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Russ' Fudge Cake

Russ loves chocolate, so here's a blend that will really hit the spot if you do too. Russ' Fudge Cake is a blend of mellow white Burley and soft black Cavendish that will smoke nice and cool, but the star of the show is the deep, rich chocolate note. The aroma is fantastically fudgy, and it comes through in the flavor, although it's subtle. It also isn't overly sweet, so if you've been looking for a blend where the flavoring doesn't completely mask the tobacco but has a pleasant room note, Russ' Fudge Cake will make you happy.

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Overall Rating4.35 out of 5 Based on 31 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Russ' Fudge Cake”

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5 Star
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5 out of 5
I thought it was a
I thought it was a really nice blend
5 out of 5
Seems excellent so far. Tasty.
5 out of 5
A nice smoke
This is one of my favorite aromatic blends. It’s a good all day smoke, or excellent after a meal or winding down for the evening. I would recommend for pipers that enjoy a nice sweet but not too sweet aromatic blend.
5 out of 5
Take the cake.
Good smell and good flavor.
4 out of 5
Is a very nice tobacco,,
Is a very nice tobacco,, however not the favorite of the ones I have tried.
5 out of 5
Just the right amount of chocolate
Russ' Fudge Cake is yet another outstanding blend from his monthly series. It has a wonderful pouch and room note with just the right amount of chocolate in the flavor to keep it from being overly sweet. I was expecting something along the lines of Sutliff Chocolate Mousse but what I got was a subdued cocoa flavor more akin to his blend Snow Drift. Closer to a cup of hot cocoa rather than a Hershey bar. Smokes down to a nice white ash without a hint of tongue bite. Highly recommended.
5 out of 5
smooth with rich flavor
smooth with rich flavor
4 out of 5
this is my second batch of this tobacco....i think. i like it. it gets to be a bit much to smoke all the time....but 2-3 evenings a week is just right.
5 out of 5
Excellent, smooth taste!
I'm an aromatic fan. The sweeter, the better. Russ' Fudge Cake, though, isn't too sweet as I would like, but it's not bitter as well. Imagine a semi-bitter chocolate, yet bold and smooth, and you'll get this tobacco. It burns very well and is one of my favorite tobaccos.
5 out of 5
My new go too
5 out of 5
Awesome taste and room note!
I'm a new pipe smoker. I'm also definitely an aromatic sort of guy. Russ' Fudge Cake, like the rest of his line, is absolutely wonderful. I've been smoking it for about a week now and thoroughly enjoy it. I just smoked it indoors today since the weather has been colder and was pleasantly surprised at the smell of the room after it was aired out. I will be buying this again in the future! This is a must-try!
4 out of 5
I am a new pipe smoker nice to mix with others
5 out of 5
Again Russ blends cavendish with a delightful flavor and aroma, this time FUDGE. All the ladies in the senior housing where I live enjoy the room note. It smokes smoothly and tastes darn good.
5 out of 5
Nice relaxing choclatey (think brownie) mustache note. Light on taste, but great smoke.
Light and enjoyable smoke, the fudge is just a hint of a flavor. I've come to not like the term room note as it leaves room for interpretation. I use "mustache note". For me the mustache note is nice. Leaves you feeling like you are sitting across the house while mom or grandma had been cooking brownies and you get a whiff of it from time to time. Not overpowering, just that nice- yea.
4 out of 5
Pleasant Smell and Taste
This one has some nice chocolate tones to it that make it smell so good my fiance tried to eat some of the leaf despite my warning. It easily masked the heavy scents of prior tobaccos and oils in the garage and left my car smelling nice. Was a bit wet and needs some drying but is worth that wait.
5 out of 5
Delicious: both flavor and aroma! this is 2nd time i ordered it, hope it will be continued.
4 out of 5
Subtle + Superb
didn't really taste the chocolate - however - very enjoyable flavor & aroma - no bite - will buy again
5 out of 5
Adequately sweet and a nice kick. Burns really well with good thick smoke. Stays lit on a good tight pack.
4 out of 5
Can't go wrong
I haven't found a Russ' blend that wasn't good. My 9nly critic is that it could be more chocolatey
4 out of 5
A nice chocolate smoke...although I do prefer Russ' Snow Drift over this...they are both pretty darn good.
4 out of 5
It's Fudgy
The description is pretty accurate. There is a pronounced pouch note that was evident (even to the uPS driver) before I even opened the box. Fortunately, however, it's quite subdued in the smoking, not sweetly cloying or overpowering. It does, however, pretty well sublimate the tobacco taste, which only peeked through occasionally. Still, someone new to aros, or trying to transition from aros to non, would probably find this quite acceptable. It's just an enjoyable "sit and have coffee" kind of smoke, and could easily be an all-day smoke, without tiring of it. It will require some drying time, however, as it's quite moist right out of the pouch. Try mixing it with a bit of Russ' Walking Stick, and you have something with just a tiny bit more tobacco taste, and a much more subtle cocoa/vanilla room note. Bottom line, I'm pleased with this, and will be adding a little more to my stash, but I'd rate it only as a solid 3.5 - 4.0 stars. Worth trying.
4 out of 5
great smokes
taste just like the name deeper taste the chocolate
5 out of 5
A pleasant smoke with little bite. A very pleasant room note. Very pleased with the purchase.
5 out of 5
fudge cake sweet
mild and aromatic with little bite
1 out of 5
Russ' Fudge Cake
My first tobacco from P&C that I can say, I just do not care for. The chocolate flavor/taste I was hoping for just wasn't present. It also is a bit too far on the moist side, making it hard to stay lit. Constantly having to re-light. I can't really say that it had that "chocolate aroma" while still in the can. For my taste. I'm going to stick with Russ' Snow Drift, which I find to be an excellent smoke for the chocolate lover.
4 out of 5
Great Blend
tasty little smoke
4 out of 5
Chocolate for days
This tobacco was a little damp when I received it but was still smokeable. Nice dark chocolate fudge scent and flavor. To me this was a mild smoke without an over powering chocolate or chemical taste. As far as aromatics go I would say this is a hit. I plan on putting some frosty mint with it to see what happens. Good job Russ!
3 out of 5
It's OK
Not much chocolate flavor. Was expecting more. Smokes OK.
4 out of 5
Almost a five star
One of the better chocolates out there. Not overpowered, like Sutliff's mousse, almost a match of Sutliff's hot chocolate to me 🍫😚
5 out of 5
Russ' Fudge Cake
Very cool smoking blend. Chocolate is very light, not overpowering. Great fragrance.
3 out of 5
Not My fav. Others might like
My first experience with Ross's Fudge Cake was not very good, but that is no fault of the blend or blender. I was breaking in a new pipe. Still, after smoking it for a few weeks after, I believe I have a fairly good idea of the product. I am a hardcore aromatic smoker, so keep that in mind. Fudge Cake has a wonderfully pleasant tin note. The tin note reminds me of a smore as there is some chocolate smell, but more of a marshmallow-graham cracker smell. This tin note does not translate into taste once lit. The primary notes when smoked are that of mild but noticeable tobacco and very mild earthiness. There's a sweet aromatic retrohale that is faintly reminiscent of chocolate to me. If you don't normally smoke aromatics, then this may seem like a chocolate cake for you. It is, perhaps, a perfect transition for people wanting to try aromatics for the first time when coming from other styles of tobacco. The room note is pleasant and wont insult anyone. I would imagine the usual curious compliments and questions from people about the scent. I know I gave it only 3 out of 5 stars, but there are other aspect you might want to consider. Price Point: 4/5 A good enough smoke to pay this price for. Smoke Quality: 4/5 Remains lit easily, burns cool if you let it. I'm cellaring the rest of my order, I wonder if it will only get better with time. Thanks Ross for making this blend, It is enjoyable, but it's hard for me to taste anything after smoking Molto Dolce.
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