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Ole Shenandoah Barrel Edition

Ole Sheanadoah Barrel Edition is destined to become a classic. Rich, mahogany Burleys and lemon-yellow Virginias are joined by Green River Burley that has been fire-cured and steamed, and finished with a smooth, warm flavor. This is a flavorful aromatic blend with outstanding room note that can be enjoyed throughout the day.

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Overall Rating 4.77 out of 5 Based on 13 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Ole Shenandoah Barrel Edition”

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5 out of 5
Great midday smoke.
Very pleasant and a great addition to my rotation. I really enjoy the bright VA notes. Great midday smoke.
5 out of 5
Pleasantly surprised!!
Was really surprised. Great taste and flavor. Will keep this in rotation.
3 out of 5
Ole Shenandoah Barrel Edition
Ole Shenandoah Barrel Edition not in the class of Barrel 76. It may be Barrel 76 with lemon VA but the VA is very acidic as some say spicy/burns. I have smoked pipes 40 years & I know VA, Burley, all Cavs fairly well. I have made up several blends myself & shared with little complaints (nobody's perfect). I wrote off Barrel 76 for nobody has it. Maybe I got a bad batch (2 tins)?? I gave it a shot but not for me.
5 out of 5
May throw my 7 Seas in the trash!
My first time trying Ole Shenandoah and loved it! The aroma harkened memories of my college days and my first pipe. Vanilla, leather, rum, coffee, wow amazing aromatic without being cloey and dense. At the time of lighting up my first bowl of Ole Shenandoah I was engaged it the time honored Southern tradition of sipping fine bourbon. Not sure if the bourbon made the tobacco better or the tobacco made the bourbon better..... Who cares! It was a win, win moment!
5 out of 5
Tobacco review
Very good tobacco
5 out of 5
Excellent tobacco!
Ole Shenandoah Barrel Edition is an excellent aromatic. Lights and burns well. Great nougat/caramel-type flavor. Overall, one of the best aromatics that I have tried. Very similar to Barrel no. 76, in my opinion.
5 out of 5
What's Ole Is New
Great flavour and no tongue bite to speak of. Does not smoke moist at all. Will definitely have Ole Shenandoah as a go-to brand, and I'm eager to give some of the other styles a sample!
5 out of 5
Hardy and Hearty Standard
Burns cooler than others I've tried. Decent taste and aroma. No bite so far as I've smoked it, but I'm only on my first tin of this Ole Shenandoah. Would definitely have this as a standard in my rotation. Would probably go really well with a dark roast morning coffee.
4 out of 5
On the fence
Only put one bowl through my oms devil anse and it was AMAZING. "Smoky" burned cool and it stayed lit. Produces decent smoke and the room note is pleasant. This one will stay in rotation.
5 out of 5
OS Barre Edition
"Everything it is advertized to be. My new favorite."
5 out of 5
Top notch
Very nice smoke. Goes well with a glass of bourbon
5 out of 5
Wish I could give six stars for Barrel Edition.
If I could give it six stars I would. If you like OS Barrel #76 then you will love Barrel Edition. It's like #76 all grown up. A wonderful warm vanilla tin note that I could detect a bit of coffee aroma has been added to. Perfect moisture and cut. The burley and black cavendish are well married in this blend. A great aro that you can actually taste the tobacco in. The vanilla is not as out front as in #76, and that coffee aroma disappears once lit, but it enhances the smoke in such a subtle way that makes this blend work. Very well balanced and satisfying. I'm thinking this is the best of the group. Might even be my new favorite. It doesn't bite even with some aggressive puffing. This could be an all day smoke, but it tastes so good it seems like every bowl is for a special occasion. Great job on this blend!
5 out of 5
Excellent choice for the aro lover!
I am an aromatic smoker and I just got this from P&C this morning. What a wonderful smoke it is! Stays lit, smokes evenly, ZERO tongue bite, little to no dottle and perfect moisture content. I have a bunch of Lane tobacco's that I really enjoy but this one has certainly made the top of my list! It's an excellent addition to the line up!