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A legendary blend consisting of fragrant Macedonian Orientals including Yenidje, sweet Virginias and Latakia had been a favorite among American pipe connoisseurs. Using similar components, this match blend delivers a memorable and familiar experience.

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Overall Rating4.25 out of 5 Based on 4 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “MATCH B.S.O.S.M”

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3 out of 5
A little aging makes it a better match......
Pretty close to White Knight; just needs to be aged a couple months to smooth out the rough edges from the cheaper tobaccos of the bulk blend. THEN, it is the near equal to White Knight. Starting to see that most, if not all the bulk match blends need that slight aging to teach them some manners, and it's well worth it, though!!! Personally, I aged and then pressed my BSOSM into bars, and aged them for two months more---WOW! What a difference...back to back with WK, it's much closer, almost indistinguishable. Great recipe Russ! Cheaper components just need time and a little TLC.
4 out of 5
Basically a perfect match but with low quality leaves. Needs age to really shine.
This really is very close to Hearth and Home White Knight just very rough around the edges. After smoking almost exlcusively tinned tobaccos with high quality leaf, this one is very rough to me, but the flavor is there. I'm almost 100% that with plenty of age on this bulk blend, it will be top notch. White Knight (a balkan blend akin to the old Balkan Sobranie) is just immediately smooth and mellow and perfect out of the tin, where this has a raggedness to it. I would say it's a great match with simply much lower quality leaves. Not sure yet if I would purchase it again, most likely not.
5 out of 5
The best Balkan tobacco period.
First let me state that I have never smoked Balkan Sobranie so I cannot comment on whether or not this is a good match. What I will say is that this, in my opinion is the best Balkan tobacco available regardless of price. I have smoked numerous Balkan blends, but this(and WhiteKniight) are the absolute best. My palate may not be as discriminating as some, but I cannot tell the difference between this a ND WhiteKniight. The fact that this is available in bulk is just the icing on the cake!
5 out of 5
Great match, great blend on it's own merit
The original was an all-day smoke for me back 20+ years ago. This match is a wonderful blend. A fragrant, soft, and cool smoke. Highly recommended for anyone that smoked the original or wants to see what the original was like.
Customer Testimonials
I grabbed a couple ounces of this on my last order and it is the the one that is almost gone, while the others sit largely untouched. The smell in the jar, the flavor of the smoke, and the room notes keep me coming back bowl after bowl! I've no experience with the original, so I can't compare, but I do know that this is a blend I will continue to buy as long as it is around.
RK of Frontenac, MN
Match b.s.o.s.m. Is everyway as good as the Balkan Sobranie in the tin but I don't have to wait a long time to get it and the price is more reasonable. Even so I still find White Knight the superior blend. Thanks for supplying both. Chris landry
CL of Dresher, PA
I've never had the original, haven't been piping long enough for that. What I can say though is this blend is wonderful! I'm thrilled with everything about it, the taste, the smell of the full smoke it produces, just everything! And the pouch smell, I wanted to jump in the bag and swim in it, yes, it's that good. If a pipe tobacco can be considered beautiful, this one surely is!! Thanks so much P&C!!!
CS of Orland, IN
This Match of the B.S.O.S.M. is VERY mild, more so than I thought. It is very smooth and very good! However, it should be said that I have never had the original Balkan Sobranie or the current remake, but compared to Hearth & Home's White Knight by Russ I find it lacking a certain quality. For my money, I will stick with WK, but if you order in bulk then maybe this MATCH is the way to go.
BW of Hixson, TN
If you like your Balkans, this is the one. The real deal. Every bit as good as the hard to find and expensive tin blend. Burns well, tastes great and very satisfying. Russ O is the best thing to happen to pipe smoking in the past 20 years.
TK of fairfield, OH
Most wonderful all day smoke. So very happy to have it in my rotation for as long as it is available. Gotta get some more of this stuff soon. Keep it coming and don't change the product at all. The tin has nothing on this offering. Keep it going just as it is.
EW of orland Park, IL
Wow!!! Russ really nailed this. A true Balkan blend. Delicate interplay of smoke, spice, and sweet. I've been looking for this for 5 years. Everything is harmonious all the way down to ashes. Exotic oriental, sweet virgina's, and just the right amount of latakia to be smoky but not overwhelming. This is my number 1 smoke. Not a lot of nic kick but very satisfying. I've have found my holy grail. Forget the tinned reissue version that's $35.00 for 50 grams, that dosen't come close. I waited forever to get that one and couldn't smoke 2 bowls of it. My other favs are White Knight, Great Hiatus, and Margate. Don't ever stop making this one!
ES of burbank, CA
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