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McClelland VBC Vanilla Black Cavendish Pipe Tobacco
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McClelland VBC Vanilla Black Cavendish

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McClelland’s VBC (Vanilla Black Cavendish) is a top-grade black Cavendish, richly flavored with a deeply rich vanilla that approaches a butterscotch-like aroma. Despite the depth of flavor, the sweet vanilla flavor is never overpowering, and the tobacco smokes easily.


Overall Rating4.64 out of 5 Based on 33 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “McClelland VBC Vanilla Black Cavendish”

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5 out of 5
Wins on room note
Of all of my tobaccos, this one receives the most approbation for its room note when I smoke it. It's also one of my most heavily borrowed aromatics when I smoke with friends, and is just a pleasant smoke. The only negative I can conjure up is that it's cut rather roughly and doesn't always pack perfectly.
5 out of 5
This Vanilla is a GIFT for the true Aro lover!
If you like a hint of butterscotch, and love a rich vanilla bean taste lacing a super smooth Black Cav, then nothing beats McClelland VBC. I buy it in bulk, it smells perfect out of the bag, smells good in the pipe before you lite up, and then you get this very subtle smile on your face when the smoke billows about your face as you like it and then curls back to teases your olfactories :) It is a very distinct aro, but one that I can smoke more than once in my day.
5 out of 5
Favorite aromatic
My "go-to" aromatic blend.
3 out of 5
A little too strong for me
3 out of 5
A good smooth smoke.
This tobacco smells great, best tin and room note of any vbc I have tried. Flavor is there, though somewhat more subtle than say lane bca.
5 out of 5
Love these cavendish tobaccos. Produce an exceptional smoke.
5 out of 5
McClelland VBC tobacco
This is my main pipe tobacco. It will continue to be so. Excellent product.
5 out of 5
In my opinion this is the clear winner of VBC.
I don't know why I waited so long to buy a full pound of this tobacco. I guess because I had so much other VBC that I was trying to smoke up because I was afraid once I bought a pound of this I would ignore my other VBCs. The VBC that McClelland makes is better than any other I've ever had.....and I think I have had them all...tinned VBCs included. It seems no matter what pipe I use, blending it with other tobaccos or smoking it straight... it just never has a bad day with me ! This wins my # 1 pick for best VBC over the other popular brands. Everyone's taste is not the same though and that's why there are so many different & unique tobaccos so I am grateful we still have such variety to pick from.
5 out of 5
My go-to smoke.
Man this stuff smells good. Both in packaging and while smoking. It's relatively damp so it could use a few minutes of sitting on the table first. About half way through the bowl it has an EXCELLENT flavor that tastes even better than its aroma. Personally I've tried 1-Q, RPL-6, SWRA, and Molto Dolce. This is a clear winner of all the above!
5 out of 5
My all time favorite blend that I have found in over 55 years of pipe smoking is Russ's PIRATE'S COVE.I asked Russ what I could add to it to make it a little bit smoother. Russ said that a little bit of black cavandish would do the trick. I mixed it on a 4 to 1 ratio like he said...It is simply magnificent!!! Great taste, with zero bite, and a wonderful room note.... Bill Morgan
5 out of 5
Very plesent indeed
I was looking for a black cavendish blend that I had smoked years ago called "midnight" and I believe this was the closest that I have tasted to memory :)
5 out of 5
Great tobacco
Packs nice; fantastic taste; no bite. Will purchase again.
5 out of 5
nice, cool smoke
nice, cool smoke
5 out of 5
the cavendish to satasfy my sweet tooth
if you have a sweet tooth, you will fall in love! this is my all time favorite tobacco. sweet, cool, and full of vanilla. I think almost every time I make an order I get some of this to cellar. a must try for aromatic lovers and a definite go to for Cavendish fiends.
5 out of 5
vbc vanilla black cavendish
smooth,mild,no bite. i use it to blend other tobaccos
5 out of 5
McC VBC Vanilla is the Best
Second 16 oz buy. If you luv the smoking qualities of Black Cav and you like a very vanilla aromatic flavor and a hint of butterscotch in your nose, then you can't beat this tobacco. You can smoke it out of the bag or blend it with something you think will work with it and I don't think you can go wrong. Best Vanilla for me.
4 out of 5
Better Blended
Really didn't care for the tobacco by itself. It was just a bit too sweet for me. However, I did blend it with some Cherry Captain Black to tone down the cherry, and it worked superbly.
5 out of 5
VBC Vanilla very nice
I have been perfecting my tobacco blending skills. Besides testing VBC and others as a single, I also use them for blending. I really like it's mildness and room note.
5 out of 5
Very satisfied with the products
Very satisfied with the products and the service.
5 out of 5
One of the better aromatics
One of the better tasting aromatics.... no tongue bite if you know how to smoke a pipe and a room note that will only bring compliments. What more could you ask for ?
5 out of 5
Great Aromatic
Recommended to me by P&C and it is one of my favorites. Can't go wrong with this one.
5 out of 5
Lady friend loves it.
I introduced a lady friend to pipe smoking a few months ago with a MM 5th Ave corn cob and McClelland VBC. She loved the combo! It was a very good thing. The mild McClelland VBC with the vanilla scent and taste was perfect for a newbie. I'm not a newbie, but I love it also.
1 out of 5
bad blend
McClelland VBC Vanilla Black Cavendish doesn't taste like vanilla, burns hot, and bites the tongue.
4 out of 5
Nice S k
Nice S k
5 out of 5
What A Great Smoke
I acturally called for advice on a good aromatic vanilla pipe tobacco and the Lady told me about McCelland VBC Vanilla, so I tried it and not only am I loving this but my wife says she can't wait untill I light the next bowl!
5 out of 5
Great Vanilla Cavendish
I am a habitual Lanes BCA smoker and decided to try something different. I choose McClelland Vanilla Black Cavendish. I ordered a four ounce pouch with my next order from P&C. When it arrived I opened the pouch and was greeted with a very pleasant fruity vanilla aroma. It is easy to pack and light up. It gave me a great fruity, smokey vanilla taste and burned evenly. It required very few relight's and left no after taste. If one choose to, this could be a all day smoke and gives off a very smokey vanilla room note, which won't offend your better half and won't bite. I don't plan to quit my BCA but will definitely add this to my rotation. This is a great tobacco and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to any aromatic smoker. In fact it would be a great change of pace for a non aromatic smoker.
5 out of 5
Best tobacco I've ever had!!!!!
I've spent a year looking for the best pipe tobacco for me and, this is the sweetest coolest smoking tobacco I've ever had. I ordered 1oz of this to start and as soon as I lit the first bowl I turned right around and ordered a whole pound. This stuff is amazing. I'm now conditioning all my pipes with this to get that ghosting flavor from it. I've also heard it is a superb blending tobacco as well although I have yet to try that.
4 out of 5
If you prefer an aromatic
If you prefer an aromatic pipe tobacco, try McClelland Black Cavendish. It surpasses by far any of the over rated Captain Black tobacco's.
5 out of 5
VBC If you want an aromatic..
McClelland VBC has a fantastic aromatic profile from the moment you open the pouch until you finish the bowl that you will savor. Leaves a great "patina" if you will in your pipe inviting you back. However, it Does not leave a sticky goo that will funk your pipe like you might suspect due to its rich smell and moisture. Very nice, will try other McClelland blends in the future.
5 out of 5
Intense vanilla
Intense vanilla flavor. Great for blending and taming harsh burleys and hot smoking Virginias. Smoked by it's self is a mild bite free tobacco. Super blender for creating your own aromatic blends. Will buy more as I blend more tobaccos. The room note is outstanding and it's not sticky or goopy. Love the rough cut for slow burning.
4 out of 5
Crowd approval for non-aromatic preferences
This burns so slowly for an aromatic blend and it stays cool. I get the notes of vanilla, but I don't feel like I loaded my pipe from the potpourri jar instead of a tobacco bag. I prefer non-aromatics, but in the company that doesn't really appreciate the smell of natural tobaccos, I can smoke this and still feel like I'm getting away with a win.
5 out of 5
Simply Delish!
Its like having cake for desert but in my pipe!
5 out of 5
A neutralizing tobacco
I mixed the VBC with my own blend that was actually harsher than I liked. Anyway it smoothed it right out. Very nice!
Customer Testimonials
My name is Lee, & I was sent the McClelland VBC as a sample as I had ordered Lane BCA & Lane Q1, I want to commend the lady that recommended this sample. It was great, no tongue bite & it was easy on the pallet, again thanks. When I get ready to reorder I will be adding this to my order.
FW of Renwick, IA
An excellent smoke. I smoked a good many pure Cavendish blends when I began smoking a pipe. They are great for newbies as they are exceptionally smooth a flavorful. After having a bowl of Boswells Paradise, I decided to throw some Cavendish in with my order here. I couldn't be happier. Great price, even better flavor. VBC makes a excellent blending component to play with and is also great all by itself. As others have said, it is definitely better than Lane BCA.
HS of Fayetteville, PA
I loved Captain Black Dark when I smoked it first time, I still smoke it and I love it very much, it's my favorite, so I thought I should try this one too, luckily I only ordered 1 OZ, when I opened package I disliked it's smell badly, I couldn't even smoke it to the end, I threw it away, I won't order it any more, it is disgusting for me.
NM of New Castle, DE
Love this tobacco. Sweet vanilla note. I use this tobacco to blend with others to add vanilla to other blends. Not harsh on the tounge. This is a regular purchase of mine.
TH of White Pigeon, MI
VBC is still way better than Lane BCA I feel. In late 2011 something changed with VBC and it has not been the same since.
SN of Hammond, NY
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