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Palio Triple Torch Lighter - Black

If you've ever used a Palio cutter, you know that they make a razor-sharp double guillotine that makes a super clean cut, is durable, reliable, and affordable. So when they came out with a lighter, we knew it was going to be something special. The Palio Triple Torch Lighter has a black plastic case with the Palio logo. Now I know what you're thinking. A plastic case? But how many painted metal cases have you seen or owned that are all chipped and nicked? That can't happen with this lighter. It has an easy-to-operate trigger and a strong triple-torch flame. Then finally, look at the price, A reliable triple-torch at a bargain basement price? Sign me up.

Palio Triple Torch Lighter - Black
  • Palio Triple Torch Lighter - Black
  • Palio Triple Torch Lighter - Black
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Triple Torch Lighter - Black

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