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Missouri Meerschaum MacArthur

The MacArthur pipe is the ultimate oversized corn cob. Designed after the large pipe that General Douglas MacArthur was fond of, these deep bowled pipes deliver a very long smoke, but are surprisingly comfortable.


MacArthur Natural Bent  Polished-Bent
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MacArthur Natural Bent
Overall Rating4.29 out of 5 Based on 7 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Missouri Meerschaum MacArthur”

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5 out of 5
2 Hour Smoker
If you like to pack a bowl and smoke for 2 hours straight this is the pipe for you
5 out of 5
A really cool pipe
This is a deep pipe that holds close to a double bowl. You can chug on this bad boy for hours, and if you run into trouble while smoking, it can double as a hammer. You have to hold onto this pipe at all times. Much to heavy to hold with your teeth. Great smoker though. I like it.
5 out of 5
Style, and sophistication
This thing is comically huge, it stands out. It provides a long lasting contemplative smoke, it draws attention, and makes you look like you have a plan, cause you do. It's a cob, so a long cool smoke is the agenda of the day with this pipe. I highly enjoy it. You will too.
5 out of 5
Long Cool Smoke
A long cool smoke every time.
4 out of 5
Smokes very cool. Stem metal
Smokes very cool. Stem metal ring won’t seat well, other than that, I like the pipe.
2 out of 5
Just for show
Bowl diameter is really small.. barely fits my tampers. Can't really fit any realistic amount of tobacco in it. Packing this thing is very difficult and requires a lot of pressure.
4 out of 5
2 1/2 hour smoker
I have owned this pipe for about three years now, it does offer a cool, enjoyable smoke. Be prepared to spend at least two hours smoking it ( I just can't smoke that long ) and find a long tamp because the standard ones won't reach once you're about half way through the bowl. It isn't something that you would want to carry around because of it's size. It's as long as a churchwarden and at least 7 inches tall.
Customer Testimonials
Excellent pipe, it holds a tremendous amount of tobacco and it looks amazing. Good for those days when you want a nice long smoke and a cool drink
Love it. Clean cool smoke that has that same cultural pull to it as any M.M.
Forget how you think it looks. This is an armchair smoker that gives me a cool hour and a half smoke. I have two with the finished bowl and one unfinished. Stick to the finished bowls and stick the unfinished over your fireplace as artwork. This pipe loves some tobaccos more than others. If you have a strong tobacco that you are about to give up on try it in this pipe. It's a lion tamer.
I love it! A really long smooth smoke! A little hard to clean though.
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