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Rainer Barbi Pipes by Hilson
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Rainer Barbi Pipes by Hilson

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Rainer Barbi was one of the finest pipe makers in the world. His graceful creations always exhibited fluid lines and amazing finish work. When he passed a few years ago, the pipe world lost a true artisan, but he left a legacy. The folks at the Royal Dutch factory in the Netherlands has contracted to have Mr. Barbi make a series of pipes that they could reproduce for the public, so not only will his designs live on, it will bring them to those of us who wouldn't have been able to afford an original.

Overall Rating5 out of 5 Based on 6 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Rainer Barbi Pipes by Hilson”

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5 out of 5
Great buy!
This is one of my first expensive pipes ie over 50$. I like the look of it and the fact it is filtered. I have been smoking it for a month and it's one of my top 3 pipes. Awesome pipe for the price. Thank you p and c.
5 out of 5
Nice pipe
I purchased this pipe about a year ago and really like it.
5 out of 5
Very nice pipe
I am particular about my preferences for pipe shape, weight. I like a small apple best. This was a good price on a more expensive pipe than I normally buy. I'm a forty dollar pipe guy. It is beautiful, smokes well, cool, and is a great value. I'd recommend it!
5 out of 5
I Walnut Rainer Barbi Pipe by Hilson Now or Never
For more than a year this pipe was moved in and out of my cart. I simply couldn't pull the trigger. Even though I have seen the same pipe for sale by 3 other reputable European dealers for $90-$160 more than P+C is asking, I couldn't commit. Even on the latest 20% off sale when I did get this pipe, it was a Tsuge was the pipe that I actually intended to get. Finally, I buckled... and realized it was now or never on this Barbi-Hilson. P+C only has 4 models left and they may never be produced again. The pipe recently arrived. I am so happy with this pipe. It exceeded my expectations. The fit and finish are even better than I expected. I have quite a lot of pipes and most of them are hand made pipes with hand cut stems in the $150-$400 range. This Hilson-Barbi matches the beauty and feel of a budget busting pipe. I am very impressed with this. I have only smoked it a couple times, so I cannot comment t on it's durability or what it smokes like when it is ultimately broken in. I will say that it really needed no break in. My first bowl of Royal Yacht was perfect smoke. The bowl stayed cool. The burn was clean and consistent. It was extremely comfortable to clench. I scored this pipe for $69.70 on sale. Had I known they were this nice, I would have paid whatever P+C was asking when they first released them more than a year ago. Because there are only a few shapes left, P+C has an amazing discount on these. You can't lose. The only thing that would make me like this pipe better is if the stem were vulcanite. I am not so much of an Acrylic fan, but most people seem to be. I bought the NO Filter Version. It has a removable stinger. A+ / 5 Stars. I will not shy away from Hilson pipes in the future.
5 out of 5
Better Than I Expected!!!
As someone that hasn't purchased a factory pipe in better than 30 years I have to admit that this one caught my eye as soon as it came out. The engineering just looked perfect to me. I have several of Barbi's pipes in my collection and they are excellent pipes. Long story short, I felt when I saw this pipe on sale it was time to pull the trigger and just see. The pipe arrived in tIoday's mail and I have to say I'm truly impressed! The briar is a fine grade, the silver band is perfectly fitted and the stem work is excellent. I love a open draw and this one doesn't disappoint. While I haven't smoked the pipe yet, I'm betting it will be a fine smoking machine! I'll be using it for LBF and I'm sure that the pipe and I won't disappoint one another.
5 out of 5
Great pipe, not 9mm as advertised.
The 5 stars are for the pipe. Not so for Pipes and Cigars. The pipe is great, but a big disappointment from Pipes and Cigars. It is listed as a 9mm filter pipe, and what I received has a small metal removeable stinger in it. Shipping was fast, and everything else about the order was correct, including the 9mm filters I ordered to use in it. No room for filters, which I prefer. One of the most beautiful pipes I use, and a bowl of Orlik Golden Sliced was cool , dryand tasty. I was impressed with the effectiveness of the stingers. A great smoker, but not as advertised. I kept and smoked it because it was so beautiful, I could not resist. I would have spent my money on the 9mm I was after. Probably an oversight on their part, but a big one as far as I am concerned. I will probably buy my 9mm pipes elsewhere from now on.
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