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Missouri Meerschaum Washington Sale

Named for our town (Washington, MO. U.S.A) The Corn Cob Capital of the World Assorted shapes.
5 3/4" long

Washington Straight  Assorted-Straight
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Washington Straight
Overall Rating4.76 out of 5 Based on 29 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Missouri Meerschaum Washington”

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5 out of 5
great pipe
great pipe
5 out of 5
Good n cheap
Good n cheap
5 out of 5
First cob
My first cob pipe. Honestly, pleasantly surprised-I will be getting a few more.
5 out of 5
corncob pipes
been using washington straights for a few years and find them at a good price ,last long.i dont change because of price, size and smoke great
5 out of 5
These are hard to beat.
Although the I love the look and taste of a fine briar, I've found myself turning often to a corncob. They smoke so dry and clean that I get spoiled! And at these prices, it's easy to have several.
5 out of 5
But it!
I buy a lot of the tobaccos and pipes for my son as gifts. He absolutely LOVES this pipe! For the money he says its so easy to smoke from, he has some other more expensive pipes and likes those as well, but this has been one of his favorites.
4 out of 5
Not broken, just smokin'
As a brand new pipe smoker, I had decided the financial investment into this pipe would be most conducive to giving the hobby a try. I also heard that a good cob is useful for trying new blends before committing a good briar pipe. I could be wrong on that tid-bit... Regardless, this pipe does the job. It is simple, cheap, and works- what more could you want?
5 out of 5
Great first pipe.
First pipe I ever bought/smoked. Have had about 20+ bowls out of it and love it. Came with a filter but you don't need one to smoke this cob. Can't beat the price or function of this one.
5 out of 5
Missouri Meerschaum
Love corn cob pipes. They give the best smokes. This one was very nice.
5 out of 5
No issues here. Smokes well. Fit and finish is great!! It's a cob, got to love it.
5 out of 5
I disliked the thought of corncob pipes until I tried one. Fell in love with these little things.
Definitely buy these if you're new. They're fantastic smokers and the bowl size is a little smaller so you're not committed to a long smoke if you don't feel like it. Average smoke for me is around 30 minutes. I can see myself buying more and more of these over the years. They wont last you forever though. If you take care of the bowl you'll have it for a long time, however I immediately noticed how soft the stem is when clenching. Not a problem per say but just something to note.
5 out of 5
Washington Stright. Perfection!
Geeze... This is a wonderful Cob. I got the straight cob for my English Blends and love. love. this cob, I have a briar but started on cobs and they are still my go to for a cool enjoyable smoke for a ridiculously cheap price but not cheap quality. You can't go wrong with a MM Cob.
5 out of 5
Very nice
I've had this for about s month or so now and this thing is incredible! Draw is great and packing is easy.
4 out of 5
A little big
It is a little big but good for the money.
4 out of 5
Good pipe for this newbie
This is a nice pipe for me to start with- I am currently seasoning it now. It is good construction and I like that it has a filter.
5 out of 5
Another great cob
I just finished a half bowl of Velvet in my new Washington Straight. I received this and the Velvet on Friday. This was an addition to my other cobs. Great pipe. I smoked 2 half bowls for about an hour and it was very enjoyable. There were some imperfections in the pipe but it is a cob and I expect that. All of my cob have some. That does not take away from the enjoyment of the smoke. For the price cobs are the best and for me last just as long as a briar. I have never had a burn out. Some minor cracks in the older ones. I call that character. Fast shipping which was free. Only 2 days. Thank you.
5 out of 5
Missouri Meerschaum Washington Straight
A great pipe, but my comments will apply to all Missouri Meerschaums (MM's). They smoke cool and dry, and I do not use filters. The stems, and thus the bits are softer than Vulcanite. This is great for me as I am a clencher. They are easier to run a pipe cleaner through than most briars. BTW, I have 143 pipes including briars and a few meerschaums. Of these, 32 are MM's which I smoke the most t frequently. I prefer straight stems, but I have some bents. There are a range of styles and sizes. Check out the dimensions. The smaller bowls are good for tasting or when you want a short smoke. Cobs are fantastic, and they are a great value.
3 out of 5
Missouri Meerschaum Washington Washington Straight.
The pipe is OK for a cheap pipe, but the stem was hard to pull out when the filter needed to be changed. Now the stem doesn't want to go back in as far as it should, but it is usable and that is Ok with me.
5 out of 5
Great pipe
The Washington straight is definitely my most smoked pipe. As a dairy farmer I wear western shirts and they fit my pockets perfectly. I have two, as well as other MM cobs, that I probably smoke 6 bowls a day in-- no problem. I've yet to have em sour by just running a cleaner through after a smoke. My one concern was external cracks forming over time, but some gorilla wood glue and a day on the rack took care of that! Highly recommended!
5 out of 5
Good pipe for starting pipe
Good pipe for starting pipe smoker
5 out of 5
Great pips
Great pipe as always
4 out of 5
Great First Corn Cob
Great little pipe. Right out of the gate, I smoked the notoriously difficult McLelland DarkStar. To my surprise, this pipe handled it very well. Maintained taste throughout several sessions. Being my first cob pipe, I don't have much to compare it to, but I can say that I made a great choice. The bowl is good for anywhere between 30 minutes - 1 hour, depending on the tobacco (The DarkStar was towards the hour mark). My purpose for this pipe was to bring with me when I'm on the road or after hiking, hunting or fishing, where my briars could get lost or ruined. I have to say that now, I've sort of changed the purpose from my "hazardous environment" pipe to just another great pipe in my rotation. Only con to this pipe is that the shank reaches well into the bowl, making it hard to clean around the heel of the bowl itself. Something I've heard is common in many corn cob pipes.
5 out of 5
Very nice pipe
I purchased several corncob pipes in the last couple of months. The Wasington I believe is by far a much more attractive pipe than the Missouri Pride. I don't fine much difference in how they smoke or feel in the hand, but I find the Washinton appeals more to my eye.
4 out of 5
As advertised
Does what it should and you can't beat the price.
5 out of 5
Great beginner pipe
5 out of 5
Mess with the corn get the cob.
Great cobs for trying different types of tobacco. No doodle ever with this cob.
5 out of 5
Great pipes!
I was extremely satisfied with my order, and look forward to the next one. Thanks, guys!
5 out of 5
If you want to taste tobacco at its finest and freshest a Cobb is the way to go. A Cobb smokes better I think the a briar, better air flow and easy to maintain plus with the price they are at I can buy for different tobacco to try.
5 out of 5
Best site for Pipes and accessories
Bought my first pipe and accessories and these are the best deals. Very well stocked too.
Customer Testimonials
Wife bought me two...great break in.
As a new pipe smoker, I made the mistake of buying a cheap briar and was quite frustrated and dis-satisfied with the experience. Then I read all the positive reviews about MM cob pipes and got the Washington pipe and must say I am very impressed. I used to think these pipes were toys (when I was growing up, Knott's Berry Farm amusement park in CA sold them as souvenirs). Now these cobs, and especially this model, is what I will be using until I am ready to commit to a more permanent/expensive briar.
Update to my previous review in regards to a loose stem. P&C said MO Meerschaum was aware of the problem. Awhile back they had a problem with the climate control in the plant. Solution is to moisten the bamboo a little and the plastic stem will be tighter.
I enjoy my Missouri Meerschaum pipes. They deliver a great, mild (and slightly sweet smoke when new). I too had a model where the stem was loose. I wish I had noticed it when I received it so I could have P & C replace it. Luckily, I had another one to use today when working outside.
Great pipe for the price, smokes good and I have not run into a bad one yet like some have reported
I was always skeptical of corn cob pipes, but for the price I figured it was worth trying out. I'm glad I did. My MM Washington smokes better than some briars I've tried and adds a slight sweetness to the smoke which I really enjoy. I've added this gem to my regular rotation and look forward to adding more. For the price, why not? One issue I'll mention: I immediately removed the filter which comes in MM pipes. However, I've found that because of the design of the pipe it is much easier to pull some of the tobacco/ash into the stem and thus into your mouth while smoking than with traditional briar designs. Just something to be aware of if you remove the filter, or you can completely avoid this by leaving it in.
Great pipe! Great price! I love it! What more can I say?
Great pipe , smokes good and cool, really affordable price, made in USA what more can u ask for several
I know these are supposed to be great but mine had a hole straight to through the bottom after the first smoke. had a different model where the stem was so loose it would just fall out (P&C) replaced that one. Smoked good but only got one smoke out of it. Two bum pipes in one order? not sure if i'd purchase again
I bought this as my first cob after having gone straight briar since picking up pipe smoking and it is everything people said it was: cheap, well made and cool smoke. These suckers build up a cake faster than a briar and smoke great for their economy pricing. Can't say enough good things based on quality and value. I strongly recommend.
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