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McClelland No. 5110 Dark English Pipe Tobacco
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McClelland No. 5110 Dark English

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​No.5110 Dark English is a unique and robust Latakia blend. Not only does it contain a good share of the smoky Cyprian leaf, it has a wealth of Orientals, and instead of the usual bright or red Virginias, it incorporates stoved black, which makes this an even deeper, richer blend.

Due to inventory issues, McClelland's No. 5110 Dark English may be temporarily out of stock. But check back often for when it comes back in stock. 



Overall Rating4.55 out of 5 Based on 22 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “McClelland No. 5110 Dark English”

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3 out of 5
Mcclelland is just good tobacco
It is a little flat after FMOTT and FMOTB. I like it but I like the others more.
5 out of 5
new favorite
My new favorite. very very smooth compared to other English blends I've found. Cool smoke with no bite. It seems like it starts off very subtle but halfway through the bowl you realize how rich the flavor is. I can't get enough
5 out of 5
Your'e traveling to another dimension..A dimension of pipes..of tobacco...and peace of mind!
This is one great tobacco!!! Smooth...Smokey....A tobacco that is best smoked sitting down out side with your eyes closed and entering "The Smoking Zone"! This tobacco has been compared to Frog Morton and I tend to agree with that comparison. If it not Frog's unnamed brother it is definitely a secret relative of some other well known tinned tobacco!
5 out of 5
Love this stuff. Nothing complicated, just a great smoke every time. 5110 is my favorite hands down from the first time I tried it a ten years ago.
5 out of 5
Very Mild English Mixture
While the "Dark English" name suggests a rather strong smoke, it's really a very mild and flavorful latakia blend that's simply dark in color. After trying a rather expensive varieties of McClelland's tinned "Frog Morton", I decided to try the much less expensive 5110 latakia blend in bulk which turned out to be a very pleasant surprise that I liked much better than any of the "frog" variants. Adding the virginias to a latikia/oriental blend produces a very mild, sweet smoke that doesn't lose its gentle latakia predominance from start to finish with no tongue bite whatsoever.
3 out of 5
Could be better
Nothing special, no real character from what I can tell. Smokes nice, burns cool, just lacking the wow factor. Could be a good base if you enjoy blending tobaccos.
5 out of 5
Can't believe how much I like this
I'm not one to write reviews. 5110 has inspired me to write my first. My absolute favorite tobacco. Can't get enough (literally - McClelland, please make more!). One caveat, I blend some Perique - about 1/6 Perique to 5/6 5110 - and it is incredibly reminiscent of FMOTB, but I like it much better. So balanced, so complex...the orientals and VAs just do it for me, the Latakia is there without taking over, with the spice of Perique underneath. I've quit buying FMOTB, and this is number one in my rotation right now. Soft, sweet, cool - a nice complement to the heavier Englishes. This blend always interests me.
4 out of 5
No fancy can
But I like it. Exactly what I expected for a great price.
3 out of 5
Not as good as the frog mortons.
I bought this bulk blend after reading comments that it was similar to Frog Moton Cellar and On the Town. There may be a bit of similarity, but not a lot. It is okay but doesn't have the depth of taste those have. Also it has given me a bit of bite for the first time in a long time.
5 out of 5
Great intro to English
I first received this in a tobacco of the month club bundle, and immediately fell in love with it. Being a relatively new pipe smoker, I found the sweet, yet pungent aroma incredibly satisfying. Now I always keep some on-hand.
5 out of 5
McClelland Dark 5110
Very nice blend.
5 out of 5
Try it.
Should you be new to pipe smoking this one is a great way to start. No tongue bite with a nice aroma and even burn. I would rate this mild to medium on my part and have already placed another order of this tobacco: try it.
5 out of 5
Nice mild smoke with good aroma and no bite. Try it, you'll like it.
5 out of 5
McClelland's Dark English
If you're looking for a distinct English Oriental Blend, then this is the other side of the coin with Gawith's Squadron Leader on it: it's has a different flavor/note but the same high quality and "character" ... both are variations on a "good idea!"
4 out of 5
its relaxing but strong
I am a new pipe smoker, so I really don't have to much experience with certain tobaccos. Although I did think the tobacco didn't taste very good, it did give me the most relaxing experience I've had so far. it has a soap after taste when I first started smoking it then it just tasted strong. I wouldn't suggest it for a first time pipe smoker just because I feel like it the taste would turn some off. I started off with captain black and thoughly enjoy there gold blend.
5 out of 5
Frog Morton On Steriods.....
I wa looking for a bulk alternative to Frog Morton On The Town. While this is not an exact match, it is very, very close. It's sort of a cross between FM On The Town, and FM Cellar, and better than both. Wonderfully deep and smokey tasting, with enough orientals coming through to add a mysterious and delicious overtone. This is sweet, smokey, and creamy, but not over-powering. It's an easy all-day smoke. It lights easily and burns all the way down, with never even a threat of bite. This has become my favorite tobacco all-time. If you love Frog Morton, give this a try.
3 out of 5
ok english
Too light for my taste but good if you like a light english. Burns clean. Very little moisture.
5 out of 5
a good one!
just might b the best tobacco blend i've ever smoked. Really delicious. i like latakia English blends. I Enjoy the pipe smoking hobby.
5 out of 5
McClelland No. 5110 Dark English.
5 out of 5
Best Buys, Super Service
There are many options for buying pipes and cigars online. None are better than Pipes and Cigars. Great products and fine service without pretension.
5 out of 5
I keep trying others- I enjoy the anticipation. BUT, always come back to If I could only buy one, this would be it!
5 out of 5
Domenick's Opinion
An excellent Latakia blend. It is smooth and bite free from the first b owol with good flavor and burn charachteristics. I like it enough that it replaces half a dozen blends in my cellar.
Customer Testimonials
Really a lovely blend from McClellan. The Latakia is nice, deep, dark, and fragrant. Though there is a fair amount of Latakia present - it's not a bomb and doesn't overwhelm the mixture. As one would expect with McClelland it's the Virginia's that are the show here. The Va's take the stage right from the start and never leave as the Latakia and orientals come in and out. Each leaf in this blend only compliments the other. Very smooth, cool and bite free with an enchanting fragrant sweet aroma. An excellent and satisfying blend. Again - the Va's in the mixture are just superlative.
TS of Tulsa, OK
This is a great blend from McClelland that I can't recommend more. This blend is just as good as the always amazing FM Cellar. Myself and others all agree that this is FM Cellar without the casing of whiskey. I could of course be wrong but whatever it's just my thoughts on that. Anyway this is a great dark and rich tobacco that isn't overly strong or latakia rich. Great blend to get you into English without jumping into something as strong as a Northwoods.
TS of Bellefontaine, OH
This is really great tasting tobacco if you're into Latakia blends. If you like Frog Morton and H&H Larry's blend you'll love this. Smooth taste, cool smoke, and well balanced.
JJ of Johnson City, TN
Review up-date: Keep coming back to this one. Now # 1. I find it soft, cool, very easy to smoke and at a good price point. Now, what do I do with all the other tobacco's I've bought. ( I'll keep them and when the BIG Government taxes and legislates pipe tobacco into oblivion, I'll still have plenty in the cellar). LOL
DW of Hollywood, FL
I received this tobacco the other day and have smoked a couple of pipes with it! I'm really getting to enjoy the English blends of pipe tobacco. It is a cool, flavorful smoke! It packs well and burns down to a fine white ash, without relighting! I really enjoy the aroma both in the bag and while smoking!
JK of San Bernardino, CA
Excellent pipe tobacco. Not as strong as advertising would lead you to believe. BUT full flavored, cool burning, Great after-taste, burns through on one good light, little or no doddle left --- just about says it all, doesn't it????
DW of Hollywood, FL
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