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Peterson Dublin Filter Pipes
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Peterson Dublin Filter Pipes

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One of the most popular Peterson pipes is the Dublin Filter. The briar is a semi-matte finish, which really brings out the grain, and a vulcanite stem. These filter pipes come with a Peterson Lip mouthpiece and are fitted with a 9mm filter. So if you are a fan of filter pipes, make sure that this Peterson line is your first choice. 

Overall Rating5 out of 5 Based on 2 Ratings

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5 out of 5
Peterson Dublin Filter XL02 + (with 9mm Charcoal Filter)
Peterson Dublin Filter XL02 + 9mm Charcoal Filter. I'm very new to pipes, so I can't give an expert opinion. I have 2 Missouri Meerschaum corn cob pipes which are a great starter pipes. I like the corn cobs because they use a filter system. I decided I wanted a better pipe, and started reading reviews. Almost all the reviews of other pipes contained one post stating, "this pipe is almost as good as my Peterson." It seemed Peterson was the pipe that all others pipes were compared too in the reviews. So that's why I selected the Peterson. This pipe does not have the P-Lip ...! It also uses the large rubber bit. For me, it's a little too heavy or unbalanced to clinch and hold by itself. Maybe due to the bent shape..? I can clinch it, but just to light a match. I've smoked it five times now. The 9mm filter does what it was designed to do. The smoke is fairly cool and dry, with no charcoal taste. I've only heard one gurgle after smoking 2 bowls of slightly moist tobacco. After three smokes, the filter was wet and needed to be changed. Switching from corn cob to this Peterson was like switching from an Army Jeep to a Cadillac. When I fill the pipe, I use the 3 packing method. Baby, woman, then man. So far I've had all ash fall out with nothing left. I also purchased a bunch of 1 oz. bulk tobacco to try. Russ' Allsorts is sort of interesting. BCA, also very interesting, and Sutliff Chocolate Mousse which is fair and sort of growing on me. My son who hates smoke asked, "Where did you put the chocolate brownies..?" Without knowing anything about pipes, I think I made a fine selection. Now with a little knowledge, I think I would have got a straight pipe, maybe around 6 inch's long, 9mm filtered, and lighter in weight that I could clinch it while I play cards. I guess it's not really a mistake, "I just need another pipe for playing cards..!" haha. So the conclusion, "I love this pipe, and I can't wait to smoke it again...!" It will probably hold a special place since it's was my first purchase..!"
5 out of 5
Beautiful filtered Peterson
Great addition to my 9mm filtered pipes. The draw is a little tight, but not bad. It came with a Peterson filter in it and i have some big ben filters i've been using that fit just about the same, 9mm Savinelli filters give it a freer draw. The grain on mine is fantastic, some really nice bird's eye in there. it's really beefy in the hand, but not super heavy. Clenching is no problem.
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