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Mac Baren Plumcake

Plumcake is made with rich, matured Virginias, earthy Burleys, a tangy Cavendish and a whisper of Latakia. Its enjoyable aroma comes from the measured enhancement of Jamaican Rum.

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Overall Rating 4.78 out of 5 Based on 23 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Mac Baren Plumcake”

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5 out of 5
The only blend with Latakia for me.
Wonderful flavor from start to finish despite not personally being fond of Latakia in other blends, this is the exception. The Navy cut reminds me of how I rub out my favorite flakes and the Latakia doesn't overwhelm you. This is a new favorite of mine. A great smoke from start to finish. Try it!
5 out of 5
Plum Cake is Smooth
You'll enjoy this during a quiet evening with a good book!
5 out of 5
Husband Christmas gift.
I bought this for my husband. He will be totally surprised be cause he loves the tobacco PlumCake. It's his Christmas Tobacco.
5 out of 5
Good Smoke
I just love the stuff.
5 out of 5
MacBaren Plumcake
This has been one of my favorite tobaccos for many years.
5 out of 5
Classic. tobacco
One of the all time great pipe tobaccos. Great flavor that last the entire smoke. No bite and never bitter. Try it. You'll like it.
5 out of 5
Excellent ! smoking it every day since I got the tin.
4 out of 5
Another MacBaren classic that never disappoints
Plumcake is one of my favorites for two reasons: we would pack tins of it in my uncle's care packages when he was serving with a US infantry division in Vietnam. And, it's one of the most consistently satisfying smokes out there. I've read comments about "not pushing it too much" because it will cause serious tongue bite, but I've not had that problem. It's loaded with taste and character and I've been told that the room smell is quite pleasant as well.
4 out of 5
Plum Good
I like the flavor of this tobacco by Mac Baren's but it does smoke a bit hot so it bites about half way through a bowl. I like Mac Baren's Dark Twist better, I wish you could buy it in bulk.
5 out of 5
This tobacco is a classic
with warmer weather coming I wanted a tobacco that was somewhat aromatic. MacBaren's Plumcake was just the thing. The burley gives it body, the Latakia a touch of smoke, the Virginia some sweetness and the light rum flavor, well what can I say. This is my go to smoke until the cooler weather arrives.
5 out of 5
Mac Baren Plumcake
I smoke this when I want to re-set my flavor buds o the taste of PURE tobacco. I don’t seem to suffer from tongue bite with this as I have others mention, maybe its because I always some this in a deep billiard. The only problem I have is when I place an order and it meets the free shipping requirements, PC sends it by UPS SURE POST which is the worst possible deliver scenario for those of us living in the “BIG EASY”. Regards CW
4 out of 5
Mac Baren Plumcake
Good smoke, nice touch of latakia, nice taste. Runs a little hot.
5 out of 5
Mac Baren Plumcake
I'd call this "real" pipe tobacco. Strong like a Viking! It may have a bite to it, but has full flavor and fine aroma. This is the tobacco for the experienced smoker who can appreciate the art of tobacco blending. There's a reason Mac Baren's Plumcake has been around all these years: it is one of the best.
5 out of 5
Mac Baren Plumcake
5 Stars
5 out of 5
Romance !
3 out of 5
Product is great . Shipping
Product is great . Shipping is terribly slow. provide faster shipping at a fair price.
5 out of 5
An aromatic-hater's aromatic!
I pretend it's not an aromatic, that makes me love it all the more. A great smoke bowl after bowl.
5 out of 5
40 year pipe smoker
great tobacco and better service.thanks
5 out of 5
Same As It Ever Was
First opened a tin of Plumcake in 1967 and, while my senses have dulled some since, it is still smooth, rich and flavorful. That pinch of Latakia makes for a nice experience. Nice to know that Mac has kept up quality over the years.
5 out of 5
Love hurts
This is my all-time favorite tobacco. That said, I smoke about 2 pounds of Black Ambrosia to one of Plumcake. It's not a blend to just fill your pipe and puff on. As others have noted, it'll burn you if you aren't careful. Why put up with that? Because when you're ready to just sit and savor a nice long smoke, it really shines. The rum note is there. So is the Latakia. Neither overwhelms. It isn't as sweet as a lot of aromatics. Reminds me a little of my cat: rewards attention, will bite you if you take it for granted.
5 out of 5
After 30 years.
Started smoking Plumcake over 30 years ago. Recently started smoking pipe again and surprised Plumcake was still available. It still needs to be smoked slowly or it still bites my tongue. It continues to be a tobacco that I still return to. A full nice tasting and smelling smoke.
5 out of 5
Latakia for the aromatic lover
Very good tobacco. The tin when opened hits you with some Latakia and a sweet burley type smell. Not much to say about his if you enjoy Latakia. It's a dry smooth smoking blend similar to any Balkan blend with sweetness added. Roommate very pleasant as well
5 out of 5
Time to eat some crow. I reviewed this a while back, and slammed Plumcake hard. In my defense, it did hurt me. Anyhow l didn't throw it out, I left it to rest, and read a article on using a 9mm filters to smoke McBaren products. It works, it removes the bite, Im now in love with Plumcake. Its in my top 3 favorites. But its a little hard to smoke with my foot in my mouth!
Customer Testimonials
I really enjoy this blend. I can get a little bit of a latakia fix in all while leaving a pleasant aromatic room note for others around me. This is one of the blends I always bring with me on family vacations.
This fall when my oak leaves fall,everyone is invited to rake up as much Plumcake as they want. Smelled and taste like burning oak leaves,with Mc tongue burn.
A classic blend that embodies the best attributes of a non aromatic (flavor) with the bonus of a pleasant room note. The latakia is for the palate, that smokiness that an English blend smoker loves but....a rum/plum/fig/date kind of flavor to make it something else entirely. I prefer it in the 1 lb bag as it is loose to start and smokes cooler and dryer for me than in the tin. If a combination of great flavor and aroma appeals to you, give this a try but if from the tin, rub it out well, fluff it up, dry it a bit and pack firm but not tight....sit down, take your time and have found a new friend!
This one is a real treat. The nice spiced rum flavor starts off light and gets stronger as you go. The aroma is great as well. It is smooth and pleasant when smoked slowly. I highly recommend it.
beside the smell of the tobacco at first. And by that i do not mean the room note i actually mean the smell of the tobacco. It is one of my favortie of the mac barens it was moist and stayed that way until i was done with the tin. The smell was great as well as the flavor of the tobacco.
A very nice smoke in between an aromatic and English. A mild spicy and sweet taste.
Has a nice mild spiced flavor. A hint of sweetness and rum.