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Russ' Candy Cane Cocoa

Russ' Monthly Blend - Candy Cane Cocoa is the perfect blend for sitting at home in front of the fireplace. The mixture is mostly black Cavendish with some Virginia and Burley. It has a rich chocolate note with a hint of peppermint. What makes the blend especially interesting is that the room note smells like freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies, but the chocolate takes the background in the flavor as the cooling mint lingers pleasantly on the palate. The initial sample disappeared very quickly here in the office, and we expect it will become a real favorite.

Due to recent regulations, this blend is now only available as a Pre-Built Blend Kit for you to become a master blender right in your own home. Each kit, once blended, will produce 16oz of Russ' Candy Cane Cocoa. 

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Overall Rating4.25 out of 5 Based on 4 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Russ' Candy Cane Cocoa”

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4 out of 5
This is so great...however the bags came lose/separated and I forgot that I bought 4oz of crooner. Since I didn't see anything on the site or in the packaging saying it was only TWO bags that you blend together I just mixed 4oz of crooner in with it assuming that this was a 3 bag mix. It wasn't until later that I realized I had ordered the crooner as well and subsequently realized that in my haste/excitement I accidentally mixed crooner in with it. I didn't even notice because of how strong the candy cane cocoa smells. I have smoked 6 bowls of this now that I have 1.25 lbs to go through and it seems ok I guess. It's a bit milder than when I had it before but probably because I mixed but crooner in with it on accident. If you get this BEWARE: IT'S JUST 2 BAGS
5 out of 5
Best Blend Ever.
Love this Russ recipe, Its my first go to. Period.
5 out of 5
Best Blend Ever.
Love this Russ recipe, Its my first go to. Period.
3 out of 5
Our Government Sucks. The tobacco is good. Great smoke around the winter holidays. Our. Government. Sucks. FkTheFDA.
Customer Testimonials
I'm always happy to pick up one of Russ' Monthly Blends because they're an interesting adventure each time. Candy Cane Cocoa is the same. Overall, I enjoyed the flavors it presented and there's not many negatives. The smell out of the bag is intense chocolate (or I guess cocoa!), which is pleasant. However, while smoking, the "Candy Cane" peppermint flavor is king. On the downside of this, some puffs will taste more like menthol than anything else. Personally, I don't mind it, but some people might. The "cocoa" flavors are hidden under the predominantly peppermint-menthol taste. It's much more present in the smell of the smoke, or the "room note." All-in-all, a good smoke worth picking up if you want to try something different.
JS of Burrton, KS
Out of the park home run. If you like aromatics, this is one you must have. The tin note is heavy chocolate, with a hint of peppermint. When you light this up, your mouth is filled with the sensation like you are eating a peppermint candy, not overpowering, but pleasant. I did not get the chocolate taste, but the room note is pure melted chocolate. It will burn hot if you don't relax, but burns great. The smoke is a very fluffy white creamy daughter came outside because she thought I was melting chocolate for dessert based on the smell. This will be reordered so I do not run out. Russ......grand slam with this one. Very impressed.
SB of Bellevue, NE
Wow, what can I say about this that has not been said in the other comments for this. So far this is my favorite pipe tobacco. People at work said it smelled the best, it tastes GREAT!!! Chocolate, peppermint all up front while on the nose is cocoa and a after taste on the palate of just finishing a candy cane stick. When people say menthol, most think of menthol cigarettes such as Newports or Malboro Menthol. This is nothing like those machine made mint. This taste, as crazy as it sounds, like a freaking ACTUAL PEPPERMINT!!! No other way to explain this. I think it will speak for itself.
JC of Louisville, KY
I usually like Scotty's blend, particularly the Candy Corn, which is about the best pipe tobacco I ever had. I decided to try the Candy Cane Cocoa. It was not to my liking. The peppermint, which tasted more like menthol to me, overpowered everything else, icluding the cocoa and any tobacco taste that might have been there. Perhaps, if the peppermint was toned down to just a hint, you might have something here. If a pipe smoker is looking for a good tobacco taste, with a hint of sweetness, this may not be to his liking.
HK of Dingmans Ferry, PA
Received this tobacco the other day and decided to smoke a bowl as I walked my dog, every one was asking if that was my pipe tobacco that smelled like candy cane...hopefully you get this back in stock soon.
RS of El Paso, TX
Outstanding blend, nice chocolate aroma and very cool from the peppermint overtones, which you really appreciate as sometimes aromatics smoke too hot. It certainly grows on you. At first you think it might be too aromatic, but then you start craving it. The aroma in the pouch is very apparent, my wife asked me, "what smells like chocolate in your office? It burns very evenly and is excellent to blend with other black Cavendish's for extra 'coco' aroma. A definite crowd pleaser to the pipe smoker, and those who don't smoke, asking what blend is that?
RS of Waukesha, WI
This blend is outstanding, not overpowering and it has a great room note. The candy cane comes through on your palate with a nice menthol taste the cocoa is rich and up front. Get this back in stock soon please its a winner.
JP of Porter, TX
This tobacco in one word....bright! I was hesitant to try this blend. Nightcap is my preferred smoke, no matter the time of day. I like the dark smokey blends, and this is the exact opposite. The cocoa is very light while smoking, yet very strong in the bag. And the candy cane....oh boy! It's there for sure! Pretty much a mentholated tobacco. I truly enjoyed this as an early early morning smoke. Caution, this flavor is very pungent in the plastic bag from P&C, and it may make whatever you order in the same parcel smell the same! Currently airing out my Lane 1-Q that came in the same box! Great blend for my taste Russ, thanks! And Merry Christmas P&C!
WB of Braselton, GA
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