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Peter Stokkebye 702 Burley

Peter Stokkebye 702 Burley is just what the name says - it's straight Burley, processed in the Cavendish method, but with no top-dressing added. It has a smooth nutty flavor, and is a great blending component as it contributes cool-burning characteristics with a flavor smooth enough to mellow any blend it is added to. For the naturally nutty flavor of smooth Burley, 702 Burley is as good as it gets.

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Overall Rating 4.31 out of 5 Based on 13 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Peter Stokkebye 702 Burley”

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1 out of 5
bad tobacco bit big tine peter stokkebye 702 burley not good
bad tobacco bit big tine stokkebye 702 burley not good
5 out of 5
A life time burley smoker
I've been a burley smoker since age 8, and it has always been Prince Albert. I never knew PA was a pipe tobacco until I was about 14. I always rolled my own as my grand dad taught me. Now I'm 73. And I've broadened my taste in tobacco. PA is still my go to, and now I've got some Peter Stokkebye 702 Burley. It's an excellent smoke. Tasty, mild, smokey, and stays lit to the bottom. No mess in the bowl and no soup in the shank and bit. I never learned not to inhale my pipe smoke, so the first taste of any tobacco will tell me if it is any good. The PS 702 just works on so many levels. If you like a burley that is a great, satisfying smoke that tastes good and does not bite or choke you half to death, then try this and then tell me you don't agree. Me? This is a strong contender for replacement of PA as my go to. I will be keeping this on hand as long as I'm around.
4 out of 5
Good standard pipe tobacco
I was previosly a fan of Kentucky Club Mild which was discontinued. This tobacco is a resonable simple non-aromatic substitute even though the cut is stinglier.
5 out of 5
I mix it half and half with PS 701 Virginia and a dash of perique for a classic American smoke.
3 out of 5
nice safe burley
702 is agood blender you can smoke it by itself but its only a one note burly .good price good taste
4 out of 5
good smoke
A nice straight burley blends well with stokkebye 701 va. will purchase again at some time.
5 out of 5
702 Burley
My choice for either blending my own mix or smoke on its own, great...
5 out of 5
Robust yet smokes Mild
Excellent full flavor robust yet mild !
5 out of 5
I found my ideal burley
This is a really, really, good smoke. Some folks use it as a mixer, including me, but I also puff it all by itself. Good, satisfying smoke. I mix up a batch of PA and 702 - adds something to both. I'm strictly a burley piper and don't venture into the burley mixes with virginia, cavandish and so forth. I've found my all day, everyday smoke. Could care less about room note and such. I take the position that if you don't like what I'm puffin' then move away.
4 out of 5
I like it
just a straight burley flavor nothing fancy
5 out of 5
Yep !!!!
Yep it is good alone or mixed with something else, smoke it slow it seems to have a lot going on.
5 out of 5
Burley fan !
All I can say is I like it a lot, I am a Burley fan !
5 out of 5
Quality as Usual
As usual my order was processed quickly & shipped promptly. The bulk tobacco was fresh & of good quality. I have never received a poor product from Pipes & Cigars.
Customer Testimonials
Really excellent smoke-everything you love about burley without the bite. I have never tried the Lane version-I'll sample that to compare.
This is a richly colored blend of perfectly cured burley. If you like codger burleys, you'll enjoy this. It's straight forward tobacco taste with no additives or toppings detectable. Good all by itself, I will likely be using this as a blend stretcher and enhancer as well as a daily smoke.
A good burley but not as good as Lanes BL/WB..I prefer the Lanes Burley.