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Mitchell Thomas Featherweight Classic Pipes
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Mitchell Thomas Featherweight Classic Pipes

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Mitchell Thomas Featherweight pipes are assorted models that are elegant-looking and are available in smooth, rusticated, and sandblast finishes. They offer quite a few color options that will surely appeal to those that enjoy Featherweight pipes. Try one today. 

Overall Rating5 out of 5 Based on 1 Rating

Customer Reviews of “Mitchell Thomas Featherweight Classic Pipes”

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5 out of 5
This is my first Mitchell Thomas pipe and I absolutely love it. It's lightweight and comfortable just resting in your jaw. Bowl doesn't get hot and packs perfectly. Would highly recommend. Will be getting another Mitchell Thomas pipe in the future.
Customer Testimonials
Thanks for the pipe, it is awesome and I enjoyed my first smoke in it.
NM of wyoming, MI
Got a orange bent Billiard a few weeks ago and it is honestly the best thing to start with. I've dedicated this pipe to my Virginia blends as it smokes them rather well. I'm starting to realize how good these pipes are for the price. I will most definitely be getting another one of these pipes for my english blends. This pipe is undoubtedly a beautiful pipe. The grain is perfect and mine even had a lot of bird's eye in it which gives it extra charm. The heat distribution is perfect, and not centered in one spot of the bowl. The stem of the bent billiard fits PERFECTLY in a relaxed jaw. I rarely have to clench this pipe at all. All in all it's an amazing briar pipe for $20
FS of Norfolk, VA
Classic brown bent acorn. Small pipe with BIG pipe style. Solid connection at the stem, dense feel to the bowl, tight draw with good heat dispersion. I use this as my commuter/work smoke. At a price so low, I will not cry too much if it has a work-related accident!
MB of Benton, AR
I am new to pipe smoking. I have a really nice Don Carlos pipe that was given to me many years ago as a gift. I found the pipe stashed away a few months ago and decided to get back in to pipes. The Don Carlos is a awesome pipe, but because of the size of bowl. When fully packed it would take about an hour to smoke. So I decided to look for a pipe for nice short smokes. After days of trying to figure what I wanted, I went with this Mitchell Thomas Featherweight. I used it for the first time at a party. I could go out with the cigarette smokers and light up my pipe. Enjoy my pipe and smoke it with a beer and talk with others with out it taking for ever. I am glad I bought this to help my pipe collection. I feel I'll be using this so much more. For the price it is and how well it works and gives you short smokes, you can't go wrong.
AS of Carlisle, PA
I got the classic bent red Dublin in smooth finish. It is indeed a small pipe, but perfect for quick sampling and short smokes. It's very well made and has a handsome finish. It smoked fine right from the start, but also seems to be improving with use. For $20, it's well worth adding this to your collection. Can't think of a single quibble. Recommended!
KR of Glen Burnie, MD
Love this pipe! It's very small, but I knew the dimensions when I made the purchase. The shape is perfect. There is a tiny bubble of finish on the heel, but it's almost invisible. For a $20 pipe, it's already one of my favorites. The drilling is spot on, and a pipe cleaner passes smoothly from the button to the bowl. Just know that it's small with thin walls. It might get hot if you overwork it.
JS of Weatherford, TX
I purchased the straight pot. It is my first pipe. I am happy with the draw, but it is a bit small (perfect for hikers and backpackers like myself). I am happy with the purchase.
MN of Columbus, OH
Got the Bent Dublin for short smoke breaks at night, As the other reviewer states it is on the small size but that's why I got it, just right and will not cramp your jaw holding it thus the name featherweight.
AV of Spring City, PA
I recently received the walnut bent Dublin pipe. It is a dependable little workhorse; but be forewarned it is on the smaller side. It suits me fine as a lunch break length smoke though.
MA of Indianapolis, IN
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