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McClelland Blackwoods Pipe Tobacco
  • McClelland Blackwoods Pipe Tobacco
  • McClelland Blackwoods Pipe Tobacco
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McClelland Blackwoods

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If there's one thing that McClelland is known for, it's Virginias, and Blackwoods Flake is among the best-known. Matured red Virginias are pressed together with lemon-yellow Virginias that have been stoved until black. The result is a tobacco that has the sweetness one would expect in a blend of flue-cured leaf without the acidic edge.


Overall Rating4.81 out of 5 Based on 26 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “McClelland Blackwoods”

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5 out of 5
Blew my mind
Easily one of my favorite tobaccos. The smell out of the tin was beyond words. Too bad I'll never have it again. RIP McClelland
5 out of 5
Worth the price!
I read a number of reviews before purchasing and have since ordered more. It has a great aroma when you open the tin. It is easy to pack, burns slow and no bite(I am a steady puffer so that is great), wonderful taste and aroma. I love the taste of real tobaccos and this is it!
5 out of 5
One tasty flake
This is some pretty good stuff. Sweet, slightly spicy, little to no bite. Definitely recommend this to new and veteran smokers alike.
5 out of 5
A Staple of My Cellar
I absolutely love this tobacco. So much great VA flavor. A staple in my cellar
5 out of 5
Perfect. I wonder how long one can put this on a shelf and what would it be like, oh say, 5 years being in the tin? Better? I don't thing I could wait that long?
5 out of 5
It gets better with age.
This VA is unlike most VAs not because of its trademark "ketchup' aroma, but rather it's appearance and depth in flavor. Most VAs tend to be soft and mellow. This VA tends to let its presence known. Treat it with respect and you will be rewarded with a very satisfying smoke. Get cocky and you will be in a world of hurt (your tongue that is). Best if aged. Smoked one that was over 5 years. Excetional!
4 out of 5
sweet, sweet virginia
first mcclelland's blend, but not the last. i know understand the ketchupy, vinegary, tin note that everyone is talking about. doesnt transfer to the pipe. i get sweet sweet virginia. no wonder everyone says mcclelland's is tops for virginia. as with all virginias, take it easy and youll be rewarded with the pinnacle of pipe tobacco experiences.
5 out of 5
Another Virginia masterpiece from McClelland!
Another well done Virginia from McClelland! If you like Virginias for what they are... this is pure Virginia done perfectly. Everything we love about our Virginia tobacco and nothing we hate. Smokes wonderfully strait out of the tin, gets better (if thats possible) with age.
5 out of 5
Excellent Virginian tobacco
One of the best straight Virginian tobaccos I have smoked.
5 out of 5
Virginia pipe tobac.
I smoked 3Nuns for many years, and then they stopped making it. It is on the market again, but the recipe is not the same as before. So I am trying different ones, and so far have not found one I like!
4 out of 5
A nice Virginia flake. Make sure to open it,lid it and let it age some first. If you don't it's pretty flat.
4 out of 5
blackwoods flake
a good virginia flake not quite as mellow as Xmas Cheer but flavorful
5 out of 5
Blackwoods Flake
It's nice to have some good flake back in the rotation. I ordered the Blackwoods Flake because I found I really liked flake tobacco (OGS, SG FVF, Capstan etc.). This did not disappoint. The tin note is a mix of steak sauce and ketchup. That is the only way I can describe it. It is moist coming out of the tin, but after the palm rub and breaking it up, a few lights is all it takes to keep it going. The smoke is nice- not hot, no bite and a mix of earthy/sweet/tangy/and a little spice. I plan to buy more McClelland blends from P&C in the future.
5 out of 5
Black woods flake
Super smoke Virginia sweet smoke W/o additives slow burn only drawback
5 out of 5
One of the best blends I have had in quite a while. McClelland hits it again.
5 out of 5
McClelland Blackwoods Flake Goodness!
I recently purchased a tin of McClellands Blackwoods Flake after seeing a fellow YouTube Pipe Community member give it a fine review. I was very impressed with it's deep rich flavor and smokiness. Another tin is already in my cart for my next purchase. Give it a try, you will be happy you did!
5 out of 5
This is a great blend that I first tried in a trade a few years back. In my opinion McClelland is the virginia champion.
5 out of 5
Satisfying Smoke With A Bonus
Try it because it's an excellent smoke, but don't forget to sample it's intoxicating aroma when you open the can.
5 out of 5
best strait virginia I've tried
5 out of 5
I love it
I'm becoming a huge fan of this tobacco. I'm on my third tin. Needs drying time but it produces a truly wonderful sweet smoke. It is the closest thing I have found to an aged tin of christmas cheer from 2004 which completely turned my head around about what a tobacco can be. That was my nirvana smoke. This comes real close. I love McClelland VA's.
4 out of 5
If you are new to McClelland, you will need to get past the "aroma", but its worth it. It does benefit from drying time.
Dark, delicious, Virginia flake
5 out of 5
Top Virginia
I'm becoming a really big fan of McClelland VA tobacco. That classic smell out of the tin is fantastic to my nose. sweet rich, dry fruit and spice. I guess since I read about the ketchup smell I get that too but does not bother me at all. It needed some drying time out of the can. When I received this tin there was a lot of humidity in the air but I could not wait long for my first bowl. I had minor difficulty as you would expect with moist tobacco. I let the second bowl sit out for nearly 12 hours. A cold front kicked in the next day and wiped out the humidity I could dry a bowl in nearly 30 minutes. and less time s I worked my way through the tin. It's course chopped flake like McClelland style. The rich and almost sweet flavor is simply delicious. I smoked it out of my Savinelli (big bowl) and it is a perfect match. It stays lit and does not burn too hot and the smell of the bowl after the smoke is also delicious and makes me want another. I also smoked this out of a Peterson bulldog with a smaller bowl and had success though a slightly harder time keeping it lit throughout my smoke. I'm going to stick with this blend for a while. I found a tobacco I truly enjoy.
4 out of 5
Quality Virginia for lover's of Virginia blends
Open the tin, take a deep whiff of the vinegar and ketchup McClelland aroma, then replace the plastic lid and put it away for a month... or two. Let it air out. Let it age. The well known McClelland character dissipates and almost disappears from the smoke. It's mildly sweet, very creamy, somewhat spicy and very sporadically kissed with that vinegary note. Cinnamon like spice. It's a lovely Virginia blend to be enjoyed by all virginia lovers and those looking for a great introduction to the blending house of McClelland.
5 out of 5
good Service
Everything was Fine. Good service and very quick.
5 out of 5
McClellands Blackwoods Flake
Best Virginia producers bar none
5 out of 5
A Fine Virginia Flake
Nice earthy spicy smoke with no tounge bite. Need to let this dry first. You will be rewarded with a great smoking experience
Customer Testimonials
This was my first flake blend and I must say that it is an absolutely delicious blend! It doesn't smell too great when cracked (smells like vinegar) and when smoked it smells like a lit cigarette. But then again, it isn't an aromatic, so go figure. This blend took me more than a few smokes to pick up on it's characteristics. It had an almost, what I can only describe as a, pine forest, cinnamon taste. Which was surprising. Honestly, I didn't pick up on the ketchup taste/smell until I had watched a few video reviews of this blend. But after watching said reviews, I'm really surprised, and slightly embarrassed, that the ketchup note wasn't the first thing that I picked up on. Regardless, if you're new to pipe smoking, I wouldn't rush to smoke this. I would recommend that you let your palate mature, gradually. Or if you're in the market for a good flake, this one is definitely a must have. So if you decide to try this, pick up two tins of this stuff. Crack and smoke one for reference, and label and store the other for aging. Crack the stored one after about a year, and you'll thank me for it. 9/10
KT of pittsburg, KS
This is an exquisitely smooth and creamy blend but be warned that it must be dried for at least an hour and preferably two before smoking or you'll pay the price in frustration. Definitely worth the effort.
MM of Topeka, KS
the first thing you are going to notice when you open the tin is that it smells like ketchup. second thing is it needs a bit of drying. third is that it is very hard to light. But once you get there its a long burning satisfying smoke but you have to work for it. LOL
WJ of corbin, KY
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