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McClelland Matured Virginias No. 24 Pipe Tobacco
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McClelland Matured Virginias No. 24

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Matured Virginias No. 24 utilizes rich, more intensely flavored  flue-cured grades from the Old and Middle Belt regions. Then, some excellent Drama Oriental is introduced, and the leaf is pressed and sliced and served up as a broken flake. Deeper in flavor and accented by the Drama, this is a refreshing alternative to all-Virginia flakes.


Overall Rating5 out of 5 Based on 6 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “McClelland Matured Virginias No. 24”

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5 out of 5
Great Mature VA
This is really good. I was hesitant at first due to the Oriental addition, but it’s as good as a straight mature VA. Putting some in the cellar for aging.
5 out of 5
looking for new stocking stuffer to replace my yearly Christmas Cheer, I think Mclelland Brown Line can do for many years.
With "Mclelland Christmas Cheer" not only released early this year, but also claimed to be the last, I needed something to replace my yearly Christmas stocking stuffer (always opened before Christmas, but still added to my stocking.) this was my first attempt as I tend to LOVE the mclelland blends, and it remains a largely VA flake. I bought from P&C, the tin is dated 19 months ago and appears with sharp beautiful, well aged crystals. the flaked looks and feels quite dry, but when rubbed out it becomes clearly on the moist side of perfect. I smoked outside in a warm winter day (that's 60F in Louisiana) as recommended on package (although I always smoke outside) it does pair well with being bombarded with a warm sunray. has a beautiful chestnut pie or saute flavor with bright plum afterthought. It was mellow and rich at the same time with low nictotine that can be smoked all day long. NO BITE. that goes well with winter and a brown or dark nutty beer (like a a good Dubbel), but can easily fit a perfect summer day too with a helles or pilsner. Ill be buying more, and perhaps others from the same line next year in replacement for Christmas Cheer
5 out of 5
Great tasty Smoke
I love #22, #24, and #27 ! Between those 3 blends your good inside, outside, and even the wind! Glad to see our American blenders can still give the Danes good competition. Where are our Former and Eltang carvers though! LOL
5 out of 5
Drama of a good kind.
A really great flake! The Drama oriental leaf brings a bit richness, perfume, and complexity to the smoke. This as a nice alternative to straight virginias and vapers. Frankly when I tried this years ago I did not fully appreciate it. At that time I preferred the bright sweet flavors of No. 22, No. 25, and bulk 2015. But now I smoke slower and I really enjoy the mix of flavors. I think No.24 is unique. I've yet to find many VA/oriental blends of this type.
5 out of 5
Great Smoke!
Great tasting with a little spice, I have gotten to love aged Va.Would recommend to all!
5 out of 5
A great change up for the virginia lover.
I have had quite a few blends that combine Virginia with Oriental grades and this is one of my favorites. My tastes favor a subtle use of Orientals in these types of blend with the primary focus being on the Virginias. This is one such blend, and being that it is produced by McClelland, the virgnia leaf is top quality. The oriental grades offer enough twang to differentiate it from their many other Virginia offerings. On a personal suggestion, mix in a pinch of perique and you will have another fantastic change up blend.
Customer Testimonials
I was pointed toward this flake by a friend who loves it. I find it very bland in taste and extremely smooth. Smoked a bowl out by the fire pit the other night and it seemed to go real well paired with the outdoors. Overall, this is just an average VA flake. I particularly liked McMlelland's Club Boston 1776 as an alternative with a little more flavor to this.
BW of Hixson, TN
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