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Missouri Meerschaum Huck Finn

The brand new Huck Finn has the same bowl as the Tom Sawyer but has the added feature of a longer stem. If you are a fast puffer this will certainly cool down your smoke. Very light in weight and attractive, this cob will deliver a cool and dry smoke every time.  


Missouri Meerschaum Huck Finn Straight  Barrel-Straight
  • Missouri Meerschaum Huck Finn Straight  Barrel-Straight
  • Missouri Meerschaum Huck Finn Straight  Barrel-Straight
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Missouri Meerschaum Huck Finn Straight
Overall Rating4.28 out of 5 Based on 18 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Missouri Meerschaum Huck Finn”

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5 out of 5
Missouri Meerschaum Huck Finn Straight
I have been smoking a pipe for 45 yrs. and during that time I have purchased very expensive beautiful pipes which look good on display but for my liking don't smoke all that great. I have also purchased pipes in many price ranges right down to the inexpensive corn cob, my latest being a Missouri Meerschaum Huck Finn Straight, which is a very nice smoking pipe. I now have 12 M.M. cobs and I like every one of them. It doesn't matter what shape or bowl size, they all smoke great, no bite and no slurry M.M. cobs are so inexpensive an so nice to smoke. Cobs are my pipe of choice. All of my pipe smoking friends reach for their cob first smoke of the day. Treat yourself, experience the pleasure of your favorite tobacco in a M.M. cob, own a few, they are worth it.
4 out of 5
You get your money's worth
Fit and finish is a little off, but it smokes just fine. Small bowl for a quick break.
5 out of 5
New Hobby
My friend and I are new to pipe smoking. And we enjoy it quite a bit. I have 2 pipes of my own. One corn cob and one Briar. This website has been so great to learn, pick, and chose some really fun things. It's a blast I look forward to delving into more in the future.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Fantastic pipe
Quality smoking pipe without the premium price to enjoy favorite tobacco.
2 out of 5
Smaller than expected, thought was
Smaller than expected, thought was getting next bigger of similar shape and finish. Hard to tell from pictures, brief descriptions, weird names.
4 out of 5
Nice little corn cob
Pipe is on the small side, it is a little difficult to fit in a pipe reamer to clean, however it is nice and light very easy to clench almost forget its even there, and since its a small bowl if you don't have a long time to relax and smoke your pipe or don't feel like smoking a long time a decently slow smoke lasts about 10-20 mins.
4 out of 5
Still such a great value!
Is there a better "out and about" pipe? I don't think so... For some, their first pipe was a cheap Dr Grabow. For many others, it was the humble and "corny" (but excellent) Missouri Meerschaum. Cool smoking, inexpensive and durable; it's a great pipe to carry about outdoors or to try new blends with. If it gets broken or lost, or even befouled by a strange pungent new blend you try, its easily and cheaply replaced, although I must admit to smoking some of my beloved cobs for many years without loss or need for replacement...
2 out of 5
This pipe is to small and will not take the pipe filters I have. Overall a waste of my money.
2 out of 5
Good smoker, but cheap, flimsy stem
The Huck Finn is a great smoking pipe. I have always used briars and just recently decided to give cobs a try. I started with another MM, which, after a few weeks of smoking, could be smoked just fine without the filter. As a practical matter, MM cobs smoke better than any of my briars. When it comes to draw, remaining lit, not gurgling, smoking cool, and just easy, hassle free puffing, my two MM cobs smoke better than any of my briars, even the Peterson. However, with the Huck Finn cob, the stem is too cheap and thin. That is why I gave only two stars. I have to keep fussing with the stem. Within a couple of days, the tenon melted some and now fits very loosely into the mortise. It wiggles back and forth. I have tried carefully reheating it and reforming the tenon, which seems to hold temporarily, but after the next smoke or two, it is as loose as ever, which allows tar to leak out of the join. I won't buy another Huck Finn, unless I can find a better stem. I realize that the problem was caused by me puffing too vigorously, but after all, a pipe is supposed to be designed to hold burning embers and ought to be able to take a little bit of heat.
5 out of 5
i was very pleased with the pipe. Great deal!
5 out of 5
Very Happy With Thsee Pipes.
I own quite a few briar pipes and enjoy them a lot, but for some reason I always gravitate to cobs. Light weight and cool, they work well with the English tobaccos I enjoy. This model and the Legend are the two I like the best. I'm also happy to be buying a product that made in the USA. Great product.
4 out of 5
Huck Finn was on to a good thing.
Occasionally, serendipity surprises us with an unexpected treasure – that describes the MM Huck Finn. It’s lightweight, stays lit and provides a cool smoke - it travels well and is always ready when you are. And, the price is right.
5 out of 5
Dope smokes good in it!!
Dope smokes good in it!! So excited
5 out of 5
Great Pipe!
I've smoked corn cobs for many years, and this is one of the best ones yet!
5 out of 5
Great starter pipe
Bought this pipe to smoke black cherry tobacco. It has a longer stem and smaller bowl which is perfect for a shorter smoke with aromatic tobacco. I like the clear stem so I can see how much moisture is in the tobacco.
5 out of 5
Fun smoke
I worried that the bowl might be too small, but I kept reminding myself that I enjoyed the pony express just fine and this shouldn't be that different. And so this pipe exceeded my expectations. Obviously you won't get an hour smoke out of this, but you can still get a solid 15-20. Had a very enjoyable smoke that I was only able to describe to my wife as "fun". I'm looking forward to smoking this one to the end of its days.
5 out of 5
One of the finest pipes to come from MO Meerschaum in a while.
Very nice little pipe. I like the length, the draw and the design. I've bought several of these over the last several months, and with the sturdy construction, and tight-fitting parts, it's a steal for using as not only an every day beater pipe, but serves just as well for having one or two designated for each 'sitting around the house' and relaxing blends. This has absolutely became my 'trusty' everyday, every situation pipe. And besides, at this price point, they're not a pipe you'll shed tears over if you drop it off the boat, run over it with the mower, or if your new kitten or puppy decides to snag it out of the ashtray at a new play toy. I can't say enough about these little gems. Do yourself a favor and grab several to try out, use as buddy bummers, or whatever. One of the finest pipes to come from MO Meerschaum in a while.
Customer Testimonials
Every pipe smoker should have a good old fashioned Cob pipe. The Huck Finn is sweet smoking and a great value. Don't waste your money on poor imitation crap from China. Get the one and only Missouri Meerschaum, made in the U.S.A..
I bought this pipe to have a cheap pipe. Mainly for doing out door things. I have smoked it a number of times and for the price it is well worth it. Heck if I loose it some were or something like that. It was cheap. Plus it is kind of neat to just smoke a corn cob pipe at times.
Love these corn cob. What a great way to sample a new tobacco without any ghost. For the price you cant beat them. I like the way they look, and they smoke great
Mine also is filter-less, regardless of the product description. I am still enjoying it as it smokes great. It has helped me firm up the discipline of a lighter pull when filter-less. Love the feel of the bowl and its totally neutral treatment of tobacco. Well worth the money to have a couple extra pipes as options. How can you go wrong for less than $5? The amber stem is pretty good looking, except when I get carried away and suck ash into it!
The Huck Finn is a really nice size for a corn cob. Smokes very well.
The one I received is not filtered and has a black stem. It has a fairly thick button and is thus a little more resistant to damage from clenching than the thinner bit on the Legend and Washington. Great little pipe.
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