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Made in Czechoslovakia Hunter
  • Made in Czechoslovakia Hunter
  • Made in Czechoslovakia Hunter
  • Made in Czechoslovakia Hunter
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Made in Czechoslovakia Hunter's Pipe

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We've had a number of estate hunter's pipes over the years (jager pfeiffer, for those who know German), but this one is intriguing because of the point of origin and the carving. As one might expect, the bowl and lower chamber are made of briar, the shank is made of cherrywood, and the ferrule and the stem are bone. What makes this a little different is that, instead of coming from Austria or Germany, this pipe was made in Czechoslovakia, Also setting it apart is the nicely detailed carving of a turkey on the front-facing side of the bowl. Because it says Czechoslovakia instead of Czech Republic, it has to be at least 25 years-old, but we believe it's much older than that. It's in fine condition, but there's a slight flat spot on the top of the button and a bit of chatter, and the metal rim around the chamber is a bit dented, probably because of the pressure from the windcap. This is a really nice collectible piece.

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