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Mac Baren HH Bold Kentucky

Introducing the biggest and boldest pipe tobacco ever made by the venerable Mac Baren factory - HH Bold Kentucky.

Top quality dark-fired Kentucky from the US and Africa are combined with some sugary bright Virginia to balance the earthy smokiness with a touch of sweetness. These select tobaccos are then hot-pressed to marry the flavors. The bricks are then sliced into deep brown flakes for easy preparation. The taste is unabashedly bold, full of smoke and spice and it's a heady experience, best suited for enjoying after a hearty meal. If you're looking for a robust, natural-tasting pipe tobacco, look no further than HH Bold Kentucky.

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Overall Rating4.86 out of 5 Based on 43 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Mac Baren HH Bold Kentucky”

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5 out of 5
Great flavor and loads of nicotine
Wowww this stuff has some nicotine in it. I love old fired Kentucky but wanted a little more flavor so I ordered this. It delivers but even as a daily high nicotine user this made my stomach fill a little upset. Don't get me wrong that is exactly what I was looking for just gotta eat next time before I try it. Seriously good flavor in this one and I highly suggest a cigar smoke transforming to pipes give this one a try
5 out of 5
Very rich, very strong, very good.
Mac Baren knows good strong pipe tobacco blends. This is an excellent example of their mastery of bold and stout pipe tobaccos that also deliver a wonder, rich, and delicious smoke as well. The flakes are very thin sliced, a hint for the smoker to use restraint, and delightfully dark and musty smelling. This is a serious smoke for experienced pipe smokers and that is evident very quickly in a smoking session. I enjoy this best in my medium sized pipes, and usually as the last smoke of the day. Some people describe a smoke as being creamy. This smoke is creamy. It starts out as an unfiltered milk-like creaminess and by the time you get to the end of the bowl is has transformed into thick buttermilk and on it's way to becoming a tart yogurt-like creaminess. It coats your mouth in rich smoky tar and leather creaminess. I love it. Not something I would smoke everyday, but something I will always keep around.
5 out of 5
I love it
Great flavor. Best for after dinner because of big Nic hit. Nic doesn't bother me. I read tobacco reviews with descriptions of flavors that I can never detect. Must be a pallet disfunction. This is a very robust blend, more so than Old Dark Fired which I can smoke all day. I love Mac Barren flake which smokes cool all the way to the bottom. I fold and rub out for a great smoke.
5 out of 5
My favorite tobacco
Bold Kentucky is, by far, my favorite tobacco blend. I enjoy all elements of this HH series from Mac Baren. It tastes good, it smells good and it burns excellent. I highly recommend this one.
5 out of 5
Bold Kentuck!
To be honest, I haven't had a chance to smoke this but once, and wasn't disappointed. I was forewarned of its strength so I'm cautious as to when I light it up but I will be soon. I'm sure it will be exactly what I want!!
5 out of 5
Excellent Blend
This stuff is really great I think. Very rich and earthy with a nice kick! I ordered the above tin a couple of weeks ago and liked it so much I included a nice one pound bag of it with my latest order. I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of the shipment because I'm all out of the Bold Kentucky until it gets here!
5 out of 5
Maduro cigar for a pipe
This is strong stuff and not for the new smoker. Deep, rich, intense flavor with a decent nic hit. As a former maduro cigar smoker, this is in my regular rotation. I strongly recommend trying!
5 out of 5
correction on my previous review
My purchase was a 3.5 oz tin.
5 out of 5
Whoa.. I bought after watching a YT vid (Salam from OMS) he just happened to mention "this stuff is good!", I think an old vid too. Figured what the heck I'll order some, and I'm glad I did! I'm loving my very first bowl! Definitely my kind of tobacco.. nothing fancy as far as flavors, burns great, just a nice, full, tobacco taste, smooth, and no bite! This one will immediately be in my top 5!! Thanks Mac Baren!!
5 out of 5
Very dark and rich and
Very dark and rich and satisfying highly recommend it.
5 out of 5
Big and bold pure tobacco flavor! This is what pipe tobacco supposed to be! Delicious, pure and unadulterated flavor with a great kick. Wow! Newbies beware! If you ain’t prepared to be kicked by a nicotine mule you might want to start slow with this one and work your way up and right after a good meal at that.
4 out of 5
If your a latakia lover than you will love this
5 out of 5
decently priced and good
New to pipe smoking but one of the better tobaccos I tried
5 out of 5
Bold and Beautiful!
I received a one pound box in fine order. A beautiful presentation of about 4” strips/flakes of leather like feel tobacco smelling deliciously like deep BBQ! I find it strong in nicotine with a taste of bold Kentucky flavor and a tad sweet from some Virginia in there. My biggest excitement about BOLD KENTUCKYis that I’m not getting any repercussions from my immediate peanut gallery,(family). This is amazing for me because most strong tobaccos that I like usually get a bad rap at home. This HH blend is worth scarfing up a boatload if before the FDA gets its way
5 out of 5
The tobacco is extremely smooth. No bite, the moisture on this order was perfect for me. Rubbed out a bowl and spent the next hour sipping on my Autograph. The order arrived quickly. Only complaint was very poor packaging on whole order. Ceramic canister arrived broken due mostly to all most nonexistant packing in box. One air pillow set on bottom. P&G was quick to offer return & replace. However it is inconvenient to reach UPS store from my house, and since it was a freebie with the tobacco order, I tossed it. Nice looking storage container too. Too bad. Packing has declined significantly on recent orders. Doesn’t matter much on soft, forgiving items like tobacco but is problematic on breakables such as pipes and ceramic/glass items
5 out of 5
Stout, Satisfying Tobacco
When I want a stout, satisfying tobacco, this is my go-to blend. It produces lots of thick, rich smoke, and the flavor is wonderful. The tin note is strange, with a lot of ketchup and vinegar aroma. This doesn't really carry through when smoking the tobacco, though. It's not as smokey as I was expecting, and the amount of dark chocolate flavor is a welcome surprise. The nicotine content is high, but not overwhelming. Overall, it is very similar to 1792 Flake, just with chocolate notes and without the tonka bean flavor which characterizes that blend (even though I enjoy the flavor, tonka bean does not agree with me. 1792 flake is the only tobacco that has ever made me sick; it consistently made me nauseous, and after I threw up twice from smoking it, I threw away the rest of the tin. Two year later, I bought another tin and experience similar results). Bold Kentucky is also similar in flavor and nicotine content to Peterson's Irish Flake, just with more chocolaty flavor and without the leathery notes that I enjoy in that tobacco. This is great stuff, and if you are looking for a powerhouse blend to add to your rotation, look no further than Mac Baren's Bold Kentucky.
5 out of 5
Bold Kentucky
Tobacco is great, very strong and flavorful. I suggest letting it sit to dry for a bit before packing, it is quite moist, not that that is a bad thing.
5 out of 5
All Day, Every Day
A really fine smoke. Comes a little moist for me but a couple weeks in a Mason jar and it burn perfect. Smells fantastic, rich and satisfying flavor.
5 out of 5
HHB Bold Kentucky
Love this stuff. Great burley flavor and last a good while
5 out of 5
Luke, Come to the Dark side
Very well done dark Kentucky flakes. Smells of a well aged balsamic vinegar. These flakes folded or rubbed out are performing wonderfully. Great smooth, slightly smoky taste with a bbq background. Nice nic hit and don't bite at all. Dry out 30 minutes before loading. MacBaren has done a very good job on this offering. As a side note, I am using 6mm filter pipes as a moisture cutter, but I mostly filter all my smokes anyway.
5 out of 5
Bold, flavorful, and full bodied, just as advertised. I enjoyed every puff.
3 out of 5
Got buzzed!!
Let start by saying, I'm not a smoker. I have always enjoyed the smell of pipe tobacco and the hobby of having the pipe like an accessory is kinda cool. This is the first time I experienced a buzz like I had 2 drinks of bourbon with only half the bowl. Smells good, taste good, but it did make me buzzed for quite a while.
5 out of 5
I love Bold Kentucky!
I really enjoy the stout taste of the Bold Kentucky. I plan on making it, well, I have already made it my daily smoke. I'm not real good with description but I will say I love the way it burns for a pretty long time. And it seems to stimulate my sour glands in my mouth sometimes which I like. Weird huh? Anyway it is an awesome strong smoke and I can relax for a good long time after.
5 out of 5
Like smoking a fresh high quality cigar
A little bit of moisture from the pipe got on my lip while I was smoking. It burned, then it turned numb. Great tobacco.
5 out of 5
Absolutely amazing!
This is my favorite pipe tobacco. It's bold, full, and a smooth smoke. It's close to a maduro cigar.
5 out of 5
Strong like bull
Having been a heavy tobacco chewer for 25 years I recently switched to pipe smoking I know what nicotine overdose feels like. I got thru 3/4 of a bowl of this wonderful concoction and had to quit. This was my first non aromatic and I love it,but it kicks like a mule.
4 out of 5
Hope they continue this.
A strong tobacco, and it burns evenly. Stays fresh well in the tin. If you're looking for a tobacco to give you an extra kick in the morning then this is it.
4 out of 5
Bold and Smooth....for Me
Bold Kentucky is one of the best quality stronger blends I have smoked in my 40+ yrs of piping. It even seems to have passed the 'significant other' test. At least I didn't et any static about it so far. Perfect for me right out of the tin. I feel that drying it out some first takes away a little of the taste but to each their own. The flakes are somewhat narrow. But with a strong blend I don't need too awful much for the desired affect. Definitely has that dark-fired aroma and taste and the little VA that is in it tempers the Kentucky's sharpness just enough without decimating it. I prefer to rub out flakes and this one does nicely as it rubs to a small ribbon and is easy to light without any hassle. I DO recommend this blend to veteran smokers. Young pups , er, pipers may get discouraged a bit but hey if you don't like it, jar it up till you become a bit more seasoned.
5 out of 5
love this
I cannot stop smoking this. Strong, not overwhelming.
5 out of 5
Nice smoke.
Easy to fold/prepare and good flavor.
5 out of 5
Great bold smoke!
Another excellent flake tobacco.This has a bold flavor,but it's never bitter and zero tongue bite.The flakes came s bit damp in the tin,no problems with the lighting and minimal delights compared to other style flakes.Nice flavor,and get a subtle sweetness from the Virginias.The strenght is full,but not overpowering.More stout than other dark Kentucky baccy.Macbaren did a great job on this one.Just a great bold tobacco,give this one a try.
5 out of 5
True Perfection
I started smoking pipes at a young age and have returned back to the practice after years of Enjoy the fullest bodied Habano cigars. I find this to be the perfect tobacco for me, it is truly perfect, its tin note reminded me of Copenhagen long cut chewing tobacco, but it is a nice medium bodied smoke. i truly love it!
5 out of 5
Bold Kentucky HH
Very full bodied. Great flavor, especially if you go easy on it. It is strong and develops more nicotine down the bowl. Not an all day smoke by any means but a good book and this blend = turn the light out zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
5 out of 5
Kentucky bold and Borkum Riff Bourbon
Just mixed this with borkum riff bourbon and find it an excellent compliment to each other. A Kentucky on Kentucky effect.
5 out of 5
Kentucky bold and Borkum Riff Bourbon
Just mixed this with borkum riff bourbon and find it an excellent compliment to each other. A Kentucky on Kentucky effect.
5 out of 5
Solid and Satisfying
I agree wholeheartedly when Mac Baren says this is their strongest tobacco to date. Very similar to the likes of their ODF but with much less of a vinegar smell from the tin and definitely more potent. A slightly sweet tobacco aroma is the tin note for this one and nothing else. I smoked this fresh from the tin and although it did require a few relights, it did not smoke wet. Irish Flake has always been a favorite of mine and that is the benchmark for my comparison. I've noticed since KK no longer blends IrF, that its overall quality for me has dropped a bit. Still a good smoke, but not the same anymore. Enter HHBK. A great natural tasting tobacco with a very strong - but not harsh in any way - presence. A very full tasting, nicotine laced flake for sure. Needs to be smoked slowly and with thought or the nicotine will leave you with a lump in your chest. Same taste profile from the beginning to the end of the bowl. Nothing fancy, just good tobacco as it was meant to be smoked. If you like a good, stout and dark flake, this is the one. For me, it was Kentucky all the way as I could not detect any of the Virginia presence other than for the slight sweetness in the smoke. Kudos to MacBaren. Simply excellent and 5 starts!!
5 out of 5
Nice And Satisfying
Very good offering from MacBaren. If you like the unspoilt taste of good and pure tobacco this will fit the bill. For fans of Irish Flake, Stirling Flake, Highland Sliced. Very satisfying in a good tobacco way.
5 out of 5
awsome flake
Awsome tobacco for a great after dinner smoke.
5 out of 5
Awesome for me
This is my favorite so far. Bought this just to test my taste, been smoking some mediums and medium-fulls, I would have to put this above night cap. It is a little moist, I couldn't wait to try it though. I didn't taste any leathery/earthy flavors to it, it all combines well with me IMHO. The tin note reminds me of some flavorful jerky, the room note not overwhelming, my wife love to tell me when I try a new tobacco. This will definitely stay in my rotation as long as I can keep it in stock.
4 out of 5
Put this one on your wish list
This stuff is Magical. I've only recently come back to the pipe after a 35 year hiatus and I don't claim any great sophistication of palette or technique, but this tobacco tastes differently in each pipe I've tried and with each method of preparation and packing I've tried. It does tend to smoke wet, though and, if I can resist it's temptation, I think I will let it dry out a bit before the next bowl. Of course, it's not a cheap smoke, but it is well worth the premium.
5 out of 5
Another winner
Excellent offering in the HH series. A well balanced full strength blend like Old Dark Fired on steroids. Tangy, earthy, and slightly sweet.
5 out of 5
Amazing Blend!
Just to put it simply , this blend has a great taste, smoky bold Kentucky and a bit of sweet from Virginias. Not sweet like sugar but it takes some of the bold taste from the Kentucky without sacrificing strength which is something I really appreciate. Small thin strips that rub out very easily and light rather well right from the tin, I guess bein's they're so thinly sliced taking a light is no problem. I've smoked up two tins and for me that really says something for a newer blend especially from MB
5 out of 5
bold Kentucky
I find this very tasty and flavorful. Like eating an excellent piece of prize winning bbq
Customer Testimonials
The tin note was of the Dark Fired Kentucky a rich earthy tobacco aroma with touch of vinegar. The tobacco straight from the tin seemed a little damp and may need a little drying, but I could not wait for my first bowl. 30 minutes drying time made a difference in lighting the tobacco and the burn rate, but did not change the flavor profile. On the charring light the nuttiness of the Dark Fired Kentucky was the main flavor. On the true light the flavor of the Virginias came into the flavor profile. The sweetness of Virginias was subtle and it does enhance the flavor of this blend. In all this blend is a smooth and creamy full flavored smoke, but not over powering. Bold Kentucky burned well leaving a light gray ash with no dottle. Mac Baren has hit this one out of the park. If you smoke full flavored blends this is a must try.
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