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Nording Valhalla #500 Pipes
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Nording Valhalla #500 Pipes

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Nording Valhalla – fit for heroes and kings!

If you're not up on your Scandinavian mythology, Valhalla is a giant majestic hall where the god Odin chooses those who have died in combat to aid in future battles. Erik Nording Valhalla Series pipes capture the signature Danish style while offering more traditionally shaped bowls. From smooth to various rustications, this is an attractive line from one of the world’s premier pipe carvers.

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5 out of 5
Nording Valhalla
A very handsome pipe, and a great smoking pipe from the start
Customer Testimonials
Beautiful pipe, with a beautiful grain. With its 0.6 inches opening, it will not give you a long smoke, but the tomato shape makes it relatively cool to hold.
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