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Peterson Bard Rusticated Pipes
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Peterson Bard Rusticated Pipes

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The Peterson Bard Rusticated Pipes are aimed at folks who like longer pipes for a cooler smoke but find a regular churchwarden to be too long and unwieldy. These slightly overlength briars feature a very deep and craggy rustication with an intriguing appearance and a fantastic hand-feel. The shanks are finished with a bright metal cap and the extended, sleek black acrylic stems are the final addition to these outstanding, unique briars. The whole package practically screams "Peterson", looking like a system pipe with a long stem. If you want a superb pipe for extra relaxation, add a Peterson Bard Rusticated Pipe to your collection.

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5 out of 5
Exceptional Smoker!
This pipe was extremely satisfying from the very first bowl full. Its extended bit gave a very cool, bite-free experience with a feel from the bold rustication that was both comfortable and satisfying. All in all, just a great pipe. I am very glad to have it.
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