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Peterson University Flake Pipe Tobacco
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Peterson University Flake begins with specially selected Virginias and rich Burleys which are pressed along with a dark fruit essence. The bricks are allowed to mature under pressure to bring out a smooth round flavor, and then sliced before tinning. It may be slightly aromatic, but University Flake is a robust tobacco that's perfect following a nice meal.

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Overall Rating4.74 out of 5 Based on 42 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Peterson University Flake”

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5 out of 5
Addictive. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
4 out of 5
A great blend
Burley Virginia blend, mostly Virginia. A dark med/high nicotine blend, better not smoke on the go, sit and relax with this blend. A good blend for those that like a little added sweetness, the dark plum topping is done correctly. Dry out a little bit , rub it out pack loosely, smoke slowly and enjoy. A good after dinner smoke or at bedtime!
5 out of 5
Great natural sweetness, and the plum tin note is just lingering there in the background while you smoke it. This stuff is fantastic!
5 out of 5
Smooth as glass, tasty and
Smooth as glass, tasty and leaves you well satisfied. Highly recommend
5 out of 5
I laughed, I cried. Bravo!!!
I laughed, I cried. Bravo!!!
5 out of 5
This is definitely in my
This is definitely in my top five tobaccos.
5 out of 5
One Of My Favorties
This is an excellent Virginia/Burley blend. The burleys bring nuttyness and richness and the Virginias bring freshness. The plumb topping very strong in the tin when first opened but is not predominant in the taste while smoking, hints of plum come and go as you smoke through the bowl. Other than the topping, the tin note smells of damp hay, like cut hay and early morning dew. It is has medium/high nicotine hit. University Flake is solidly in my rotation. If you like richer Virginia/Burleys give it a try.
5 out of 5
This flake scratches the itch other blends can't get. Strong flavor of Virginia and burley with a decent giddy up from the nicotine. Tin note has a good fruit aroma with something savory too. Really suggest a fold and stuff for this flake
4 out of 5
Very good Flake. Burns well,
Very good Flake. Burns well, but does have a little bite.
5 out of 5
Excellent flavor and a smooth,
Excellent flavor and a smooth, cool smoke.
5 out of 5
Another entry by Peterson coming
Another entry by Peterson coming close to Dunhill Flake.
5 out of 5
Good stuff
Good stuff
5 out of 5
Plummy goodness
Lovely Va burley (VaBur) flake with a light plum casing. For the price, you can really buy a lot of tins of this, which in time is what I plan to do. I fold and stuff this.
5 out of 5
Good smoke, haven't decided how
Good smoke, haven't decided how good.
5 out of 5
My choice as my favorite
My choice as my favorite blend of all. Always pleasure able to enjoy.
5 out of 5
Peterson University Flake
Great Smoke !! Excellent taste!! Very smooth !!
5 out of 5
Excellent lightly aromatic Burley flake
I love the tin note. A little bit of chocolate covered fruit and not too sweet. Just right. A full flavor smoke with only hints of the aromatics. Excellent Burley blend.
5 out of 5
Five stars
Great flavor, outstanding room note
3 out of 5
For the occasional sweet craving
My first "slice" tobacco. Similar to escudo navy deluxe to me. Tried the "fold and stuff" and ended up with a wad of goopy tobacco that would not burn. Rubbing it out made for a better experience. Still a little too fruity for my taste as I smoke mostly English blends
5 out of 5
Nice and strong.....
5 out of 5
One of my all-time favourite pipe tobaccos!
Absolutely excellent, top-notch! Mildly fruity with understated citrus notes. Deep and dark and smooth as a baby's bottom. Rub out a bowel-full and leave set for about fifteen minutes and you will not need to relight. KS
4 out of 5
I like it
Nice smoke, no bite, clean burn, nice room and tin note.
4 out of 5
not bad
Seems like a aromatic maybe it is. In my rotation for now.
5 out of 5
Petersons university flake
Excellent top notch pipe backy very fresh easy smoke Great taste room note very pleasant I really like this flake will purchase more easy to smoke
5 out of 5
Absolutely Wonderful Flake!
I just love this stuff! First of all, it is a flake and I rub it out fairly coarse and pack it firm, usually in my Comoy Old Bruyere. It lights well and stays true to the bottom of the bowl, almost no dottle at all. This is one tobacco I cannot be without!
5 out of 5
Deliciously Satisfying Quality Tobaccos
This is one of my favorite tobaccos. I was on the hunt for a tobacco that provided the most "dark fruit" essence and I think this is it. Dark and moist in the tin it smells so good you might consider eating it. Rub out the flake and give it 20 minutes of drying time it will require few, if any, relights. Flavors of plum, chocolate, sweetness from the Virginias, nuttiness from the Burley, and a smooth creaminess. A good amount of nicotine. The most satisfying pipe tobacco out there.
4 out of 5
Quality flake
This is a quality tobacco. It has the strength that I wish most Virginia's had, but the burley rounds it out a bit too much for me. It's top note is rich fruit and comes out in the smoke the exact same way it does in the tin. Its not overly citrus or sticky sweet like other flakes can be, so it does excel in its particular category. Definitely worth a try if you're exploring flakes
5 out of 5
I have not tried it
I have not tried it as yet
3 out of 5
University Flake did not live up to the hype for me...good thing I ordered three tins to see if it improves with age.
5 out of 5
Consistent, as always!
I've never had a problem or issue with P&C. I like their prices, selection, and service and will continue to shop here.
5 out of 5
One word, "Captivating", One of my first flakes, one of my go to smokes.
5 out of 5
My Dessert Island Tobacco
This is my dessert island tobacco. I have several tobaccos in my regular rotation but if I could only have one, this would be it. Lovely flakes of Burley/Virginia goodness with a light fruity topping.
5 out of 5
This is my personal favorite
I get a little irritated when I run out of this one. I'm still very new to pipe smoking. I noticed this one is labeled as English style, however I taste no lakeland spice or anything soapy about it. I feel it's almost a non aromatic. Should be a winner for everyone.
5 out of 5
Smoking a bowl of this right now. I've smoked a pipe off and on for about 20 years, and have always gravitated toward aromatics, though I've tried here and there to branch out into non-aromatics. This is the first non-aromatic to win me over. This stuff is damn delicious, no two ways about it. Opening the tin, I was struck by the plum-like quality of the aroma. I don't get a lot of that while smoking it though (maybe a touch of sweetness from time to time); mostly just a deep, tobacco flavor that, as some others have noted, is a little "cigar-like". Having smoked several bowls now, at the end of each I've been impressed by just how satisfying this tobacco is. It's also a bit heady, must contain more nicotine that's I'm used to in a pipe tobacco. Don't pretend to be a particularly sophisticated pipe smoker, but I will definitely be ordering more of this.
5 out of 5
Extremely satisfying and worth the money.
If I only had one word for this tobacco, it would be satisfying. If I could add a qualifier, it would be extremely satisfying. I picked up a tin of this at the local tobacconist while waiting for my Pipes and Cigars order to come in, and I must say I am very happy with this blend. Despite its strength, it has little tongue bite. When packed properly it burns without being relit more than once. The three bowls I have consumed have been heavenly, with a great nicotine buzz and flavors of caramel. Twenty minutes of light but constant puffing leaves me with a great feeling of pleasure and satisfaction. Great for after a meal or with a drink of dark rum or cognac. Will be ordering from Pipes and Cigars in the future. I have been smoking Captain Black Royal for a few weeks, and it just doesn't compare with Peterson's University Flake
5 out of 5
A solid Flake for any smoker.
One of the best Flakes available. I have tried numerous (not all) Flake offerings from differing makers and as far as ease of smoking, lack of tongue bite and bold and flavorful smokes, this Flake is near the very top. I love this Flake hands down and I could easily be forced to smoke only this tobacco for life. Medium strength with caramel and burned (in a good way) campfire coffee in the finish. A hearty flake for sure without bite or harshness.
5 out of 5
Great All Around
Love this website! They had exactly what I need for a Christmas gift for my boyfriend. Price and shipping cost was so reasonable and the package came early!!
5 out of 5
Good Flake, worthwhile smoke.
This has grown on me. It's similar to Old Dublin, it burns well, has good flavour, packs nicely and leaves a fine ash. This is in my daily rotation.
5 out of 5
A solid flake with good flavour
This is a good smoke. The flake rubs out very well and burns to a fine ash. Or fold and stuff and it keeps going with a clear draw. The flavour is well rounded and this has become a daily smoke for me.
3 out of 5
Not too impressed
The tin note is out of this world and I would say that some plum came through in the smoking as well. But I must echo the thoughts of others in saying that overall it tasted like a cigar, and not in the way I thought I might enjoy it. Of course the nicotine is strong as well, which makes it a more difficult smoke for a lightweight like me. I haven't given up on it, but first impression it going to leave it difficult to come back to it with any speed.
5 out of 5
Peterson university flake
awesome. Nice kick to it. I smoke cigars also and this pipe tobacco has some good body to it
5 out of 5
My favorite tobacco
If you enjoy a strong but flavorful smoke, you really can't go wrong with UF. This is my go to tobacco, perhaps my favorite tobacco I've ever tried. Peterson knocks it out of the park every time.
Customer Testimonials
Rui 01724z. Confirmation I wanted to like this before I got it. But I can't say that it worked out that way. That is not to say it was bad, per se, but it was a bit over-powering to my taste. The flavor I found to be abrasive and somewhat one dimensional. That being said, I can see myself smoking this on rare occasions as a substitute for a cigar but is certainly not a relaxing smoke in my book.
JC of Canonsburg, PA
University Flake is a nice, bold representation of the whole flake style. It's certainly not something I'd hand off to a novice I'm trying to get interested in the hobby, but it's also not offputingly overpowering for those interested in something with a little kick. When rubbed out and dried, it burns cool and tastes pretty much like its tin notes, which are of plums and spices. I'd recommend this stuff for someone who is interested in testing the waters outside of aromatics.
PM of Minnetonka, MN
Peterson University Flake to me is about as perfect of a smoke as I have come across in my short few years of smoking a pipe and I haven't found any other blend quite like it (I prefer a mild to medium profile). I have found the flavor and smoke to be consistent from tin to tin and bowl to bowl.
SS of Kansas City, MO
Tasty and cigar-like with a hints of plum and grassy hay. Medium-strong, and burns well with fold and twist with approximately 1 hour dry-time. This one makes the cut, and will always be in my rotation!
CW of Ankeny, IA
Very good smoke. Burnt great and tasted good.
TB of augusta, ME
A very tasty pipe tobacco. Slightly sweet plum-like flavors, pleasant aroma. I'll definitely be buying more.
TG of Crown Point, IN
An amazing smoke... From first to last puff tastes better and better...
JH of Pocatello, ID
Tastes like a cigar. Kind of strong to me. If I wanted to smoke a cigar, I would smoke a cigar. I don't want a cigar in my pipe. Ha! This one is not for me.
BW of Pomona, CA
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