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MATCH Sugar Barrel Pipe Tobacco
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MATCH Sugar Barrel

Sugar Barrel was a staple for many of our customers. This Burley-based blend with some Virginia added had a nice, lightly-sweet note, and was a great all-day kind of tobacco. Sugar Barrel fans can rejoice and enjoy with this great clone of the original.

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Overall Rating4.07 out of 5 Based on 29 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “MATCH Sugar Barrel”

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5 out of 5
Great mixer
Great mixer
5 out of 5
There is cinnamon, actually
Very unique blend. The cut is a hodgepodge of crudely cut leaf, small and large cubes of tobacco. The smell in the bag is sweet and a definite cinnamon smell, very much like sugar cookies. Upon lighting it the smoke starts off sweet and lighter but ends up with a thicker smoke that is creamy and nutty reminiscent of hot breakfast cereal. A very mild blend that pairs perfect with sweet tea. I love most OTC blends and this is definitely one of those, even though I've never had the original. Sugar barrel will probably be something I'll smoke more in the fall and winter on cold nights with hot apple cider or egg nog. Try smoking history it is fun.
5 out of 5
This mild, sweet tobacco has
This mild, sweet tobacco has the most interesting variety of different cuts of any blend. There’s cube,, shag, crimp, ribbon, and flakes of several varieties of leaf, and flavored like grandma’s sugar cookies. This is an American burley blend at it’s best. Simple, sweet, uncomplicated and an all day long for sixty years delicious smoke. Five stars, is hardly enough.
5 out of 5
All seemed as expected.
All seemed as expected.
4 out of 5
Satisfying, mild sugar sweetness, no
Satisfying, mild sugar sweetness, no bite just a nice all day smoke and a good value.
5 out of 5
Surprisingly good by itself but
Surprisingly good by itself but mixes well too. A hidden gem.
4 out of 5
Very close to the original
Very close to the original Sugar Barrel but I recall the original being somewhat sweeter and stronger in flavor than this Match blend. It's a very enjoyable blend and not as damp as the drug store version. It's a great nostalgic blend but the "sugar" part of the name is somewhat misleading, yet a very nice blend and all day smoke.
4 out of 5
You can't smoke sugar Barrel
You can't smoke sugar Barrel like other tobacco's. You must puff lightly to get the wonderful flavor from it. A slight bite is countered by the lovely sweetness, and a pipe will last longer than most others. It is a pleasant smoke for a quiet afternoon.
5 out of 5
Really Good
I have never had the pleasure of smoking the original Sugar Barrel, but if it was anything like this it is a shame they took it off the market. This blend is a simple, mellow blend that doesn't bite and has a fantastic flavor. I bought 2oz originally and have already come back and bought 16 more. If you want a simple good tasting all day smoke this one is worth giving a try.
3 out of 5
Sugar Barrel
I never had the chance to try the original Sugar Barrel so this isn't a comparison. To me smoking this blend reminded me of being a kid and smelling ginger bread while it cooks. Its not bad at all but it also had a cigarette taste to it.
5 out of 5
Good solid blend
A good sweet tasty smoke. Never had the original but the match is a very good blend.
4 out of 5
Good blend
Never had it, so I had no expectations. It is a nice, mellow blend and I'm glad I got as much as I did. It's on my list for next purchase.
5 out of 5
Match Sugar Barrell
Thank You! Been missing my FAVORITE for a long time! Now I've found a Quality substitute. A Great match! A NEW Customer, Greg Patterson Plano,Texas
3 out of 5
Was a bit dry, but
Was a bit dry, but smokeable.
3 out of 5
Not too bad
The cut is kind of an issue when starting. It seems like I have trouble getting it lit but once it starts burning it keeps on going with a pretty decent flavor but nothing that really jumps out. All in all not a bad smoke if you have the patience to get it lit.
4 out of 5
Very good.
Good all day smoke.
5 out of 5
Nice Burley!
Nice mildly sweet codger blend. I have reordered and will keep it in my rotation.
4 out of 5
Excellent, mild flavored, most enjoyable
Excellent, mild flavored, most enjoyable
4 out of 5
Good Codger Style Burley
I never had the original, but I'm exploring the old school burley-forward codger style blends. I enjoy this one. I definitely get brown sugar, but it's not wholly overpowering. It's not a complex, contemplative blend. It's utilitarian, does a fine job at being what it is. It's a blend to work in the shop, mow the lawn, and go about your business with. A fine workhorse that needs no fiddling, or meditation. Of course, I would say the same of most codger blends, but the sugar topping in Sugar Barrel Match makes it stand out.
4 out of 5
Something sweet
Didn't bite, perfect out of the bag, nice aroma, nice change of pace
3 out of 5
Not for me
I generally smoke black cav. w/vanilla. I wanted to try something different, so I ordered an ounce of this. It is not for me, not to say it is bad, just not my thing.
4 out of 5
Good tobacco.
Not sure how close this is to the original sugar barrel since it's been many years since I smoked the original blend. This is a good aromatic blend. Not exactly my "cup of tea" so to speak, but I don't think that's a problem with the tobacco.
5 out of 5
It reminds me of the first time I tried it, fifteen years ago.
5 out of 5
My New Favorite Burley
I smoke a bit of most types of mixtures but mostly I enjoy "English Blends", both traditional and the American-English variety. Otherwise I prefer the "Codger" Burley pipe mixtures. Sugar Barrel is just wonderful. This is the comfort food of pipe tobaccos. Creamy, nutty, cereal like flavor that is reminiscent of a bowl of warm Cream of Wheat with brown sugar. No tongue scorching like a nasty Virginia forward blend, Sugar Barrel is straightforward tasty, sweetened Burley that if it has any Virginia it is in a small quantity as a condiment. Match Sugar Barrel lights up easily, tastes good from the get go and the flavor builds and becomes more tasty as you puff away. The stuff is a great buy, very inexpensive and very enjoyable. Highly recommended, I like this better than the new Lane Ready Rub reincarnation.
4 out of 5
Very nice smoke
This is a great blending tobacco. Very smooth. Very nice smoke.
4 out of 5
Excellent well done can't tell the difference from the original
1 out of 5
MATCH Sugar Barrel
Lots and lots or large pieces. Spent half-hour w/ scissors cutting down to size. Having done that, perhaps I no longer remember the original Sugar Barrel flavor, but this doesn't seem to match it. Burns up very quickly and rather tasteless.
1 out of 5
Alan Henriksen
The leaf was bone dry. Burned very harsh. Poor quality.
5 out of 5
Match Sugar Barrel
Not as sweet as the original, but better I thought. More Balanced.
Customer Testimonials
Hi, This is Not anything like the Sugar Barrel Tobacco I recall. I wish I could find the real thing. Very disappointed in this tobacco.
MK of Winnebago, MN