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Punch Pipe Tobacco
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Punch Pipe Tobacco

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Punch cigars are known for rich, robust flavor, so it only makes sense that their pipe tobacco would be full of flavor as well.
Punch Pipe Tobacco begins with lots of dark, smoky Cyprian Latakia. Sweet Virginias are added to balance out the smokiness and Orientals are included to enhance the Latakia. This is a full-flavored blend that will be perfect after a big evening meal, or for contemplative moments before retiring for the evening. If you're a fan of bold English-style blends, Punch will serve you well.

Overall Rating4.69 out of 5 Based on 13 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Punch Pipe Tobacco”

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5 out of 5
If you like Latakia this
If you like Latakia this tobacco is excellent.
4 out of 5
Smoke, Italian Style.
Pleasant to smoke. Leaves pleasant mouth taste. Also, pleasant room smell. Amaretto has been my favorite to smoke for so many years. On occasions I am asked by non-smokers about the blend and aroma of my tobacco. Never in a negative way. If storage causes dryness, few drops of Amaretto Liquor will bring back moisture, aroma and freshness. Highly recommended. Your loved ones will never object your pleasant vice ! Ones will not object your presence smelling
5 out of 5
Great taste, English style blend. Be careful if you smoke your pipe hot it can bite your tongue.
5 out of 5
Lots a good smoke
3 out of 5
My boyfriend's Views on PUNCH
I got my boyfriend a tin of PUNCH pipe tobacco last year. He really liked it. He told me that out of all the pipe tobaccos he smoked PUNCH really delivered a punch in your face with the Latakia. He thought PUNCH was "The Boom" aka AWESOME. So, I surprised hm with a tin recently. NOT so Awesome! He said he smoked his first pipe full, and there were NOT much of a Latakia PUNCH at all. He gave it 3.5 stars. Tobacco is Not consistent and Do NOT live up to it's name (PUNCH). If it was consistent, he would have gave it 5 stars. My boyfriend sugguest for anyone who plan to try let the tobacco dry out a bit before trying it if you like a lot of Latakia. When it is wet, not a lot of Latakia flavor is there.
5 out of 5
a perfect coat of latakia
I love this stuff. A nice smoke and latakia flavor that will have you coming back for more.
5 out of 5
For Latakia lovers only
All 3 pipe smokers in my family say it smells like creosote in the tin and we all agree that’s a good thing. Contains a tongue-numbing amount of Latakia, and as far as I can tell not much else. But then again, that’s also a good thing. Smoke it too fast and it’ll hurt you. Treat it right, and it’s great. Got it as part of a “Taste of excellence” sampler.
5 out of 5
Good taste
About mid-strength, burns well, great taste and reminds me of Punch cigars.
5 out of 5
Punches out the rest!
I'm a latakia fan and this stuff punches out the other stuff I have. Opening the tin smells like a campfire and the first puff was awesome! I love this stuff and will buy more. It's exciting, smooth and smokey. I'll grab a small pinch of this and mix it into other weak stuff to give it some umph. Love this stuff!
5 out of 5
Surprisingly good English from a cigar company
This blend is quite good for the style
4 out of 5
really good smoke
The flavor of this English blend is pretty bold but it doesn't chew your tongue up. The only down side is it is a bit dry, even in a perfectly sealed tin, so it does smoke kinda quick. For me that's not a deal breaker by any means. This tobacco is third in my rotation ahead of blends from Dunhill and other top notch tobaccos without the top notch price.
5 out of 5
Best smoke I've had
I'm a pretty new pipe smoker so take this review with that in mind. This tabaco is the best I have ever smoked! It's really smooth and smokes down to a fine ash. I highly recommend you pickup a tin and try it out.
5 out of 5
Well done
I like it. Stays true to the brands name. Definitely a smoke worth trying.
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