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MATCH B.S. 759 Pipe Tobacco
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MATCH B.S. 759

A classic blend from England offered a robust Latakia and Oriental-laden experience, but it sadly disappeared. This reproduction made of bright Virginias, Macedonian Orientals (including Yenidje), Latakia and some dark-fired leaf, will recall memories of the old, black tin.

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Overall Rating4.17 out of 5 Based on 12 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “MATCH B.S. 759”

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5 out of 5
This is a delightful match.
This is a delightful match. Great balance and is a delightful tasting smoke! I highly recommend this blend.
4 out of 5
It's alright
It's pretty good. Inferior, I think, to Balkan Supreme. Probably will not buy again...
3 out of 5
Fair opinion from a fan of 759
I have been smoking pipes for 35+ years and I have always tried new and different tobaccos, probably upwards of 350 different ones from all over the world. While my everyday tobacco was 759, I also smoked a mix I formulated myself and aged it every year so I smoked 5+ year old of it. I pretty much have determined that in my taste 759 is the best pipe tobacco ever. There is some interesting story a bit further down. This Match B.S. 759 is rather good but in my opinion it needs a bit more latakia and it needs aging. I plan to buy a bit more and add latakia to it and seal some to age about a year. I came to US in (1987) and in 1990 , I happened to come across a yard sale that an old neighbour lady had put on. She had some pipes; nothing special. I asked if she had tobacco and she said she had a lot of it in the basement but she didn’t think it is any good because it was old since it belonged to her husband who passed away 20 years before. I asked to see and upon inspection, I saw a case of 759 that had 2 tins missing. I asked her for price and she said $10 for the case. I got home and prepared a bowl of it in one cleaned and aired Falcon pipe and a bowl from the tin I had bought a few days before in another Falcon pipe. Wow! it was like drinking a normal wine compared to a Chateau Margaux 2012. The aging had made it to be rolling smoke like jelly in my mouth. I smoked that tobacco and sadly while I enjoyed it, I didn’t buy anymore 759. Then down to 2 tins, I went to Red Carpet Pipe Shop in Providence, RI to buy some and Eric, the owner and one of the most knowledgeable tobacconists I ever dealt with told me that Sobranie is out of business!! I bought a sealed can on eBay in 1997 for $72 and had Vernon Hopkins from Pipes etc. in Winston-Salem, NC to send a bowl of it to be analyzed. Then we made a match for it and tweaked it for a couple of months till we were ALMOST exact. I bought some good quantity of it and aged it. Sadly I became ill, moved and lost contact and Vernon passed and I lost the recipe.
4 out of 5
A good match
I smoked the original and the tin note reminded me of back in the day. But the taste didn't. After cellaring for a while I tried it again. Very much improved, so much so I have added it to my rotation. The sweetness has deepened and became much more like the original. Good stuff!
4 out of 5
A great blend
This stuff is really good. I’m no Jim Inks so I won’t try to get into the nuances. Very cool smoking and full flavored.
5 out of 5
Lovely balkan blend
Love this blend ! Great job Ross ! Oriental forward , nice change from usual English. Yendijes give a nice fizz !
4 out of 5
pretty good good price
smooth and mild all day good
3 out of 5
Not bad
Not on the level of a whiteknight, or other premium balkan blend, but good for what it is. Has more of a sour tin note and taste than the other expected smoke and incense flavors for this type of blend.
5 out of 5
OK, pretty good but not
OK, pretty good but not quite there yet.
5 out of 5
Must try
The match blends by Sutliff are a great way to experience pipe tobacco that your father or grand father might have smoked and perhaps bring forward a fond memory. As far as Balkan match , this blend is a oriental forward blend with Latakia . That being said, try it out, as well as the other Match Blends. I really enjoy smoking them .
4 out of 5
Pretty Good
Not unlike the original, according to my musty memory...
4 out of 5
Match BS 759
I keep the BS Match in an old 759 black tin. When lifting the lid the tin aroma is of a dry red wine, makes my jaws juice up. Slight amount of black pepper aroma comes through. Upon lighting, a mild mushroom flavor is evident. While smoking, the smoothness is in the forefront with a silky texture. Does have piquant overtones, a slight zing if taken through the nose. Over all a good blend, plenty of flavor, a meat and potatoes blend, a mild filet not a stout ribeye.
Customer Testimonials
Don't know what to say. I was shocked from very first puff. Tart but same time sweet, soft but spicy, full in taste but very delicate and with extremely pleasant room note. What a mixture! Love it. Can't say anything negative about this tobacco.
SS of Manalapan, NJ
This blend didn't have the flavor, a one dimensional smoke that never changed. The tobacco isn't horrible but not something I would order again.
BD of West Burlington, IA
A pale version of the original, it needs the aging the original had. Smoked the 759 for years in the 60's and 70's. It is not a bad copy but needs to mellow with age.
RB of Edmond, OK
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