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Nording Eriksen Pipes

Eriksen pipes are the newest innovation from the brilliant mind of Erik Nording and feature a removable bowl that allows you to add Keystones into the base. The Keystones will absorb excess moisture for a cool, dry smoke. Each pipe is lightweight with a nice capacity bowl. Try one today and see the difference.   

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Nording Eriksen Keystone Green
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Nording Eriksen Keystone Orange
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Nording Eriksen Keystone White

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5 out of 5
Love the pipe - keeping dry has always been a problem
The keystones enable me to keep this pipe dryer longer and me happier
Customer Testimonials
This pipe is great for backyard cutting the grass and just hanging out on the front steps. At first a little odd smoking out of a pipe that is not ALL wood but draws well and comfortable to grip.
Warning: DO NOT use too many keystones. My first bowlful had over 30 of those little stones in the base (more is better, right? Wrong!) and was truly awful. It was cool, but all flavor was gone and it was oddly harsh. I cut the keystone 'inventory' back to 8 or 9 and the pipe smoked pretty good...on a par with my customary cobs. Think I'll order a couple more of these pipes as spares. I like the shape, they smoke good, and they're not expensive. What's not to like?
I am a fairly new pipe smoker, normally a cigar guy that came from cigarettes bout 6 months ago. I did my research before venturing into pipe smoking and decided to buy 8 missouri meerschaum pipes to see if I liked the hobby, the larger cobs are great and have reply helped enjoy this new hobby. I then tried a eriksen keystone (wanting to keep cost down) and am so happy with it ordered another before first bowl was gone to ash. I feel this is an excellent stepping stone to much nicer pipes once I get more experience in pipe smoking, but feel this will be a staple in my daily use pipe for a long time as a daily beater pipe, will get a few more for sure.
Just fired up my Eriksen pipe. I get a lot of tongue bite from time to time, decided to try the Eriksen pipe with the stones in. So far this is a great pipe. Absolutely no bite, and no moisture problems in the bottom of the bowl. It does get a little hot, but i will take that over tongue bite anytime. This is gonna be my new go to pipe.
This is a wonderful pipe with the old english falcon pipe , but nording takes it all one step forward with the keystones and better briar. an excelent pipe that is a far better pipe than many others at a fraction of the price Jude Avant
Not bad! Good little beater pipe, so far has been a dry smoke.
When you remove the bowl of this pipe there is an almost s like shape in the bottom. After you smoke this thing be ready to break out the q-tips and pipe cleaners because without the stones it can get quite wet.Given the price of the pipe I would probably give this a 9 out of 10. It really is a great utility pipe however the bowl did get a little hot.
Grand utility pipe! Breaks down to 3 parts for hiking, camping or storage. It's a smooth smoker, with or without the filtering keystones: less bite with stones; more flavor without stones. I discovered the 5" Nording "Valhalla" pipestem, sold here by "Pipes & Cigars", fits these Keystone Pipes, for enjoying a Churchwarden-ish smoke! This may be a homely pipe, but you won't find a better smoking pipe for the money!