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Newminster No. 403 Superior Round Slices Pipe Tobacco
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Newminster No. 403 Superior Round Slices Sale

Newminster No. 403 Superior Round Slices starts with a core of dark-fired Kentucky, around which premium flue-cured leaves are wrapped and spun into a rope. It's sliced into coins that are very easy to prepare. The flavor is typically sweet Virginia with an undertone that's spicy and slightly smoky - slightly on the full side of medium bodied.

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Overall Rating4.33 out of 5 Based on 6 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Newminster No. 403 Superior Round Slices”

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5 out of 5
Very nice body satisfying tobacco
Received 8 ounces today this tobacco is great mellow very full body smokes really well with a very clean finish will be ordering more
4 out of 5
An Excellent Value in a Roll Cake
Newminster Superior Round Slices remind me a lot of the other Mac Baren roll cakes, like Club Blend, Dark Twist, etc. The smoking characteristics are similar as well. Give the tobacco a little time to dry out before you apply flame, don't pack it too densely, and don't puff too hard when you first light it. Using this method, I have never had a problem with tongue bite, with this tobacco or any Mac Baren roll cake. Taste wise, this has what I'd call a medium sweet savory quality; not overpowering but a nice level of strength. Also, a much better value than many other roll cakes because of the very attractive price!
4 out of 5
These slices are pretty good
Pleasantly surprised with this lovely little round slice. Birds eye throughout the DFK center. This is very good. The round flakes are fun and they burn very well any way you load. Sweet, a little spice, a little smokiness. Satisfying. Dry pipe at the end. 4.5
5 out of 5
Great tobacco!
Another excellent blend by Newminster! This blend, along with their Superior Navy Flake 400 are 2 blends! You will be hard pressed to find anything better than these 2!!!
5 out of 5
When I Opened The Bag WOW
I opened the bag and was hit with umami. I'm really looking forward to seeing what some age will do for this stuff. Lovely to the eye and nose and I'm really glad I got this.
3 out of 5
Not as good as bullseye
Liked the small coins. I will continue to smoke this!
Customer Testimonials
Just tried some of this off the cuff heres what i found.. > Its quite bitey > non aromatic > It smokes hot > No big sweetness that i can detect. > Although it does burn quite well down to fine ash. Summary: Well, lets just say im not a huge fan of this blend and you would probably be better off finding something else you might like if the above conditions do not appeal to your liking.
SR of Manchester, MI
I see a lot of reviews that are wildly different from each other. In my opinion this tobacco is deep rich stout and woodsy. One of my top ten tobaccos. I cannot detect any added flavoring as some my suggest. Rich and strong dark fired and sweet virginia tobacco make this a flavor bomb! - tip - this tobacco likes to move when lit, I find i must light/tamp 2-3 times before it settles down.
JS of Ellwood City, PA
Based on feedback I ordered a pound to put back. It's only been a couple of months but curiosity got the better of me after enjoying a bowl of a more expensive coin. I prefer fold and stuff with flakes & coins. Smoking these two bowls in succession I am very pleased with 403. A serious bargain and if this tobacco improves with age... it's a no-brainer to keep some around.
MB of Watkinsville, GA
These little slices are great. Slightly sweet and smoky with a mid nic range. Don't rush them for the best flavor. I am becoming a big fan of these. At first light they act like they might bite, but they settle down into a very satisfying smoke. Good stuff!
TT of Honey Grove, TX
Burns nicely. Good moisture level. Flavor is decent, minus the abundance of chopped stems. Lose the stems and this would be superb.
JD of Gardner, IL
My first foray into this type of tobacco. Wasn't sure but thought for the price lets see what happens. Boy I'm glad I did! Perfect moisture, packs easy, burns long, tasty, inexpensive, I could go on. A little bitey if pushed hard but for slow sipping it's good stuff.
AS of Trinity, NC
Small easy to pack medallions of Virginia with a center of Dark Fired Kentucky. Awesome smoke at a GREAT price. I bought 24 oz and will cellar half. Thus should be outstanding with some age on it.
WF of Gulf Breeze, FL
I would NOT classify this as aromatic. It's a VaBur. It is a sweet, smooth, tasty, clean and easy smoking delight. If you like Va of any sort, I'm sure you'll enjoy these little slices. Yummy.
MW of Ocala, FL
Outstanding pipe tobacco! I rolled a bundle to fit in my bowl snugly and it lit and burned perfectly to the bottom. The Flavor was well balanced and crisp. No muddled and indistinct variety here. My new favorite slow and cool smoking treat for an hour of pleasure with a cup of Joe.
CT of Antioch, IL
A nice sweet virginia with what seems to be a hue of vanilla, topped off with a light pinch of a smoky spice from the dark fired kentucky. I would recommend it to people who like their virginia blends and/or their aromatic blends, as it is a happy medium between the two.
SB of Pocahontas, IA
Love this blend!
JB of Santa Monica, CA
THE BEST VIRGINIA-FOCUSED BLEND. I don't write tobacco reviews--at least not until now. Virginias, VA-periques, VA-burleys, I've tried them all, most in expensive tins, for twenty-five years. Dunhill, MacBaren, Escudo, Orliik, Pease, McClelland, Peterson, Ashton, Jersey, Three Nuns, and onward each have positive characteristics, but the perfect tobacco eluded me. Trying Newminster was my last-ditch effort, and I was resigned to being satisfied but not as much as hoped. Well, not since I got the wonderful Virginia sweet zing from MacBaren's Scottish Mix of two decades ago (a zing which it lost a decade or so back), had I come across a blend as well-rounded, smooth, naturally sweet, cool burning, and warm smelling as this blend. Perfection. Cheers!
BL of Brusly, LA
I find myself reaching for Superior Round Slices in the morning. I guess I just like the flavor of burley in the morning. It's a tasty VA/BUR but take it slow smoking this one, it has a tendency to bite your tongue if you smoke too fast.
Fresh whole slices. Tasty and great when put away for a bit. Always packed beautiful, these guys care about presentation. A+
NC of Bedford hills, NY