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MATCH Early Morning (New Name - Match Sunrise) Pipe Tobacco
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MATCH Early Morning (New Name - Match Sunrise)

This is a match to Dunhill's Early Morning Pipe. A mixture of red and bright Virginias, pressed and lightly stoved are combined with rich Orientals and a condimental amount of Latakia to create a pleasant and gentle smoke that goes perfectly with a morning cup of coffee. If you're concerned about the disappearance of Dunhill tobaccos, don't worry because there's MATCH - Early Morning (Now MATCH - Sunrise).

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Overall Rating4.25 out of 5 Based on 8 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “MATCH Early Morning (New Name - Match Sunrise)”

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3 out of 5
Not close to EMP
I'll start off by saying that I was a little disappointed that this wasn't a direct match to EMP. It doesn't taste the same it doesn't smell the same it doesn't smoke the same and as another reviewer had pointed out it does in fact have some sort of casing or topping on it that lends itself more to being an aromatic. Well this might be a nice smoke and a good delicately flavored one If you are looking for a direct match to the flavor or anywhere in the ballpark of early morning pipe you are not going to get it here. With that said it's not too bad you should still try it on its own merits and see if you enjoy it but for me it just wasn't what I was looking for. It has very large dark pieces of tobacco which I'm guessing is some sort of Cavendish which might be what's giving it the aromatic quality that it has. I'm not sure if it shows that in me picture for the match but it is very prevalent in the tobacco when you get it
5 out of 5
Great with your morning coffee.
Regardless of when your day begins Suttliff's Early Morning is great with that first and seconds cup of coffee. It's a nice smoke anytime.
5 out of 5
My first non aromatic!
I've only been smoking a pipe for a few months! I've tried a bunch of the standard convenience store, beginner blends and wanted to start branching out. Match Sunrise was recommended by a friend so I gave it a try. Pleasant is the best word to describe this blend. The tin note, room note and flavor are all very pleasant! This has become my favorite morning smoke paired with a good cup of coffee just as it's intended!
3 out of 5
Close but no cigar.
I bought this hoping it would be the same and it does taste very similar. The differences are the match is a lot wetter and contains a lot more dark tobacco, it also has a slightly different aftertaste but the biggest difference I found was the strength. It was either to smooth or got to hot trying to get some strength out of it and became to sharp on the throat. Peterson early morning has just the right throat hit but this has either no throat hit or it scorches the throat. I plan to dry it out a bit and see if that helps.
5 out of 5
Good time note
Very interesting. I like the campfire and earth smells.
4 out of 5
Was super wet and had a major amount of sticks and a lot of large leaf pieces. The flavor was great but, the minus out weighted the pluses.
5 out of 5
Better than matched
Early Morning was a longtime favorite all-day tobacco of mine. When Dunhill decided to stop producing it (before Peterson picked it up) I thought I’d try the new “match.” It is pretty spot on of a match, but I actually think it’s slightly better. It’s a nice, mild, tasty smoke.
4 out of 5
Is it a dunhill match I can’t say but a nice smoke anyways .
Honestly I got this thinking it was a match to my favorite early morning pipe by Peterson only realizing it’s a dunhill match blend after my purchase non the less though it isn’t in comparison too my Peterson early morning pipe it’s still a nice smoke 💨 I haven’t tried dunhill in this particular blend so no comment . as I usually smoke Balkan blends over all or cavendish blacks etc . This tobacco doesn’t over heat your pipe easy even when smoking it fast burns nice with no tongue bite it’s a smooth smoke with notes of toasted raisin cake banana nut bread small traces of vanilla and hints of coffee and cream it does carry under notes of a Balkan blend .
Customer Testimonials
All I can say is Yum.
JF of Norway, ME
This is a great mild manner smoke. I find that it is a very close match to Dunhill's Early Morning Pipe with one exception. This product is cut differently. Dunhill's EMP is cut into very short pieces, while Match is more of a ribbon cut. For my it is a great "go to" smoke. My wife likes the natural smell and for me, it leaves no yucky taste in my mouth. While I'm sure I'll keep a tin or two of Dunhill around, I"ll have several bags of this in the cellar.
HT of West Melbourne, FL
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