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Mac Baren Latakia Rolls Cake  3.5 Ounce Tin
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Mac Baren Latakia Rolls - Limited Edition

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Are you a fan of both Latakia blends and roll-cut tobaccos, but you get a little frustrated that you can't have both? Well, get ready to do your happy dance because here comes Mac Baren Latakia Rolls - Limited Edition.

Per Georg Jensen came up with this combination of rich, dark Cyprian Latakia, choice, sweet Virginias, and robust, hearty dark-fired Kentucky which is rolled into logs under high pressure. The logs are then sliced into "coins" for easier preparation and packed into tins. They can be folded and stuffed (with a little loose tobacco added on top to get it going), or they can be easily rubbed into ribbons for packing like loose-cut tobacco. The result is gloriously smoky with some sweetness underneath, along with some earthy spice. This is a limited edition, so get yours while they last.

Overall Rating4.48 out of 5 Based on 23 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Mac Baren Latakia Rolls - Limited Edition”

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4 out of 5
Wow just like what I
Wow just like what I had years ago. Glad I got it.
5 out of 5
Please let them bring this one back.
Starts with a sting, ends in bliss. When I first smoked this, I thought I had wasted my money! I was greeted with noseburn and a harsh flavor that was very disappointing. 2 days later, and with a glass if good tequila I gave it another whirl. It was completely different! Probably just needed a pit of fresh air. It still had a bit and sting, but it subsided. Smells of buttery charcoal, wildflowers, and honey, and dried plum, and flavors of chocolate, plum, and buttery smoke flavor, and honey all come by to greet your senses throughout the bowl. If dark twist had a big brother to look out for him, this would be it. Latakia was milder than expected, but the interplay of the three plays tricks on you senses.
5 out of 5
I'm a new smoker. But this one to me is like smoking a campfire it's awesome. Very smokey taste.
4 out of 5
the tobacco is a little
the tobacco is a little strong for me but it has a great taste. I like that he can be rolled into my pipe. it is easy to light and the burn is good. Ron
5 out of 5
Mac baron latakia roll
Tin note wasn't to my taste but was a wonderful smoke love it
5 out of 5
In my rotation!
I’m a Latakia fan. This is immediately in my rotation. This is right up my alley. I just fold the coins and packing is easy. The dark fired gives the blend a certain edge I don’t find in other Latakia blends.
5 out of 5
All I can say is
All I can say is excellent a must try. Rubbed out blends better for taste but for stronger smoke of latakia just pack. I would rate 10 I bought 2 first time opened first then bought 8 more for cellar if that tells you anything.
3 out of 5
Where's the Latakia ?
For a blend that has "Latakia" on the tin lid, front and center, this was quite disappointing. Maybe I'm TOO much of a lover of Lady Latakia, but this blend left me wondering if they'd forgotten to even add the smoky tobacco we all know and love. As the tin prominently displays "Latakia" I would imagine that there will be a lot of disappointed customers expecting more Latakia flavor. Cool tin for the collection, and an OK-ish smoke once over the disappointment, I wouldn't buy it again.
3 out of 5
Mac Baren Latakia Rolls
I am latakia smoker, but this is no best one from Mac Baren
5 out of 5
Misleading title
This blend can scare some people away with the name, but I can assure you that the Latakia isn’t the main character in this blend. The Virginia’s and Kentucky’s take turns on the flavors turning from woodsy and earthy from the Kentucky’s and sweet hay from the Virginia’s with a little smoky bbq-ish flavor in the back from the Latakia. I was kind of hesitant on getting another “limited release blend” but now I wish I ordered more to be honest. I very much enjoyed a good heavy Latakia smoke from early fall to late winter and this blend bridges the gap from late winter into spring. Very happy with my order.
5 out of 5
In storage for a period.
In storage for a period.
4 out of 5
Good stuff. Not full Lat bomb. In-Between. I like it.
Good stuff. A bit wet so needs drying time. Not super Latakia strong. Somewhere between a Balkan and something like Nightcap or Pirate Kake. Just a bit sweet. I do enjoy it. Bought 5 tins.
4 out of 5
I purchased to additional tins from P&C. I like the rich smoky scent of what smells like burnt pine. The smokiness also comes through in the taste. I am letting extra tins age.
5 out of 5
Just as described, not a
Just as described, not a Lat bomb, but pleasant, easy to light if folded.
4 out of 5
Only gets better
I have only tried one pipes worth of this limited run tobacco so far. It is an interesting "English" smoke that burns really nice with an evolving flavor palate.
4 out of 5
A nice smoke
Smokes well stays lit. A good overall blend. The quality of the smoke can get sharp if puffed too fast, smoke slow and you will be rewarded.I think with a year or 2 of aging the blend will be something special.
5 out of 5
Loved this back in the
Loved this back in the 70’S hope you can get more of it a great smooth blend
5 out of 5
I never thought I would say this but...
Latakia in the Morning!!! Yes, Mac Baren Latakia Rolls makes a pleasant morning smoking experience. Mild even with the Kentucky dark fired. I have put a tin away and would like to try it with some age on it,
4 out of 5
MacBaren Latakia Rolls
A very mild tobacco.
5 out of 5
Mac Baren Latakia Rolls Cake
All I can say is this smokes like a fine wine
5 out of 5
All good
Received in good order.
5 out of 5
Very enjoyable not overpowering, Latakia lovers dream
Excellent blend IMO, very pleasant room note lots of flavor and very enjoyable smoke
4 out of 5
Glad this blend is back!
There was a similar, if not identical Mac Baren tobacco which I smoked in 1975, called Latakia Blend. It was also a roll cake. I am very pleased with this latest version. Lots of flavor from the Virginia and Dark Fired Kentucky but the Latakia to my taste is very light, which I really appreciate. For pipe smokers who are tired of "lat bombs" but still want a bit of spice, this tobacco is perfect.
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