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Mac Baren HH Rustica Pipe Tobacco
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Mac Baren HH Rustica New

Nicotiana Tabacum is the species of plant that includes all of the tobaccos we're familiar with - Burleys, Virginias, and Orientals. But there another species - Nicotiana Rustica, which is a species native to the Americas. This is a robust and powerful leaf that is not often used in pipe tobacco. But in the skillful hands of Per Georg Jensen, Mac Baren's master blender, it becomes part of a complex and flavorful hot-pressed flake - Mac Baren HH Rustica.

Besides the Rustica leaf, this flake also is made of Virginia and Burley to create balance with a touch of sweetness, earthiness, and spice. This is the boldest blend in the HH Series and when you consider the strength of HH Bold Kentucky, that's saying a lot. If you like powerful pipe blends, you're going to want to try Mac Baren HH Rustica, but you have to hurry because they only produced 7100 tins, and when it sells out, there won't be any more.

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5 out of 5
Amazing tobacco
Amazing tobacco
5 out of 5
A great treat for Latikia-Forward English lovers.
I have long searched for a "vacation" from my beloved Lat-forward English blends, and other than taking Sherlock Holmes advise (smoking Latakia straight) have found nothing that quite fits my objective. Until now. HH Rustica is spot one. Earthy and warm, it has both the robustness and vigor on the draw with the warm nose of earthiness of the nose of say Stokkebye 52 Proper English. There is one unique characteristic with Rustica, not sure why. Usually with slices, a good rubbing will create a fill that requires little relighting. Not so here. I've found the best results come with a slice or two cut into rough cubes and two or three slices cut in half cross-wise and rubbed out. Burn is evened out and enhances both the flavor and enjoyment. If you like a stronger blend. English or Non-aromatic, this is worth investigating. If you LIKE this blend after trying...keep in mind it is a limited run. This is on my HIGHLY Recommended chart
5 out of 5
Flavor bomb
Thick and rich. It'll put hair on your chest. The nic content isn't as high as they imply; it's definitely the highest of the Mac Barens, but not quite as high as, say, War Horse Bar or D&R Picayune (which was my favorite chest hair grower until now). It's about the same level of strength as Haunted Bookshop, but it'll sneak up on you and make you feel a little drunk without the warning of a throat lump because it's much smoother and more graceful than any of the others in its nic class. It has the taste of a more complex blend. It does need to be dried out considerably. I'm not the type who needs to dry all my tobacco either; I usually just smoke it, but this becomes a flavor bomb if you dry it to just north of being able to hear it when you fold a flake. And I rub it out completely. If this becomes regular production, I'll definitely buy a box.
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