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Out Of Office Up All Night

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If you spent the evening overindulging, one way to handle "big head syndrome" is the hair of the dog that bit you. Here's the most pleasant way to do it - Out of Office Up All Night. This slow, cool smoking blend is made of premium Burley that has been finished with a light, sweet note of rum. Save some money and imbibe without the aftermath with Up All Night.

Overall Rating 4.08 out of 5 Based on 13 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Out Of Office Up All Night”

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3 out of 5
the tin note writes a check the pipe cant cash
the tin note to this stuff is awesome. it smells like butterscotch rum, so good make my mouth water. the flavor at the start of the bowl is wonderful but soon becomes less noticeable till you can no longer even tell its an aromatic leaving just the taste of burly. its not bad but not great. the tin note writes a check the pipe cant cash.
4 out of 5
Buying more to store!
I liked this one! Bought the sampler and am working each tin. This one stood out because rum is turning into my favorite. I opened this and it lit up the room with its aroma. I like it ok... my first impression was too much rum and no tobacco but after tamping down and settling in, it was fine. I'll buy another tin or three to sock away for the future.
5 out of 5
Out of offive
Greatest smooth and mild tobacco I have ever smoked
1 out of 5
I think former cigarette smokers will like this one.
I'mglad others are enjoying this. I did not. The topping seems to have wandered to the bottom and hidden there. The flavor remaining - of all the Out of Office blends I've tried (and I purchased all of them in a sampler) - most reminded me of the flavor of cigarettes. That flavor hung on for hours. It even survives toothbrushing and mouthwash.
3 out of 5
too much broad leaf tobacco for my taste but still a good smoke.
3 out of 5
It's a good blend but not great
The blend is OK, just not my cup of tea.
5 out of 5
Best Rum Tobacco Available
This very simple blend of white Burley and a rum topping is worth every penny. It packs easy, maintained a very pleasant rum flavor throughout the bowl and burns to a fine white ash. A very monochromatic all day smoke that is mild and enjoyable. I highly recommend it.
5 out of 5
Out of office up all night
It is one great smooth wonderful fulfillment tobacco
4 out of 5
Good entry in the Rum category!
Burns nice and is very smooth. I'm making my way through all of the Out of Office tins, and this one stands out as above average for sure. Has good flavor all the way through, which many aromatics don't do. Burley can get a bit hot, so take 'er easy. I would like a bit more Rum taste, but I'm not complaining.
5 out of 5
20 years of pipe smoking and this is it!!
Wow! is all I can say. No bite, easy to light, burns completely. Tastes and smells wonderful. It is that old time pipe tobacco that I loved. When I smelled it in the can, I could not wait to try it and I was not disappointed. This has become my everyday smoke and I will be buying enough tins to last should the SHTF.
5 out of 5
Up All Night
A fine smoke at a super price. In steady rotation and will buy again.
5 out of 5
Very pleased
Great blend! No bite and a nice room note that everyone can enjoy. Needed to be aired out upon arrival it was a little moist but thats normal. Will definantly buy again and I look forward to the rest of the tin.
5 out of 5
A pleasant go-to tobacco at the right price.
I purchased this blend because just like with cigars I can't afford to smoke a $20 cigar several times every day, I need an option that won't break the bank. So through trial and error I find and lay back some quality inexpensive brands, items like this fill that inexpensive but smoke-able niche nicely. The first bowl immediately after opening was... eh. A lot of times I find that the tobacco needs to breathe a bit after being stored in an airtight container with all of those volatile oils so after opening and airing I put it back for a month or two. I'm puffing away right now with my morning cup and am getting loads of smoke, a light touch of sweetness with a noticeable dash of rum. Not overly complex but broad enough to be a serviceable smoke. No bite, easy to pack, light & burn. For the price you can't go wrong especially with the range, they have something for everyone.
Customer Testimonials
Great tobacco, no bite and a smooth flavor with fantastic room note of rum with an almost buttery note.