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Peterson Freebie

For the month of May, we are giving away a free Peterson Pouch and Aran pipe tobacco with every purchase of any Peterson pipe. The value of the two items is $40 which is a huge steal! So if you have been eyeing both of these items, now you can have them for free with your new pipe! But hurry - this deal will be over before you know it. 
The Luck of the Irish  Pipe Tobacco Sampler
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The Luck of the Irish
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Are You A Gambler?
It's an OK buy at best. I decided to give it a go just to see what I would get. Two of the pipes are okay and essentially pay for this "deal". The third pipe was a basic wooden bowl with everything else being plastic. The plastic was actually quite flimsy with hard edge's from the molding process. This is nothing I would smoke from for sure and it looks so ugly I wouldn't even use it as a prop for a play or even a super low budget film. I really can't honestly recommend this unless you have the extra money to throw around and see what you get with the luck of the draw. So if you like to gamble this is the deal for you.
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