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Peter Stokkebye 313 Oriental Pipe Tobacco
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Peter Stokkebye 313 Oriental

Peter Stokkebye No. 313 Oriental consists of small sun-cured leaves from the Macedonian region. The flavor is somewhat floral and spicy with a bit of sweetness. When used with Latakia, it tends to brighten the flavor. It should be treated as a condiment as too much can overwhelm a blend. For English or Balkan blend fans who like to tweak their blends, you can't do much better than 313 Oriental.

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Overall Rating4.13 out of 5 Based on 15 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Peter Stokkebye 313 Oriental”

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4 out of 5
Greater Blender
I mostly use this as a blending tobacco, typically with Virginia and Latakia tobaccos to make my own English blends or to spice up a VaPer. It is delivered very dry so best to rehydrate for a few weeks with a couple of tablespoons of distilled water per pound before jarring.
5 out of 5
The tobacco arrived so dry it was crumbling. I can still smoke it, but it's never pleasant to have tobacco crumbs come through your pipe.
3 out of 5
Not what I expected
I got it because it was on sale, and Stokkebye has a good reputation. It arrived in good condition, but it had little of the fragrance I expected from a Turkish tobacco, and there seemed to be an odd casing to what I had been led to believe was a non-aromatic mix of Turkish tobacco. I'll smoke it, but probably won't get any more.
5 out of 5
Don't Let The Reports of Dryness Dissuade You.
Many have noted that this comes quite dry. The dryness of the leaf is not a reflection of the performance or taste of the smoke. I believe it is just the nature of this type of tobacco and have not found the dryness to affect my enjoyment of it in any respect. This smokes and tastes amazing.
5 out of 5
Supremely Smokable, Complex and Mild. Should Not Be Missed.
I have been smoking this for the last 3 days and have to say I find 313 totally captivating. This is a sleeper and my impression is that smokers of any persuasion will find this very enjoyable and intriguing. This is shape-shifting tobacco that reveals many elements found exclusively in other leaves and preparations. At first taste, this is a close cousin of a Virginia; mild and softly sweet. As you puff you may notice a fruity Perique-like element, a Burley brown sugar, a mildly smoky note that gives a glimpse of Latakia. What is unique to the Oriental is a complex "spice" that is not heat or pepper, but cumin, coriander, or curry-like notes, floral flourishes that bloom and fade, and a slight barnyard hay scent. All of these shades provide what is frequently referenced as a mildly smokey "incense" character that is very unique and supremely smokable. I have been smoking this straight and adding it to other preparations, and I frequently find myself wanting to smoke it straight because of the complexity and nuance in this excellent leaf.
4 out of 5
Quite dry, with notes of green tea and maybe mint.. different profile from the other orientals. very mild flavor & strength. The service here is unbeatable, many thanks!
3 out of 5
Not that smooth
Not my choice
5 out of 5
Would Recommend
I'm not a long time user of pipe tobacco, but this blend was really pleasing. The aroma is wonderful.
2 out of 5
Completely dried out, very disappointed.
I have enjoyed this mild blend in the past but this shipment was soooooooo dry that I will have to let it sit in my humidor for a while. I was really disappointed and very surprised that tobacco this dried out was ever sent to a customer.
3 out of 5
Just OK, I like more
Just OK, I like more Latakia.
5 out of 5
Perfect shop
Perfect shop
4 out of 5
oriental tobacco
It was a little dry but great flavor. I mix it with Kentucky gold natural
5 out of 5
Peter Stokkebye 313 Oriental
It's an authentic tasting Oriental that rolls well and smokes well.
5 out of 5
Peter stokkebeye 313
This has become my daily smoking blend. I roll my own cigarettes both filtered and non filtered. It is a little strong for unfiltered and can overwhelm the taste buds but is perfect for filtered cigarettes. I don't know that I would suggest this for a pipe smoker as I have not tried it out of mine yet (cant find it at the time of writing this) but I this would most likely over power just as in the unfiltered cigarettes. Perhaps out of a churchwarden or some other long stem pipe. It came very dry and did not need any dry time. will be ordering again.
4 out of 5
Good blending tobacco.
Have been experimenting with different tobaccos as I normally enjoy black Cavendish blends, this is very much like smoking a camel cigarette.However, when blended with 301 natural dutch Cavendish gives a very nice smoke. Burns clean to a nice ash, the dutch Cavendish mellows and cools the oriental, while the oriental gives a nice kick to the Cavendish. Thanks P&C, excellent service as always.
Customer Testimonials
Not the best oriental I've had. Blends alright with some latakia and dark fired kentucky, but probably won't get this brand again.
JE of Newport, MI
This is excellent for blending. A little goes a long way, just as advertised. I tried a few pinches in a bowl just to check the taste, and it is quite strong. It would definitely over power other tobaccos if not used sparingly. Two ounces added to my blend to give me a total of one pound, works best for my taste.
RB of Steele, AL
It's not for me. Burns fast and hot.
JB of Seguin, TX