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Mac Baren Classics Roll Cake Pipe Tobacco
  • Mac Baren Classics Roll Cake Pipe Tobacco
  • Mac Baren Classics Roll Cake Pipe Tobacco
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Mac Baren Classics Roll Cake

No one makes more spun-cut tobaccos or does them better than Mac Baren. Roll Cake is a shining example what they can do. Excellent Virginias, nutty Burleys and their renowned Cavendish are tightly rolled and sliced into intriguing little coins. The flavors develop beautifully, with hints of honey, molasses, cocoa, and a gentle spice that lasts through the bowl. Whether you fold and stuff, or rub out these gorgeous little coins, we're sure that you'll find Mac Baren Classic Roll Cake a one-of-a-kind blend.

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Overall Rating4.59 out of 5 Based on 17 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Mac Baren Classics Roll Cake”

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5 out of 5
Very Tasty
Very tasty. Lots of dark fruit nuance. Be careful and take your time. It will bite if you aren’t paying attention.
5 out of 5
Great burn, mild enjoyable flavor
Great burn, mild enjoyable flavor
5 out of 5
Rollcake, roll on good times.
Anything Mac Barren, you know your getting top quality. This roll cake is absolutely great!
4 out of 5
Burns a little hot for
Burns a little hot for me, but the flavor is outstanding and the rolls allow you to pack your pipe in multiple different ways
5 out of 5
Tasty and smooth
5 out of 5
Never Disappointed
I am a fan of ALL the Mac Baren Roll Cakes. This seems to be the mildest one, but they're all good. Hint: allow the tobacco to dry out a couple hours before the first bowl. Smokes cooler. When lighting, leave some extra space at the top of the pipe to allow for "mushrooming" and tamp lightly. Let it rest and relight.
5 out of 5
pricy but so good on the palate , yum.
5 out of 5
Refreshing and inviting
First, the sight of all these beautiful coins with their different layers, colors, and textures is mesmerizing! Then the aroma of fresh baked bread, sun dried tomatoes, pure tobacco and earth slowly engulfs your senses. Once the tobacco is rubbed out into soft ribbons and is lit, it takes on wonderful woody and leathery notes. It only gets better as you smoke through the bowl.
4 out of 5
S L O W Smoke!
Like many others have posted, this is a good smoke! But yes, don’t huff it all in one sitting, or you may not like it. Burns hot, so let that pipe cool down, or even go out. Come back 15-30 minutes later and relight it, for another enjoyable smoke. Once the bowl gets hot, (wash, rinse, repeat) as in let it cool down, or go out again, and wait a while. Otherwise, you can get that “bite”! If you need continuous smoking/puffing, add another pipe (or two) to your rotation with a different leaf blend. You will be happier in the long run
4 out of 5
Very nice!
I like the taste of this tobacco. The slices are the size of dimes and it is ready to smoke right out of the can. I have stuffed it and messed it up some and it smoked fine either way. I prefer to mess it up a little and then stuff it in the pipe. Smoke it slow and easy. Enjoy!
5 out of 5
This is my new daily
This is my new daily smoke 👍👍
5 out of 5
MacBaren Roll Cake/Spun Cut
My regular smoke is the MacBaren Mixture or Scottish Blend which is an absolutely great and flavorful tobacco. The Roll Cake however tops everything they have in their assortment of pipe tobaccos. I consider it the premier and best balanced blend they have - great aroma, right strength and easy on the tongue. I reserve this one for special occasions just due to the price. This tobacco deserves a solid 5 stars .
4 out of 5
Best of the trio
Between club and dark twist this is my favorite. Burns slow, have that mac baren sharpness to it but its less harsh than the club blend and its less smokey than the dark twist which in some way taste similar to orlik dark strong kentucky. Room note is neutral and i cannot taste any mentioned topping other than the typical mac baren honey taste. Pick few coins twist them on each other and pack it in small to medium pipe. Al janabi
4 out of 5
Love these VaPer blends from MacBaren
Roll Cake, like all the other MacBaren tobaccos in this form, are excellent examples and should all be given a try. These include: Club Blend, Dark Twist, Roll Cake and Stockton
4 out of 5
Lovely Little Coins
MacB’s Rollcake is made up of little coins of Virginia and Burley with a dollop of black cavendish. The base tobacco is Virginia with its hay and sweetness, supported by the roundness and nuttiness of the Burley. And when you get a bit of the black cavendish, you are treated to a spicy whisper of fruitiness and vanilla (but understated). There is a method to smoking MacBaren tobaccos, Rollcake included. Go easy! Don’t rush! However you prepare and load your pipe, if you take it easy Rollcake will not bite. The coins are easy to handle and break up readily. I take about four coins and load them one by one, folding and breaking them up just a bit. Rollcake is slow burning, and will require several relights, but a delightful mild to medium blend.
5 out of 5
Classic blend
Excellent flavor!
4 out of 5
Anothe Fine Mac Baren Blend
I like all the Mac Baren roll cakes, including Club Blend, Dark Twist, Stockton and Roll Cake. Roll Cake is a bit spicier to my taste - I suspect it has a small amount of Latakia. Overall, a very good taste.
Customer Testimonials
I love these little coins! They burn so well and taste great. Careful it can bite like most mac barens but honestly if you have never tried spun tobacco this is a great place to start.
MK of Schaumburg, IL
I find this to be one of my favorite mac barens. I purchased the 3.5 ounce tin and i found it to be a smooth and great smoke i would definately recomend this tobacco to my friends!
TW of Odessa, MO
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