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Neerup Structure Group 2 Pipes

Neerup Structure Group 2 pipes are the entry level pipe in the Structure Series, but the shapes, especially the ever-popular Bulldog, are constant best-sellers. We have trouble keeping these in stock, and when we had the opportunity to purchase these pipes, we took every shape that was available, and we are glad we did. This latest batch is the most Structure Group 2 pipes we have had to date. 

Neerup Structure Group 2 022
  • Neerup Structure Group 2 022
  • Neerup Structure Group 2 022
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Structure Group 2 022

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I have a Neerup Structure Group 2 Bulldog and it is by far my favorite pipe. The shape is perfect, the styling is distinctive, the workmanship nearly flawless and it smokes beautifully. I prefer filters, and I like the 9mm size in mine. It's my first Neerup pipe but not my last by a long shot.
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