mixture, closer to a more typical cavendish of some sort. Coconut flavored tobacco is what I got. I don't like coconut. To it's credit it lit well, does not burn as hot as other Mac Baren blends I have tried "on arrival" rather than cellaring for a time. Mac Baren does have a knack for giving me a flavor in my mouth that matches the unlit scent closely as well as the room note. So I've had the first bowl from my sampling meerschaum. I'll keep it around to see what it does after some time in the cellar jar, but it's still coconut. Enough coconut that I don't taste the tobacco.
5 out of 5
Best tobacco
Smooth and delightful tobacco
2 out of 5
If you like the taste of soap... i guess this is for you? Pretty much taste like a flowery soap
5 out of 5
Pleasure to smoke, has nice fruity undertones. Got this on sale... Thanks Pipes and Cigars!
3 out of 5
Was good, flavor just wasnt for me, mixed well with Mac Barens Halberg Red.
5 out of 5
Pure Gold
Nice flavor and no bite. Burns well and taste is there throughout the whole smoke. You won't be disapointed.
Customer Testimonials
This tobacco is a coarse broken flake with a fruity, berry aroma. However, the topping does not overpower the tobacco taste. It smokes cool and smooth with the slight fruit flavor remaining in the background. Sometimes you'll get a bit of caramel, but tobacco is always the primary flavor. The flavor doesn't burn off as with many aromatics, but stays with you til the bottom of the bowl. This tobacco is not too dry or too wet, but just right. Unlike many MacBaren blends which can bite you would have to push this one hard to get any bite from it. It is truly an all day flavorful smoke; one of the most enjoyable aromatics I have ever smoked.
JD of Asheville, NC
Upon receiving this tobacco in the mail, I could not wait to smoke it. I opened the box (which is a beautiful and well-made box with a magnetic hinge) and then the bag which the tobacco was contained. As is my custom, I smelled the tobacco before smoking it, and was greeted by a scent of that which resembled cheap potpourri. I did not particularly care for the smell, but realizing that the bag was already opened and I would be unable to return the tobacco, I decided to cut my monetary losses and smoke it regardless of the smell. After this decision, I proceeded to pack my pipe and then light it, hoping for the best. I have to say, I was not expecting the flavor which came into my mouth. This tobacco may not have a scent I am partial towards, but the taste of it is absolutely fantastic. Of all the many different types and forms of tobacco I have tried in my lifetime (including cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, chewing, and dipping tobacco) this is by far my favorite tobacco. I will be buying this many more times in the future, happily.
PM of Westtown, PA
The smell when you first open it is a fruity smell but isn't overpowering. I lit it up and could taste, what I taste as a lemon like citrus, very crisp. It burns nicely and has a soothing room note. My wife and mother in law enjoyed it. The cat seemed to like it as well as she got in my lap and went to sleep. Great blend for the rotation! Just keep it burning slow.
Great smoke. Always in my rotation since it has become available. Excellent combustion qualities. Fine room notes.
DR of Pacific Palisades, CA
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