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Missouri Meerschaum Country Gentleman Pipe Tobacco
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Missouri Meerschaum Country Gentleman Sale

Missouri Meerschaum Country Gentleman represents a unique departure among pouch tobaccos. This blend features a mixture of premium bright and red Virginias, which is enriched with Perique, and a small amount of dark-fired Kentucky for body. This is a tobacco that would be at home in a tin with a higher price tag, but to befit bearing the Missouri Meerschaum name, it comes to you at an everyday bargain price. Enjoy the naturally sweet, and tangy character of Country Gentleman.

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Overall Rating4.12 out of 5 Based on 26 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Missouri Meerschaum Country Gentleman”

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5 out of 5
4 out of 5
Gentle sweet smoke.
Gentle sweet smoke.
5 out of 5
This was purchased for a
This was purchased for a gift. I do not know if he has used it yet. I was very pleased with the service provided and the timely shipping.
4 out of 5
A solid, medium-strength smoke.
Smoked it in a corncob. No aroma here of course, but a solid smoke. Definitely stronger than your typical CB and Borkum aromatics, due to the dark-fired tobacco (Kentucky/Burley), i.e. low sugar, high nicotine. The Perique is almost undetectable, but I'm not an expert on that. No bite and it leaves ashes in the bowl, not a gooey mess. This tobacco might make for a good mix with a cheap mild bulk tobacco for the extra oomph.
5 out of 5
Very good
Very good
4 out of 5
good mix of tobaccos for
good mix of tobaccos for a newbie
5 out of 5
Great smoke
Great smoke
4 out of 5
Country Gentleman
It was ok, I am used to an aromatic
4 out of 5
Gentlemanly Indeed
I'll admit that I did not like it a first. I decided to try it again in my Corn Cob Pipe. I'm glad i gave it another try. I had wanted to try non aromatics to understand different flavors of the different tobaccos. Theres a natural sweetness to it in a non processed way. It produces a lot of smoke, which I like. A small hint of spice but not too much. I'm not discerning enough to mention which flavors come from which tobacco. If your looking to wean yourself off of Aromatics I would reccomend M.M. Country Gentleman as a good place to start.
4 out of 5
Good Stuff
Burns a little hot when dry, so moisten it a tad. Nutty, rich flavor and aroma; satisfying and easy to like -- at least for me. Straight tobacco with a room note to beat any aromatic.
3 out of 5
Nice vaper
Nice vaper
4 out of 5
Slow smoke
A little bitey at first. Definitely not an all day smoke. You should take your time with this tobacco and you will be rewarded with a nice cool smoke.
4 out of 5
Smoking Country Gentleman in my Country Gentleman
I came for the supposed VaPer blend but stayed for the dark fired burley. I feel like the tobacco markets itself toward the Virginia Perquie crowd but it doesn't really belong. What you get get is a mellow dark fired Kentucky smoke that's sweetened with bright Virginia. I did not taste perquie. I was not disappointed though, in fact, pleasantly surprised and was rather happy with this blend.
5 out of 5
Smokey,even burning,full body,for best smoke
Smokey,even burning,full body,for best smoke use a nice corn cob!
5 out of 5
awesome daily smoke
i went through it so fast. awesome to smoke throughout the day. no bite. nice flavor. good room note. all around great.
3 out of 5
Justhe ok
To me this taste like an otc non-aro.tobacco when you just want something to smoke. Not bad but not great
3 out of 5
Did a head to head comparison of two pouched Virginia perique blends.
so I did a little head to head comparison between this blend and Drexel VIII. Both were described as Virginia periques. While I was pleased with both blends this one did not stand up to the flavor profile that I expect from a Virginia perique. There's a tad bit more tongue bite than I'm used to and it is way too light on the perique.
5 out of 5
Has become one of my favorite go to tobacco.It's really tasty and there is no bite.I like to smoke it at anytime of day.
5 out of 5
nice Perique blend
5 out of 5
Great tobacco.
I really like Country Gentlemen. It moderately strong with no aromatic sweetness... just a good tobacco flavor.
3 out of 5
My favorite of the four Missouri Meerschaum blends. The Virginia is smooth, sweet, and pleasant. Quite sure it's the same Virginia used in Missouri Pride. The Perique is almost non-existent, just the way I like it. The descriptions mentions Dark Fired Kentucky, but I can't detect it. This is not a strong tobacco.
4 out of 5
Good Baccy, Bad packaging
I Am very happy with this blend. I packed my first pipe of it. Sitting with my first cup of joe, I must say it pairs well with the coffee. It is bitter but in a good way. Just an edge of bite (most likely from my smoking to fast) but none the less a pleasure in my Cobb. My only complaint is that i bought it in the sampler and they where packaged in the same bag, making them all smell strongly of Latakia. So i was not able to enjoy the bouquet of each one on its own. very displeasing to me as that is my most favorite part of a new baccy the bag or tin note.
1 out of 5
not the greatest tobacco ive had
its pretty harsh and smells sour i had to mix in burly and extra perique just to have any kind of taste to it
4 out of 5
truly a gentleman
a nice change of pace, the slower you smoke this one the better you will like it
4 out of 5
Unique VaPer!!
Fantastic and unique VaPer! Sweeet Virginias and slightly peppery with a deep roasted flavor in the background from the noticeable dark fired leaf (reminds me of roasted marshmallows). The moisture from pouch was dry and ready to be tinned upon arrival. Packed lightly this blend burns without any problem whatsoever. Sip away my friends--fantastic tobacco!!
5 out of 5
Good smoke
Loved them, pretty good smokes. When I get home from work i like to sit outside and have a good smoke. That's the best time to smoke these.
Customer Testimonials
Since I'm a County Gentleman, I smoked Country Gentleman in my Country Gentleman pipe, ha ha! This has a nice room note, some great tastes goin on in this blend, an every day smoke at an every day price, good all day. I highly recommend this tobacco and I'm going to try all the other MM offerings.
JG of Peoria, AZ
Country Gentleman tobacco in a Country Gentleman cobber, just plain delightful, I mean Deee Light Full ! wonderful flavor, wonderful burn, relaxing, what a good pipe tobacco is s'posed to be...
LF of Tempe, AZ
Very nice tobacco. It is a little on the strong side for my taste. (I usually smoke navy flakes and Mississippi River) Country Gentleman has good flavor and burns well. The tobacco did seem a little dry when first opening the pouch. Similar to the value offered by MM pipes (cobs are my favorite pipes) Country Gentleman is a good tobacco at a good price.
JW of Hazelton, ID
This is a decent smoke. It's closer to a medium full than mild medium. Smokes kinda hot, even in a semi-churchwarden cob, which wasn't what I expected. Smokes better in a briar in my opinion. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.
MS of Frankfort, KY
Really nice tobacco, mellow and flavorful. Great value for the money and goes great in any of MM's pipes.
CT of Litchfield Park, AZ
Excellent and tasty blend at a fantastic price. I tried Great Dane, Country Gentleman, and American Patriot, and Country Gentleman has been my favorite non-aromatic of the bunch. Not as potent as something like Dunhill Nightcap, but rich and tasty nonetheless. Very happy with this blend.
TF of Lake Elsinore, CA
Some of the best tobacco I have had today. I didn't think it was going to be this good. 9 out of 10!
JS of Ellwood City, PA
Awesome tobacco this stuff is the best ever that I've smoked goes amazing in cobs, meershaums and briars too
AK of Scranton, PA
So my pouch of MM Country Gentleman came to my house the other day amongst other tobaccos- tinned or otherwise. I immediately went straight for the pouch, loaded a bowl in my, wait for it, Country Gentleman Missouri Meerschaum pipe, and then went to the porch to enjoy a smoke. It is truly one of the best blends with Perique that I have ever had the chance to indulge. The gorgeous black pepper-like taste marred with the sweetness of the other leaves really makes this an all day smoke for me!
JK of Athens, TX
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