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Quad Table-Top 60-Ring Gauge Cutter

It isn't often that you find a cigar cutter that becomes the center of attention, but here's one - the Quad Table-Top 60-Ring Gauge Cutter.

This handsome all-steel cutter is quite a conversation starter with solid construction and a neat retro look.There are four depressions in the top, two v-cut, and two straight. The straight cutters will handle 52 and 60 ring gauge, while the v-cutters can accommodate 52 and 58 ring. Place the head of your cigar in the appropriate spot, pull the lever and - voila - a nice clean cut. The Quad Table-Top 60-Ring Gauge Cutter also collects the cuttings in the base to keep your table clean. Just remove the base from time to time and dump with no mess.

Quad Table-Top 60-Ring Gauge Cutter  Silver
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Quad Table-Top 60-Ring Gauge Cutter
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5 out of 5
great cutter!
great cutter!
5 out of 5
Table Top Cutter
I was a little sceptical at first, but after trying all for cuts I love it now. It's the only one I use now!!!
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