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MATCH Sail Green

This is a match to Sail Aromatic (Green pouch). This Dutch-style Cavendish is made with quality Virginias, soft Burleys, flavorful Orientals and a bit of smoky, Cyprian Latakia, with a mellow top note added for a pleasant aroma - smooth and enjoyable. If you were a fan of this traditional Cavendish, MATCH - Sail Green will suit your tastes, and at an affordable price.

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Overall Rating 4.25 out of 5 Based on 4 Ratings

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4 out of 5
It is a smooth, aromatic, mild cavendish tobacco. I'm quite satisfied with it.
5 out of 5
Packaging needs work
The tobacco is fine. It is the packaging I have a problem with. Is it necessary to ship it in one large zip-lock bag. Last time I ordered it came in two bags. This time one large bag. Even with a humidor, it is almost impossible to keep it fresh. I don't have a 32 ounce humidor. It would be helpful to offer a smaller package option.
5 out of 5
Dad's Sail
I remember my late father smoking this along with the Sail Yellow. in the early sixties and then he switched to Borkum Riff's Original and their Whiskey. Thus he taught me about pipes when I was seventeen with the Whiskey. I noticed that P/P has a sale on the Sail and Green due to the fact that they were leaving the States. I was not able to take advantage but I did order this Match Green because it has some Latakia. I have really enjoyed this and think of my Dad as I smoke this and also how he would take the empty tins and make containers for his odds and ends like bolts and nails. I do miss the old tin car of Sail and Borkum. I am not able to really compare this Match to the one Dad smoked I was just a little guy at the time. I love the smoothness and the slow burn. I do wish it had more kick in the room note though but that is ok. i will be keeping some on hand to keep me of thinking of Dear ol' Dad! Here's to you Sir!
3 out of 5
My Opinion of Match Sail Green
Thanks for offering a replacement for Sail Green which I smoked for over 40 yrs. The blend is a good base but is a bit bland not being a blender don't know what would make it a closer match I'm sure the person blending can determine when testing further. I will use as a base and doctor with more expensive like Sail Green products suggested to me earlier by P&C adding a little of original Green to the Match improves it in my opinion. If possible do a little more testing to find that extra missing ingredient, even if price adjustment is needed. I will continue to buy the Match hoping a Match II can be found.