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Russ' Blends Apple Fritter

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What says fall better than the flavor and aroma of fresh apples with brown sugar and cinnamon baking in the oven? Russ' Monthly Blend - Apple Fritter is a unique combination of apple flavors, with a warm, sweet undertone and just a bit of spice. These flavors are laid over a great blend of quality Virginias, Burley and smooth black Cavendish. Here's your harvest treat!

Overall Rating3.56 out of 5 Based on 18 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Russ' Blends Apple Fritter”

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5 out of 5
5 Star
4 out of 5
4 Star
3 out of 5
3 Star
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2 out of 5
Not the Apple Fritter this trooper was looking for.
Not a bad smoking tobacco by any means, but the flavor & smell are so far removed from what it is named, I cannot justify giving a higher rating than 2 stars. I cellared mist of it. I'll try it again next December.
5 out of 5
5 star
It’s going to be one of favorites. Smells great taste great. My wife hates cigarettes and don’t get any complaints after a smoking this blend. I’m a new pipe smoker and I have tried different blends this one is definitely a favorite.
5 out of 5
Apple Fritter
i,m always love apples, and this Apple Fritter is Amazing thank you
3 out of 5
Ehhhh is ok.
Not what I wanted, but a good deal.
5 out of 5
I enjoy my Pipe and tobacco
I love to smoke different kinds of tobocco s well as a new pipe. I will continue to order both tobocco as well as pipes.
4 out of 5
Better than expected!
Better than expected!
3 out of 5
I expected more " apple
I expected more " apple " taste. I do like the tobacco overall, but still disappointed.
3 out of 5
Lacks apple or any fruity taste or aroma.
Was okay, but NO apple or any fruity taste or aroma.
3 out of 5
Good but not great.
The apple aroma is present in the bag. But doesn't really come through in the smoke. One has to search for the apple flavor. I was hoping it would taste as good as it smells. Still a good smoke and as long as one isn't expecting a strong apple flavor... It smokes well, stays lit, and has a good taste.
2 out of 5
No taste
Moist but no apple flavor
4 out of 5
apple fritter
overall a good tasting tobacco. Little light on the apple flavor however but it seems to improve with age
5 out of 5
Fantastic Blend
This pipe tabacco is fantastic, the room note is pleasant and not overpowering, and the mouthfeel is smooth and velvety. Deserving of every one of those five stars. Looking forward to trying future monthly blends!
2 out of 5
far from the tree
I am sorry but I don't taste even a hint of apple in here and I have bought this twice thinking that perhaps the first batch I got was "off". Very mild
3 out of 5
Good but not great
I liked it but It is not gonna be one that I re-order.
2 out of 5
Not for me
I really didn't like it. Especially the after taste. But hey I'm a noob to pipe smoking. LOL
4 out of 5
Apple fritter
Good taste, no bite,burns nice, not much room note.
4 out of 5
Not bad
nice and mild, but little on the apple side. overall good
5 out of 5
Russ' Monthly Blend-Apple Fritter
To me this is one of the best tasting Apple blends around. I took a sample to my local pipe and cigar shop and the owner absolutely Loved it. Said it reminded him of a long discontinued tobacco blend called "Golden Delicious", something many customers still reminisce about. I recommend you give it a try.
Customer Testimonials
Great blend! Smokes very well in my Peterson briars and has an excellent room note. Even my wife likes it!
JM of Newark, DE
I'm fairly new to pipe smoking. Less than a month. This is the 6th pipe tobacco I have tried. It's one of the first I could actually taste! It's subtle but that may just be me being new to it. very nice. Not quite what was expected but very good.
CP of Nashville, IN
When I saw the name I was interested. When I opened the bag, it smelled like apples, if you don't smell apples, then very sweet fruit. I smoked this in my mark twain corn cob and it was delicious. Most aromatics don't taste like their name, but this one actually tasted like apples. I loved it and if you are a aromatic smoker then you will love this. I would best recommend smoking it after dinner. It is a big and heavy blend. Think of it as having a dessert. Bottom Line-Going to be ordering a lot more. Buy it! You wont regret it.
KH of Pacifica, CA
I tried this for the first time and its good for the money I am a new pipe smoker and just trying out different stuff.
JH of Gainesville, GA
Didn't have a such Apple flavor as thought it would have but not bad flavor
JW of Great Falls, MT
Pouch aroma reminds me of balsam incense and for me that's not a bad thing. Room aroma was right on and taste was very pleasant, no bite and I'm a fast puffer a definite keeper.
EB of Malta, NY
Save yourself the trouble of reordering and buy a lot of this. Its that good. The room note puts you in the mood for the holidays. As does the sweet apple flavor, with no tongue bite. Russ is a genius.
RB of lufkin, TX
When I opened the bag to smell I was let down by the almost non-existent aroma. I packed it in a thoroughly cleaned briar and was pleasantly surprised at first light. I was actually about to eat dinner before I started smoking this and now I have the feeling like I just devoured an apple pie. It almost feels as if willy wonka had his hand in this. Great blend!
TA of Fort Oglethorpe, GA
Again, Russ never fails to amaze me. I normally do not smoke aromatic tobaccos but this came in the October 2014 month club and it is very good. Smooth and tasty. I am enjoying this one.
DR of Ruidoso, NM
Absolutely delightful! Smooth, mild, no tongue bit and a pleasant aroma. VERY glad I tried this blend!
TF of Lake Elsinore, CA
Smokes great in my corn pipe. Smooth,light and nice room note. I'm a huge fan of snow drift, and now this will always be in stock at my house.
AA of Brooklyn, NY
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