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Moist-N-Aire Electronic Humidifier Humidification
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Moist-N-Aire Electronic Humidifier

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Designed for display case, cabinet or end-table humidors, the Moist-N-Aire is one of the most economical and widely used humidifier systems. With it's all stainless-steel construction , this automatically controlled electric unit will humidify an area up to 48 cubic feet ( 6' x 4' x 2' ). For case larger than this, 2 humidifiers can be used. The Moist-N-Aire has a reservoir that holds approximately 2 quarts of water and a built in float so you can easily notice when water needs to be added. For all Moist-N-Aires, a separate hygrometer gauge is required to obtain a proper humidity reading. To reach your desired humidity level, make the initial setting on the Moist-N-Aire low, and slowly increase over a period of a few days.

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